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Fashion historian Grigory Kataev spoke about the main fashion trends of the season especially for the online magazine «Shipyards».

Along with spring, the desire to dress up beautifully, meet long sunrises and make all kinds of plans returns. Spring-summer collections are traditionally richer in colors, but in recent years the need for color therapy continues to grow. Therefore, do not forget that just by wearing a bright dress or a colorful suit, like the heroine of the series «Emily in Paris», you can not only energize yourself, but also cheer up those around you.

The cult of the body is another sign of every spring-summer season. The 2000s fashion craze means the return of bare midriff, open tops and dropped waistlines. Here it is necessary to say «hello» to the girls from the series «Euphoria», who are nostalgic for hot parties and provocative makeup, small handbags in their hands and huge platforms on their feet.

This also includes the trend for all kinds of things with cutouts, transparent clothes and skimpy mesh outfits. So if you are not ready to show off in public with revealing parts of the body, then slit pants or a lace-up top can be a great alternative. Microbags are worthy of special mention: the trend for this accessory does not disappear, but only takes on new forms.

The main fashion trends of spring-summer 2022

It’s time to put the bike shorts in the closet until better times. But do not be upset: for those who are used to tight themselves in the summer, designers offer various options for catsuits and bodysuits. Elastic bodysuit girls can still be worn with a skirt, shorts or trousers.

The main fashion trends of spring-summer 2022

But the tight-fitting catsuit is an independent thing, but it’s better to play it safe and pair it with a light raincoat or a voluminous jacket. The trend is very useful, because the premiere of the new film «Batman» with Zoe Kravitz in the role of Catwoman in Russia was canceled. We will deal with import substitution.

The main fashion trends of spring-summer 2022

Miniskirts made a comeback a year ago when bare knees were featured in the Chanel and Dior shows at the same time. However, do not rush to pair them with a cropped top above the navel, at least until you tan like Dua Lipa in Versace campaigns.

In modern realities, a mini-skirt can be softened by a sports sweatshirt with a zipper or a regular button-down shirt, and a short skirt with a matching jacket is almost a classic. By the way, it is the latter that can be seen in the collection of the Italian brand Miu Miu from the fashion house Prada. It turns out effectively, although it is not suitable for everyone and not for every day: we will wait for warm days.

All the worst comebacks of the 2000s happened in the Blumarine collections. So, if you have no idea how to combine tight drawstring blouses with cargo breeches or a colored cardigan with a fur collar and an asymmetric skirt, then you clearly did not hang out under the hits of young Britney and Aguilera.

The main fashion trends of spring-summer 2022

And now it’s the peak of the season again. Like rhinestone butterflies on plastic sunglasses and wide belts with buckles in the shape of the same butterfly. Moreover, a large belt will help draw additional attention to the sports press on the stomach. By the way, butterflies have already been in the shoe collection of the singer Katy Perry.

The main fashion trends of spring-summer 2022

Shoes also made a fashionable turn — square toes were replaced by rounded models. Tractor-soled loafers were complemented by Mary Jane-inspired platform shoes.

High boots have not been canceled, because they will be a great addition to a miniskirt. But satin sandals and leather loafers, like Versace, will take you to extreme heights, although no one has yet managed to forget their colored shoes in the style of last season’s brother dolls. Therefore, if you have preserved things from the era of the My Fair Nanny series, then it’s time to arrange a stellar summer 2022 for yourself.


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