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Fashion historian Milana Abieva in a new article for the online magazine «Shipyards» talks about the phenomenon of Kim Kardashian.

One of the most talked about news in the fashion world over the past few weeks has been the invitation of Balenciaga fashion house Kim Kardashian to become the face of the brand. Outrageous creative director of the brand Demna Gvasalia decided to start from scratch and clear all Balenciaga social networks.

The first person to meet Balenciaga’s audience on his Instagram page was none other than Kim Kardashian. Perhaps now Kim has definitely secured the status of a style icon of our time. Whether we like it or not, the reality TV star embodies all the traits inherent in a true style icon.

Designers are happy to dress her in their creations and wish to see her as the face of advertising campaigns. Once Kim tries on a fashionable novelty, women of fashion all over the world immediately go in search of a similar outfit. Most of the images of Kim Kardashian are actively discussed in the media space, and some even entered the history of fashion.

Style icons.  Kim Kardashian

Just one dress created by designer Thierry Mugler for the MetGala ball in 2019 is worth something. But the star is famous not only for luxurious evening outings. Kim Kardashian can be called a true trendsetter in everyday fashion. It was Kim who contributed to the fact that a few seasons ago, designers again returned to the catwalks long-forgotten cycling shorts.

Surprisingly, the younger generation did not even have an idea that this purely sporty item of clothing is already experiencing a second wave of popularity. In the eighties and nineties, cycling shorts have already appeared on the catwalks of the most famous designers more than once — only then the charming Princess Diana set the fashion for them.

Style icons.  Kim Kardashian

Today, as the ambassador of Demna Gvasalia’s work, Kim Kardashian encourages all girls to dress in black graphic images created by her friend and like-minded person. Kim’s once favorite frank and bright mini-dresses have been replaced by plain black, graphite or chocolate outfits that emphasize the figure, but do not expose it.

So, one of the most memorable images of Kim was her recent appearance at the next MetGala ball, where Mrs. Kardashian appeared hand in hand with the creative director of Balenciaga. However, it was not immediately possible to recognize Demna — the faces of both guests were covered with black fabric, which became a logical continuation of monochrome images.

But the feminine forms of his muse made it unmistakable to understand who is hiding under the black matte matter. This secular exit of the star marked her transition to a new laconic, but no less expressive and spectacular style. Revealing mini-dresses have been replaced by monochrome and dramatic looks that embody all the latest fashion trends.

So, I suggest you take a look at a few current trends, the popularity of which is at its peak today, and which Kim Kardashian broadcasts with enviable constancy. I’m sure you couldn’t help but notice the growing fashion for nudity. Today, crop tops and sheer dresses take pride of place in the collections of most designers.

Style icons.  Kim Kardashian

Kim masterfully styles skimpy tops with baggy boyfriend jeans. By the way, the latter are still insanely popular. True, today the waistline of such jeans pays tribute to the fashion of the nineties and, in this regard, has dropped much lower.

Another current trend, the popularity of which Kim systematically reinforces with her images, can be called over-the-knee stockings. Pair them with an elegant oversized coat or jacket and pair them with black sunglasses for a Kardashian-inspired look.

Style icons.  Kim Kardashian

And, of course, Kim masterfully stylizes one of the most current trends returned from the nineties — patent leather or eco-leather trench coats. Stylize such a trench coat with laconic monochrome over the knee boots and knotted hair — in this way it is not a sin to go both on a date and on a social event. After all, patent-leather trench coats first came into fashion back in the late sixties, and have been coming back into fashion ever since. Banal proof of the impact on fashion: back in 2018, Kim received the CFDA Fashion Awards for her impact on the fashion world.


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