Styles and types of men’s and women’s bags

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From this article you will learn:

  • Story
  • Male and female models in modern street fashion
  • Men’s and women’s collections
  • Celebrity bags
  • What bags are: classification
  • TOP-8 names of models of men’s bags
  • Popular Models
  • What are the six main types of bags called?
  • How to choose «your» color
  • Choose and wear correctly
  • Selection by style

Every man wants to look stylish and fashionable no less than any representative of the weaker sex. A huge role in shaping the male image is given to the bag, its practicality, spaciousness and quality. If a girl has a lot of accessories in her closet for each outfit, then men prefer to choose one or two universal products. To choose them correctly, you need to study the description of styles, types of women’s and men’s bags and remember their names and photos.

Bag styles


In ancient times, natural fibers obtained from plants, animal skins, were attached to a stick. In the 5th century AD e. solutions have already been devised where the flaps were tied to a belt. People carried herbs and food in them.

With the growth of civilizations and the formation of trade and money transactions, the society had a need to carry coins. For them, they began to sew pockets for a variety of clothes.

In the 11th century, the first coin boxes were produced in Europe — the progenitor of modern wallets. In the 14th century, they became not only a place to store things, but also a full-fledged wardrobe decoration. During this period, the division of the primitive «unisex» item into men’s and women’s bags took place.

In the 15th century, women began to hide handbags from robbers under the hem. Then local craftsmen invented models with a lock. A century later, the first cross-body was designed.

In the 17th century, there was a breakthrough in the bag industry. A pocket is sewn onto the clothes of King Louis 14; from this period, men completely stop wearing the classic version of the duffel bag. The only exceptions are wallets, which, however, are also stored in giant pockets sewn onto clothes.

In the 18th century, fashionistas’ wardrobes are filled with the first velvet purses with chains to wear, tied pouches and lace pompadours. 1790 is considered the period of the appearance of the modern women’s bag. Progress is noticeable in the 20th century, when, in addition to handicrafts, machine labor starts.

Types of bags

Male and female models in modern street fashion

The latest street style novelties are distinguished by the brightness of the color palette and unusual shapes. At the peak of design art, sports style remains, bags, bags, backpacks, accessories over the shoulder. According to trends, fashionistas prefer pastel shades. The strong half is conservative and wears products in dark classic colors.

Men’s and women’s collections

Famous couturiers in their latest shows have focused on round, ultra-small and non-standard models. Clutches, quilted, hand-embroidered and wicker, as well as lumbar models are popular.

Types of women's bags

Celebrity bags

Celebrities become testers of all the latest innovations. Style icons prefer the sporty direction, as well as oversized and long strap designs. The material used is the skin of rare reptiles, velor and natural fabrics. The color scheme of performance tends to pastel colors. Many stars prefer the crossbody direction.

What bags are: classification

By use, they are divided into: road, sports, everyday, business and work. A wide range of functional and comfortable models made of genuine leather is presented in the Brialdi online store. In shape, they can take almost any geometric figure.

By hardness there are:

  • • soft;
  • • semi-rigid;
  • • solid.

Closing mechanism:

  • • with a frame latch;
  • • open;
  • • with a fastener;
  • • with valve;
  • •on buttons.

What bags are

TOP-8 names of models of men’s bags

An organizer for a man is not just a lot of compartments for storing everyday things. This is a full-fledged part of the wardrobe, which should be adapted to your image and harmoniously combined with the style of clothing.


Messengers were invented over a century ago. Their first purpose was to serve as a means of transporting letters to postmen. The accessory is complemented by a long strap, which is hung on one shoulder or through it. The design is a niche with a valve, opening which you can easily get to personal belongings. This is an ideal option for business men whose activities involve active movement around the city with documents, tablets and other accessories.


The most popular among young people and business men who need to keep a large amount of papers with them. This is one of the most convenient options due to the fact that the hands remain free and the contents do not wrinkle.

Description of the bag


The best accessory for an office worker, banker, businessman and politician. In combination with a formal suit, it looks especially attractive. At the moment, briefcases are produced from wear-resistant fabrics, artificial and natural leather. The design is characterized by 1-2 compartments with files and paper drives, which will keep documents in perfect order.

Varieties of bags

Tote (tote)

Behind the unusual and unfamiliar name is an ordinary men’s handbag that looks like a household or beach bag. The shape is mostly rectangular or trapezoid, the lining is complemented by a plain top. You can find totes with multi-colored decor, shaded straps and a handle. This format has not yet reached its popularity, and in Italy and a number of other European countries it is quite common.

Types of bags


Varieties and types of bags are complemented by the foreign name «weekender». It was not by chance that she was given a foreign definition, implying that she was intended for short weekend trips. Practical and roomy organizer will fit perfectly into any image. With such a product you will look stylish, organized and neat.

Types of bags names


A cylindrical duffel bag is a bag for long trips, somewhat reminiscent of the previous type. They produce doofels of various sizes, which allows you to adapt it for any number of things. A man with such an object looks solid and prepared. Modern models are equipped with handles of different lengths, you can wear them by taking them by the horizontal or vertical sides or throwing a long strap over your shoulders, ensuring comfort of movement.

Bag classification

Roller bag

A few decades ago, this type of bag was a real rarity and firmly entered our everyday life after the collapse of the USSR and the emergence of elite resorts under the all-inclusive program. It is ideal for holidays, a small but roomy suitcase on wheels with a fold-out handle, which can be used as hand luggage instead of being checked into the luggage compartment of the aircraft.

Dopp Kit (necessary case)

This is a miniature container for small items such as hygiene items and cosmetics. Inside there is a separate niche for each gizmo, thanks to which things do not mix and are arranged in a strict order.

Popular Models

Suitcases, clutches and backpacks have been the most sought-after items for men for many years, you can find them in the Brialdi online store.

It will be difficult for you to decide on the design if you do not know the names, types of women’s and men’s bags and types according to their shape.

Envelope (flap)

Outwardly resembles a clutch with a valve for closing.

Bag shapes and their names


Another version of the previous product, which can be worn under the arm or conveniently placed on the wrist with a small, detachable handle.

Tool bag

This item is made of tough, reliable fabric, resistant to climatic and mechanical influences. Even if a defect or a hole forms on it, the patch will perfectly complement the existing decor.


A miniature accessory allows you to carry everything you need:

  • • keys;
  • •telephone;
  • •wallet.

It is placed on the hips, leaving freedom to the hands.

The name of women's bags

messenger bag

This is a large, roomy and rectangular item with a flap and clasps, equipped with a wide comfortable handle that fits perfectly on the shoulder.


The miniature handbag was created almost a century ago, in the 50s of the last century. Now real fashionistas and sophisticated natures go with her.

Travel bag

Such a travel accessory serves as the final elements of a man’s business image. It is distinguished by its functionality and capacity.

Types of women's bags


This option easily converts into a briefcase or backpack, it has shoulder straps and a soft handle. The product combines functionality and comfort.


This accessory is suitable for men who often go on business trips. The product is a foldable case where suits can be placed, there is also a special compartment for a pair of shoes.


Such a wardrobe item is suitable for creating modern looks. The rounded shape looks equally good with casual, business wear and evening attire.

What is the name of the bag

For shopping

The classic format is ideal for grocery shopping, things and the gym. Lightweight, not overloaded with details, it is easy to use, which earned it a lot of positive reviews.

Shopping bag

The name speaks about the direct purpose of the accessory. Large space allows you to fit all your purchases, and long handles fit comfortably on the shoulders, leaving the hands free to explore the goods.


A soft cylindrical duffel bag is produced in different sizes, so that a man can choose the option that is convenient for himself.

Types of women's bags in shape


Extended and bulky, holds many items, modern and businesslike. This item is perfect for everyday wear.


Small pouch with drawstring. It carries phones, players and other small gadgets.

For fitness

Used to carry sports equipment, equipped with comfortable straps and large side pockets. The product is spacious.

Styles of women's bags

Clutch bag

This is an original modern solution that allows you not only to take the necessary things with you, but also to warm your hands in a fur trim at the same time.


The elongated shape is suitable for business ladies. Its length is much greater than the width, making it comfortable to wear under the arm.

What are the six main types of bags called?

According to opinions and surveys of image makers, the most popular are still models of small dimensions, which are fixed “diagonally”, clutches, bags and a number of daily duffel bags.

Over shoulder

This is a small, but convenient and practical product. The long handle allows you to securely fix it diagonally on your back, while your hands remain free. Now instances are popular, where the strap is made in the form of a chain, or the links are intertwined with matter. This accessory looks stylish and expensive.

Names of bag models


Laconic version of the completion of the image. They are never superfluous, do not create heaps. This is a good type for a walk of several hours, a business meeting, where you only need to have a wallet, keys and a minimal set of cosmetics with you.

Types of women's bags names


Such an item should be in the closet for those who are constantly on the road and cannot live without traveling. Weekender is a small bag for weekend tours, holidays, business trips and picnics. It does not need to be checked into the baggage of the aircraft, simply transported as part of hand luggage.

Type of bags name


Characteristic for sophisticated and stylish ladies. This is a small accessory for going out into the world. Opt for neutral tones and small sizes.

Styles of women's bags

On every day

A duffel bag with which you will have to go to work every day, be in public places, travel in transport and make purchases, must be made of high-quality wear-resistant materials. It is also worth choosing a universal color — black, blue and brown.

What men's bags are

For the soul

Everyone in the wardrobe has that bag that is most convenient and pleasant to carry with you, despite the weather and image. It may have an unusual shape, texture, color or combination of shades. This is the thing with which you feel confident and protected.

What is the name of the men's and women's bag

How to choose «your» color

If you are not looking for an option for a special occasion, for a certain suit, you should opt for classic shades: black, brown, beige and white. Modern fashion no longer requires a combination of a palette with shoes, gloves or a scarf. If you adhere to a business style, then this item should be purchased in calm and restrained colors.

Choose and wear correctly

To make an informed choice, it is recommended to follow a few tips:

    • Choose an accessory according to your complexion.
    • Do not wear this piece of clothing in the place that you would like to visually reduce.

Types of men's bags in shape

Selection by style

Business — implies the presence of leather bags of a strict cut, men will feel comfortable wearing the following models:

These are practical and small options that emphasize the severity and consistency of the male image. You can buy them in the Brialdi online store.

Casual will complement the bowling bag or type over the shoulder. A bohemian style is emphasized by a habo, and for a sporty one, a backpack will be an ideal choice.

Clutch choice


There are an incredible variety of options on the market today. Among them, different in material, shape, size. Products become not only a convenient and practical thing, but also an advantageous element of decor. Choose an accessory based on your taste, give preference to items made of natural, environmentally friendly materials and look through the new season, then you will be able to buy a real thing that will last more than one year. Now you know all the names of bag models, and the following video will help you choose.


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