The best urban backpack — rating of everyday men’s and women’s products for the city

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From this article you will learn:

  • Who needs a bag and why?
  • Purpose
  • The main advantages of a backpack for walking around the city
  • Overview of the design of a quality backpack for the city
  • What clothes to combine and where to wear
  • Comfort indicators
  • How to choose a trendy urban backpack versus a travel backpack
  • Basic parameters for buying an accessory

Two straps on the shoulders and a roomy body — that’s why city dwellers love this accessory. Hands are free, shoulders do not get tired, but at the same time you can take with you all the necessary items. In the article we will talk about the best women’s and men’s urban backpacks and give a rating of popular models for the city.

Urban backpack

Who needs a bag and why?

It is more popular among men, although more and more girls are trying on the unisex style, replacing small and uncomfortable clutches, cocktail bags with briefcases. Guys usually carry a lot of things with them. It can be a valuable trifle in the form of keys, credit cards, a phone, and technical equipment.

The main advantage of this accessory is its versatility. It can be used by students, athletes, as well as adults and even elderly gentlemen. It all depends on the chosen style and material of manufacture, because there is a big difference between sports jersey and leather upholstery.

For sports, you can take a change of shoes, uniforms and even equipment. For learning — books, laptop or tablet, notes. For a walk in the evening, it is convenient to take a jacket with you.

Another important mention is the dimensions. The product will be small for a hike, but the volume is sufficient for a short trip, as well as for cycling or hiking. If you want to have a picnic in nature, then you should choose a comfortable backpack for the city.

The best urban backpack


Despite the collective name — urban — they are divided into subgroups depending on the method of operation. This also affects which aspects are most important when buying, and for manufacturers — when designing and tailoring.

The Brialdi online store offers a wide range of natural and artificial leather products. Models such as PICO RELIEF BLACK are ideal for business men.

The purpose of the urban backpack is direct, an overview of its main qualities is:

  • • convenience of wearing;
  • • roominess, but not massiveness;
  • • stylish appearance;
  • • practicality.

It is extremely important to anticipate various weather conditions and the possibility of contamination. Consider either durable, water-repellent textiles or leather. They do not get wet, and are also easy to clean from external dirt, it is enough to wipe the surface. It is also important that all locks are firmly closed or even hidden, because the owner of the accessory will often be in crowded places.

Requirements for products for professional use:

  1. Before buying, pay attention to the presence of separate pockets and their sizes;
  2. Look at the material from which the lining is made — whether it will scratch objects.

Travel equipment is usually a separate block of goods, but for tourists who prefer to travel light or take short routes, you should take a closer look at stylish, comfortable and roomy products for the city. They have enough space to put a small container of picnic food and warm clothes.

In a separate category, lightweight options can be distinguished, which are mainly used by athletes and cyclists. Nothing should hamper their movements, so they buy special narrow models.

Backpack for the city

The main advantages of a backpack for walking around the city

This category of goods has conquered the accessory market, because it has become more convenient and easier for men to carry a bag on their back than to have several different items at once:

  • • purse for documents;
  • • portfolio for business papers;
  • • a special case for a laptop.

We will find out why city dwellers love these products so much.

The best backpacks for the city


This does not mean that the product sizes are small. On the contrary, compared to many varieties and variants, this one is large. But outwardly, especially made of leather or durable material in a discreet color, it seems very compact. Its edges do not protrude from behind the male back; in length, the accessory reaches the lower back on average, less often it descends to the pelvis. Even with the straps tightly tightened, the top will not go above the neck, which is often the case among tourist equipment.


In terms of volume, you should focus on the range of 10-30 liters. They fit a bottle of water, all appliances, gadgets and spares. Sheets of standard A4 format do not crumple if they are tightly attached to the back of the backpack.

Ease of use

Two or one straps are behind the back. This allows you to completely free your hands. With this, you can make one easy movement to position the zipper within reach and get the contents in a minute. Hands free will come in handy for driving a car or a bicycle, holding on to handrails in public transport, typing a message on a smartphone, or simply not feeling tired from the constant focused squeezing of handles.

Another convenience of use is the distribution pockets. They come in a variety of sizes, positions, and are specifically designed to ensure that important items don’t cross, rub or mix in the compartment.


Appearance is one of many indicators that determine which urban backpack to choose. Now among men, products made of natural or artificial leather are popular. Models in this category can be found on the website of the Brialdi online store. There is a very practical option here in black — BROOME RELIEF BLACK. Small and discreet, it will emphasize the severity and consistency of the bow of its owner. The company also sells high-quality transformer backpacks, options for business style, work and everyday life of the following models:

You can also create a youth look or choose a casual style option. The main thing is that it should be comfortable and combined with your everyday clothes.

Men's casual urban backpack

Overview of the design of a quality backpack for the city

Depending on your preferences and purpose of use, be sure to pay attention to how the bag is made. There can be three configurations.


Not the most common type, because thanks to a rigid frame made of a metal or plastic frame, it looks very voluminous and has virtually no textile parts. Sheathing can be from various materials, but rather from denser and synthetic ones. Lining is most often aimed at fulfilling practical purposes. In general, such bags are used as travel bags, as well as for carrying equipment that cannot be damaged during transportation.


The most famous and often used. It is convenient because it does not have hard parts, which means it can be easily rolled up, machine washed, dried without problems with loss of shape and deformation. Also due to the above factor, the construction is light. Typically, such models are sewn for urban, as well as for small tourist and travel backpacks.


Very useful for the spine, but not often used to design accessories for the city. The technique of sewing duralumin plates into the back was originally used to equip tourists. Then the bags had a volume of at least 50 liters. And now the niche is occupied mainly by frames, but now they are also found among the mass production of briefcases with mounts behind the back.

Women's backpack for the city

What clothes to combine and where to wear

Best of all, it complements a casual look or outfit in a casual style. Shirts, sweatshirts or T-shirts will look good with him. Down you can wear jeans or trousers of light, non-classical cut and style.

The second option is a sporty look. It can be complemented by a one-shoulder bag made of textile materials.

If you have a laconic, black or brown leather backpack, then you can combine it with the classics, wear it to events that are slightly inferior to formal evenings.

Rating of urban backpacks

Comfort indicators

Pay attention to the quality of tailoring and brand. Only good brands can offer really high-quality products that will not interfere with movement and incorrectly distribute the load on the spine.

The first step is to look at the back and its material. If there is a soft lining and a breathable layer, then the product should be comfortable. Be sure to try it on before buying, adjust the straps, check if all actions with it are easily accessible.

City backpack women's photo

How to choose a trendy urban backpack versus a travel backpack

Their main difference is in size. Models for the city do not have a volume of more than 10-30 liters, while tourists prefer a noticeably more spacious displacement — from 50 liters. This is due to the need to put a lot of items of equipment in it.

The second difference is the design. For hiking, it is important to carry a lot of weight, which means that it is distributed evenly over the back so that the load does not negatively affect the spine. For this, special stiffening plates are inserted, they are located in the back and support it well.

The third difference is appearance. The choice of an urban backpack often depends on taste preferences and thoughts about style, when touring equipment is chosen for the purpose of passing obstacles and a long route with a bag on the back, comfort and size are paramount.

Rating of backpacks for the city

Basic parameters for buying an accessory

To choose the right product, you must consider the following characteristics.


Classic lines offer from 10 to 30 liters. When trying on, open the zipper and try to place the necessary items in the compartment — a laptop, a change of shoes, A4 sheets. If everything is included and nothing is wrinkled, you can take it. Some guys prefer small briefcases that are only suitable for storing and moving small items — a phone, a pack of cigarettes, a notebook and keys.


The textile industry offers a wide variety of durable synthetic fabrics. You need to look at several indicators:

  • • wear resistance;
  • • moisture resistance;
  • • appearance.

Another offer on the market is genuine leather. Such models are presented in the Brialdi online store. They are practical and stylish looking. They are not machine washable, but can be wiped over with a damp cloth to remove dirt.


It is better to provide that soft inserts are attached to the back of the product — the pads should serve as a shock absorber and soften the fit of the accessory on the shoulders and lower back.

The second rule is the presence of breathable fabric. Due to the long wearing in the summer, the back may sweat and all things will be wet. This can be avoided by providing good air circulation.


It can be one (at the sling) or two. Regardless of the quantity, look for:

  • • the ability to adjust the length;
  • • perforation for the same purpose of ventilation.


The choice here depends on personal preference. The design can be designed in a classic, sporty or casual style. It is important to choose it under the wardrobe so that it looks concise with most of your outfits.


Classic — black or brown. Also popular are gray or «wet asphalt», sand, mustard and khaki. You can experiment with more saturated shades, but you need to remember that the color combination should not attract more attention than its owner. Tones need to be combined with a tie or shirt.


Prices range from 2-3 thousand rubles (the most budgetary) to 15 and above. You can find worthy models in every price segment, it all depends on your budget and the desire to spend it.

You can order both in the online store, especially if you know exactly what you want, and in branded boutiques. Avoid deceptively cheap offers.

Top backpacks for the city


If what is written on the label is important to you, then you feel that each designer has his own style, and you have already decided which one is closer to you. But you also need to remember that branding will have to pay an extra 20-30, or even more. The top positions of the top backpacks for the city are expensive.


For the mass user, you can find a suitable model at any time in stores or via the Internet. But to search for a specific design, you may need knowledge of English-language sites, an order from abroad, or even tailoring according to your own criteria.


Their presence will make life easier for the user. They can be hidden, secret or external. The first are for personal items, the second for valuables, and the third for those that are easy to get and need to use often.


This is the distribution of internal space. It depends on the indicator where and what you can put, in what quantity. If you choose a bag for professional activities, then you should pay special attention to this parameter.

USB and power banks

Now they often began to make special outputs for charging the phone and headphones. This is very convenient, especially in the city, when the gadget is always at hand. But when washing, do not forget to remove all the wires, otherwise they will stop working after contact with water.


To ensure the safety of valuables, there are secret zippers and secret pockets that fit snugly against the back. The second development is the presence of a clothespin on the dog, which is attached to any part of the bag.


A waterproof cape will help protect against rain. It can be on elastic bands so that moisture does not climb under the back.



Choose based on practicality and your own preferences. We will complete the article with a photo of everyday men’s and women’s stylish urban backpacks.

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