The best European brands of women’s and men’s shoes — making a list

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  1. Why do we choose branded shoes
  2. Noteworthy brands

Do you know the stereotype that branded shoes are not for everyone? Ten years ago, this was actually the case. Not everyone could afford to buy shoes or boots of a well-known European brand. But today the situation has changed. The number of manufacturers offering quality products to customers has increased significantly. Accordingly, there are more opportunities to afford to buy good shoes. Now few people sincerely believe that there is practically no difference between the brand and shoes from the market.

Why do we choose branded shoes

Why do people increasingly prefer the brand? Perhaps the most common reason is reliability. No one wants to find out that new boots have “fallen apart” at the most inopportune moment. And, in the end, any person simply feels sorry for the lost money. With the products of well-known manufacturers, whatever you say, such surprises happen extremely rarely.

The habit of taking care of yourself is the second reason. Not everyone has this skill, but if you always choose only comfortable shoes, you definitely have it. Making really comfortable, anti-stress shoes is not a task for everyone. And most often these are just well-known, popular brands. Such as the Danish brand ECCO, the Swiss Rieker, the English Clarks.

Finally, branded shoes are prestigious. This, of course, does not matter to every buyer. Most often these are people for whom image is part of the profession. Their success largely depends on how they look. Therefore, both clothes and shoes become an important part of self-presentation.

Noteworthy brands

Italian shoes — already sounds great! And more often than not, the first impression is not deceiving. After all, the Italians are really recognized masters, and they value their reputation. Vitacci is one of the brands that proves it. The company began its work with the manufacture of women’s shoes. Today, in its assortment there are both men’s and children’s collections.

Like many Italian brands, Vitacci strives to create not only fashionable, but also comfortable shoes. The last, insole, sole of each model are designed taking into account the anatomical structure of the foot. Materials are used only natural, breathable. The manufacturer applies the same high standards to both children’s and adult lines. The whole family should look and feel good. And it’s in the spirit of the Italians!

If we talk about British brands, we can’t forget Clarks. It was they who gave the world famous deserts. Soldier’s boots have become so popular that today not every owner will remember where the idea came from. Light, cute, perfectly combined with a variety of clothes, they made the English company famous. As well as women’s sandals with incredibly comfortable soles, released by Clarks in the middle of the last century.

The brand’s trend towards practical footwear continues to this day. Clarks women’s, men’s and children’s collections are known all over the world. The brand and its products are called cult.

Among the brands of American shoes, one of the most popular today is Tommy Hilfiger. Also known for the production of clothing and accessories. Casual urban style is what the brand specializes in. Maybe that’s why she has so many fans. Someone does not work in the office, someone rarely attends parties. But most of us are engaged in everyday, everyday affairs. Ballet shoes, sneakers, sneakers, casual boots are popular in many countries. The company created its own production technologies and patented them.

We will continue the list of fashion brands in our other articles. In the meantime, you can take a closer look at those listed above. They are worthy of your attention if you are determined to buy only good shoes for yourself.



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