Styles of a gray coat (14 photos): who suits, short, long, oversized, with a zipper, with a hood

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The gray coat is distinguished by a variety of styles and stylistic decisions. Such clothes have a different cut, shades, length. Choosing a good model is quite easy. To do this, it is worth considering the features of the figure, style of clothing, preferences.

Model Features

Every girl should have a beautiful and stylish coat. Recently, more and more often on fashion catwalks you can see gray models that look very beautiful. Some fashionistas find such clothes boring, but this is not at all the case.

To look attractive in a coat, you should choose the right accessories. Bright additions will help bring zest to the composition. Moreover, the gray color is considered universal and can be easily combined with any clothing palette of shades.

Who suits the gray coat

Gray is considered neutral. It suits all girls, regardless of color type. The shade of gray is chosen taking into account the features of appearance.

Deep gray tone suits dark-haired girls who have fair skin. Blondes will suit the shade «monsoon». Girls with dark skin and brown-haired women can afford a graphite shade.

Attention! Many blondes prefer light gray tones. However, too pale color does not suit them. This shade looks better on brunettes.

In relation to the figure, this color does not impose strict restrictions. The shade is suitable for full and slender girls. Each of them will be able to choose a good style.

Actual styles

Gray coats serve as decoration for fashion catwalks. Designers offer girls different styles:

  • With leather sleeves. Additions in the form of contrasting inserts made of natural or artificial leather look very beautiful. These coats fit well into the urban style. Because they are combined with jeans or trousers. Short skirts or midi length models look good.
  • Robe. This stylish solution is cut like a bathrobe. It is well suited for the off-season. The model is combined with things in a classic or sporty style. In cold weather, it is worth wearing insulated models, complemented by a hood.
  • long. The coat below the knee is versatile. It can be used to create everyday bows or complement evening compositions. When choosing shoes, be careful. The light model goes well with boots with heels. Dark products are versatile. They can be worn with chunky boots or loafers.
  • A short. This model looks like a jacket. It is chosen by modern fashionistas. The advantage of the style is comfort and practicality. It goes well with the basics.
  • With a zipper. This option is very comfortable. It is complemented by a long zipper, which is practical. This clasp keeps the cold out. Because the coat is suitable even for winter.
  • Midi. This coat can be worn with colored skinny pants or choose to add ripped boyfriends. The mid-length model looks good with dresses and skirts, but they must match in length.
  • Hooded. This style is suitable for girls who do not want to spoil the styling. The coat can be made in a classic or sporty style. Often, fashion designers complement the hood with fur decor or contrasting additions.


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