The main men’s accessories Fashion historian Grigory Kataev, especially for the online magazine «Shipyards», spoke about the most popular accessories for men. Read more

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Fashion historian Grigory Kataev, especially for the online magazine «Shipyards», spoke about the most popular accessories for men.

A good image is easily spoiled by extra accessories or their complete absence. But there are a few things in the men’s wardrobe that will never go out of fashion or use. About them today and will be discussed.

Main men's accessories

In the first place for men is the belt. Some follow the iron rule: if the trousers have belt loops — small flats around the waist, then there must be a belt. Although in the case of jeans or shorts, this does not always work.

Others, on the contrary, sometimes forget that the image with trousers and a jacket looks unfinished without a belt. Especially if the trousers are fastened with a plastic button on top, which is better hidden under the belt.

For a business suit, a formal belt is required, which is matched to shoes and trousers at the same time. Such a belt should completely fill the belt loops at the waist so as not to hang out inside and not bulge out.

In a classic style, it is required to withstand all leather accessories in one dark color. Opt for black or cinnamon shades, which can have a different texture in a belt, shoes and bag.

Main men's accessories

Belt Honor & Glory

Anchor Belt Gold

In casual bows with jeans or chinos, there is a place for a belt with an accent buckle in the spirit of country or army style. A favorite technique is a belt with the name of a fashion brand from a small inscription like Hugo Boss to a large Gucci logo.

Also, lately, men’s street style is filled with relaxed suits in different colors, which are worn with sneakers and sneakers. A light or colored belt in combination with a fashionable backpack is suitable here.

Main men's accessories

In the arsenal of a modern man, there are many essentials — a smartphone, wallet, keys, documents, a sanitizer and other signs of the times. Therefore, it looks strange to try to shove it all into the pockets of a jacket or jacket, when you can have a comfortable bag for every day.

Main men's accessories

For minimalists, a vertical tablet bag with a long handle is suitable for carrying on the shoulder. Everything you need will be at hand, but at the same time your hands will remain free.

For those who carry a laptop or A4 papers, a messenger bag is recommended. This model is larger in size and has a horizontal character. At the same time, it can also be worn on the shoulder or thrown over the torso according to the cross-body principle.

Such rectangular bags with a wide lid-valve on top accompanied the peddlers of letters and newspapers in Europe. Hence the second name of this accessory: a messenger bag.

Men’s bag Fjord brown

Business bag Rock Black

For men who like to dress «from the needle,» it’s time to remember about the briefcase bag. An ideal option for business people is a leather briefcase with a shiny metal buckle. The strict form of the briefcase is combined with practical capacity.

Main men's accessories

However, this does not mean that the portfolio should be simple and dull. You can pay attention to a bag with an interesting texture or a model of the original color. Just do not forget that in this case, all other accessories must match the portfolio. You can also look at vintage models from Louis Vuitton or Burberry canvas.

Main men's accessories

In any situation, it is important to keep track of time, even if your smartphone mainly helps you with this. Even though wristwatches have become more of an accessory, they remain the best decoration for a man. In the past, watches were seen as a status symbol. Why not, because the Swiss manufacturers Rolex and Patek Philippe continue to produce luxurious pieces using gold and platinum.

Such watches are valued as pieces of jewelry, because they are designed to fascinate with their aesthetics and captivate with history. However, in the real world, you can even find elegant watches at a more humane price. Of course, not to the detriment of your image.

The first thing to do is decide on your style. Models with a round dial under sapphire crystal on a leather strap or a metal bracelet are considered classics. The model of laconic shape and discreet design will look equally good with a business suit or a casual look. Watches in sports style include bright models in plastic or metal.

They can have an unexpected shade or pattern, voluminous or sophisticated design. Sports watches are suitable for men who lead an active lifestyle or adhere to an informal style of clothing. Also these days, many people have come to like smartwatches, thanks to the creative design and many useful features. After all, the main advantage of any watch is a first-class mechanism hidden inside.


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