Size and dimensions of hand luggage on S7 (C7) aircraft: rules, regulations and baggage requirements

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From this article you will learn:

  • What are the conditions for the transportation of things offered by the company
  • Hand luggage options on S7 aircraft
  • Dimensions of hand luggage — features of flights on C7
  • Baggage allowance S7
  • Luggage size — features
  • Transportation of animals
  • Transportation of skis and snowboards
  • What is forbidden to check in the luggage compartment

Airlines is one of the most popular air carriers in Russia, offering both domestic and international flights. In this article, we will talk about the rules for carrying hand luggage, the size and weight of luggage on S7 (C7) airlines.

Hand luggage size s7

What are the conditions for the transportation of things offered by the company

All Russian airlines are required by law to provide each passenger with a place for free-of-charge cargo in the cabin — at least 5 kg. This law is successfully observed by everyone, but Airlines is increasing this maximum. All its customers have the opportunity to place on board up to 10 kg.

The suitcase must be placed under the seat in front of the seated person or in a special shelf overhead. Its dimensions are not unlimited, therefore, the dimensions of the allowable hand luggage are no more than 55x40x23 for everyone.

Please note that in the first row, as well as in the places located near the emergency exit, you cannot place your luggage on the floor for safety reasons, you must place it at the top.

By law, the airline has the full right to independently determine whether a bag placed in the luggage compartment is included in the free service on a basic ticket or not. This is usually an additional perk that must be purchased.

C7 has a similar situation — for passengers who have purchased Economy Basic, there is no place in the cargo compartment, but you can buy it. But for all subsequent tickets — free transportation:

  • • «Economy flexible» — 1 suitcase up to 23 kg.
  • • «Business basic» — 1 bag up to 32 kg.
  • • «Business flexible» — 2 pieces of luggage, up to 32 kg each.

Now let’s talk in more detail about special cases and features.

Hand luggage options on S7 aircraft

There is a class check system — the higher the class, the more you can take with you. This is due to the spacious interior at the priority places, and the desire to get extra money. We pay attention to the nuances:

  1. Payment at the airport on the day of departure will cost much more than through the website or contact center.
  2. When checking in the main luggage, ask to weigh the bag that you will take into the cabin, if it turned out to be overweight, then put the excess in the main suitcase.
  3. Remember that some items can be carried in excess, that is, they do not need to be counted in the specified 10 kg.
  4. Put your phone, portable charger, wallet and other small but heavy items in your pockets — your jacket will not be weighed.

Table of norms by fare class


Economy basic

Economy flexible

Business basic

Business flexible

Maximum weight for one suitcase in kg

to 10

to 10

up to 15

up to 15

How many bags can I take in pcs





Permitted dimensions

For all the same parameter — 55 by 40 by 20 cm

Dimensions of hand luggage s7

Dimensions of hand luggage — features of flights on C7

Learn more about each of the restrictions.


55X40X20 cm are the general parameters of three dimensions. Defined as length, width and height. The peculiarity of determining these dimensions is that you can turn the bag in any direction. Little tricks. If you take a bulky load with you, measure it and place it diagonally, it may fit into the standard.

How is the size of hand luggage controlled?

Of course, not every passenger is checked — it takes too much time and threatens to delay the flight. Usually a person goes through two controls. The first one is preliminary, at the registration desk. Here the main luggage is weighed and taken on a tape for transportation to the luggage compartment of the aircraft. Before doing this, we recommend that you weigh the items you are taking with you, as this is the last opportunity to transfer the excess to your suitcase.

The second time — during landing. No one will pass with a roulette wheel, there is no need for this. The rack has a frame of a certain size. If an employee has a visual doubt that the bag meets the permitted parameters, he asks to put it in this calibrator. It enters without problems — you can go to the landing. If there are difficulties, try to distribute the contents so that everything fits.

Baggage allowance s7

The weight

Everything is simple here — 10 or 15 kg, depending on the class of flight. But in practice, in some cases, weight control rarely occurs. Usually check the dimensions. But if the advantage is discovered, it will have to pay exorbitant prices.

Number of seats

If you are flying Economy, then you are allowed one suitcase, for Business Class you are supposed to occupy two compartments. In this case, either the upper shelves or the space under the seat in front of the seated passenger can be used.

Please note that the women’s handbag is not included in the carry-on and baggage requirements on the S7 aircraft, which means that it can be taken in excess of the allowance. And only girls know how roomy their accessories are.

The same principle applies to men’s clutches, purses, purses — they can be transported without thinking about the standards. A wide selection of stylish and roomy travel bags made of genuine leather, suitable for hand luggage standards, is presented in the catalog of the Brialdi online store.

What can be carried in addition to the specified norm

This is not an initiative of the carrier company, but following the laws, according to which for each client of the airline, regardless of the class of his ticket, a free seat should be provided for:

  1. A small accessory for men or women — a bag, a backpack, a briefcase — but its weight should not exceed 5 kilograms, and the sum of all dimensions should not be 70 centimeters.
  2. Any outerwear — cunning even put on two jackets so as not to take up space in the luggage compartment.
  3. Bouquet of flowers.
  4. A packed suit or evening dress is an outfit that should not wrinkle.
  5. Any inventory necessary for the movement of a person with disabilities, but with one clarification — everything must be folded and placed in the top shelf or under the seat.
  6. Medications, special foods provided by the diet — possible with a medical certificate.
  7. All products purchased in duty-free shops — they are located after passing through passport control, all purchases are hermetically sealed in a plastic bag with a check — do not open it before leaving the airport of arrival.
  8. If you are flying with a child under two years old, you can take everything you need — a cradle, a folding stroller, baby food, despite the fact that it is liquid.

Transportation of liquids

This applies to alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, personal care products and some cosmetic accessories (cream, lotion, perfume). You can take any liquid substances with you, but you must adhere to certain requirements:

  1. The volume of the container is not more than 100 ml., At the same time, you cannot take a shampoo bottle of 250 ml, even if there is very little detergent left. They check the container.
  2. All bottles must be sealed and sealed in a transparent plastic bag.
  3. One person can have a total of no more than 1,000 ml.

It should be noted that all states of substances other than solids are added to the category of liquids — food in a marinade, toothpaste, cream, and even soft cheese.

Aerosols and pressurized substances such as shaving foam and antiperspirant are allowed. The rest of personal hygiene products can be poured into convenient miniature packages — transparent bottles with the indicated dosage.

Cosmetics fall into this category. If it is liquid (mascara, foundation, lip gloss), put it in a bag, and if it is dry, like shadows or blush, powder, then you can take it with you without additional precautions.

When you pass through the security zone, you need to take out your bag with tubes and put it separately from the bag, so the airport staff can look at its contents.

What is forbidden to carry in the cabin

You cannot take with you:

  1. Any items that can be used as melee weapons — a knife, a corkscrew, a metal nail file with a sharp end, scissors, knitting needles, medical syringes, a straight razor, blades.
  2. Poisons, toxins, weapons and ammunition, chemicals.
  3. Medicines for which a prescription is required, if there is no certificate from a doctor about the need to use the drug during the flight.

Everything has the opportunity to circumvent the rules by obtaining permission to transport. This is possible if you prove that the weapon is not combat-ready and is an antique. Another example — you can hold a syringe with a needle if you have a certificate from a doctor. And instead of a manicure set, take a nail file with a rounded end, it is allowed.

What to do if the size or weight of hand luggage is exceeded

Some airlines offer to pay extra for an extra kilo on the spot, but C7 does not provide such an opportunity. It is necessary either to shift the excess into a suitcase or buy additional space in the luggage compartment. We recommend weighing in advance.

Baggage allowance S7

Free luggage transportation — all categories of passengers, except for those who took the most budget option, will have to pay for a place in the luggage compartment.

Hand luggage c7

Weight and size table


Economy basic

Economy flexible

Business basic

Business flexible

Maximum weight for one suitcase in kg

up to 23

up to 23

up to 32

by 32

How many suitcases can I take in pcs





Permitted dimensions

For all the same parameter — 203 cm in the sum of three dimensions

C7 hand luggage dimensions

Luggage size — features

Learn more about each of the rules.


The airline offers a generalized figure — 203 cm. This means that it is necessary to measure the height, width and length of the suitcase with a ruler and add up the figures. The final figure should be less than 203 cm. This restriction was created in order not to limit passengers in the choice of travel accessories, because they can have a different shape.

What if you do not have a large suitcase, but have two small ones? Now packaging in polyethylene is popular — the service is provided at the entrance at all Russian airports. You can put the bags one on top of the other and wrap them tightly with foil until they are opaque.

The weight

Weight is determined at the front desk. You will need to put the load on the belt, a number will automatically appear. If it is less than 23, then you can safely give the suitcase. If it is more than the right size, sort things if possible, take what is allowed to the salon. Otherwise, you will need to pay for the excess.

How size is controlled

Large items are immediately visible, but if we are talking about a regular travel bag, then it is checked for weight rather than dimensions during registration. To comply with the rules and regulations for carrying hand luggage and luggage on S7 (C7) aircraft, check all parameters before leaving home.

Additional norm

Transportation of large cargo may be easier for those airline customers who use the loyalty system. Also, any passenger can buy one more seat in the luggage compartment. You can do this directly at the airport, but it will be more expensive, as well as on the company’s website when buying a ticket or by calling the hotline.

Oversized and heavy items

If you do not fit in one of the parameters — width, height, length, weight — you can always pay for excess dimensions. If you do it in advance (on the site), then the service will cost 10% cheaper.

Dimensions of hand luggage on the plane s7

Transportation of animals

If earlier it was required to pay for a separate seat in the cabin for a pet, now you only need to weigh the cage with the dog/cat/bird and carry the resulting weight as oversized baggage – you should pay for this option in advance.

In the cabin, you can take a total of no more than 8 kg, carrying dimensions — 115 cm in total. No more than two pets are allowed on the same flight, so please let us know ahead of time. The animal must have a veterinary passport with a mark on the annual vaccination.

Transportation of skis and snowboards

Feature of Airlines: the company allows you to carry snowboard equipment and equipment on its flights for free (if the flight is in season). However, the air carrier warns on its website that if a connecting flight with another company is provided, carefully follow the requirements of the second partner. Also do not forget about protective covers — they are required.

What is forbidden to check in the luggage compartment

This list is the same for everyone, since it is provided for by the laws of the Russian Federation, and not by the personal requirements of C7. It is strictly forbidden to take on a flight:

  1. Any gas, pneumatic, firearms or edged weapons, including stun guns and spray cans for self-defense.
  2. Everything that can explode is cartridges and other ammunition, dynamite and bomb components.
  3. Any gases and liquefied substances — the paradox is that you can’t take a lighter in your luggage, but you can take it on board, but not use it — this is especially true for smokers.
  4. Everything that ignites from liquids — here the emphasis should be on household acetone, which can be used as a nail polish remover — you can’t take it.
  5. Poisonous and toxic substances — nicotine is also classified as a poison, but usually a few packs of cigarettes are allowed to be left.
  6. radioactive compounds.
  7. Flammable solid objects, including matches.

Is it possible to arrange the transportation of things on the site

Yes, this is the most convenient and cheapest way. On the official page, you can order an extra seat, notify about the intention to transport an animal or oversized items.

We talked about the dimensions and dimensions of hand luggage and baggage S7 (C7) on an Airlines plane. To end, let’s watch the video:


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