The one with which it is easy and convenient even in the crowd — women’s urban backpack

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  1. Why do we love them
  2. How to choose a women’s backpack
  3. Leather women’s backpacks
  4. Ethnic style
  5. In casual style
  6. Instead of a clutch — both to the feast and to the world

Can something compete with a women’s handbag? To be just as necessary and in demand? You think not — but in vain. A backpack is something without which many of the fair sex cannot imagine their day. Women’s urban backpacks may well compete in popularity with classic bags.

Why do we love them

How does a backpack become «one’s own» in any city? Once he was the best friend of mostly athletes and tourists. A little later, the youth picked up the fashion for backpacks — and no wonder. An ideal thing for study, and, indeed, any pastime. All things are behind you, and your hands are free. You can talk on the phone, take pictures, drink coffee. Even having a bite to eat on the go is much easier, to be sure. How about freeing your arms for hugs?

Lightness, mobility, convenience. That’s what attracts a backpack for a city dweller. Regardless of age and occupation, whether a person is studying or student years are long gone. And, of course, women’s backpacks are no exception. It is with their participation that many get a special, new, unlike anything before image. Key words for him: youth, lightness, charm.

How to choose a women’s backpack

Are you planning to buy your first backpack? Well, dashing trouble is the beginning! If you like it, most likely, over time, a whole collection of «shoulder» friends will gather. It is worth buying a suitable backpack, and suddenly it becomes clear that there is no more convenient thing in the world.

As in the case of buying a bag, you should think in advance where and with what you will wear a new thing. Volumetric models should be left for long trips or hikes. In the city, in public transport, in the crowd, small or medium-sized backpacks are good. In addition, they are easy to combine with almost any clothing. Of course, taking into account her style.

The shape can be rectangular, square and even round. Think about which backpack is best for you — hard or soft, «bag». It must be admitted that in the first it is easier to keep order, especially if there are several compartments and pockets inside. Soft — in a more free style. It is so easy to look young, free and beautiful with them.

Leather women’s backpacks

The backpack did not just “step over” from sports and tourism to the area of ​​\u200b\u200beveryday life. Some styles and models have become absolutely appropriate and acceptable even in the business sphere. For example, leather backpacks. They can easily become an alternative to the bag with which you go to the office. There are some that even look like a handbag when worn on one shoulder. Actually, this is the designer’s idea — two in one. You can choose how to wear, depending on the situation. Or the mood.

There are quite extravagant leather models — for example, under a reptile or decorated with spikes. Matte skin always looks great. Quilted women’s backpacks are an immediate association with the Chanel handbag, the epitome of elegance.

Ethnic style

Do you like long dresses and skirts, wood and glass jewelry? A cute ethnic-style backpack is your option. Pay attention to soft fabric models. Some are quite minimalistic, others are complemented by decorative details. These can be beads, laces and ties, embroidery, leather and suede elements, buttons, denim inserts.

An all-denim backpack is the dream of many fashionistas. Previously, such a chic little thing could only be sewn with your own hands. What many needlewomen did. The rest were jealous of them. Today, denim models are not so rare to be found in stores.

A distinctive feature of such backpacks is unusual ornaments. The simplest design is a bag that is tightened on top with a drawstring. It occurs quite frequently. But now on sale you can also see more rigid, rectangular models, with a lining and a hard bottom.

In casual style

They can be called urban in the full sense of the word. They are much smaller than sports. But, as a rule, such a size that a small laptop can fit. Outwardly discreet enough to be combined with almost any casual clothing. Usually rectangular in shape, the design can be either soft or semi-rigid.

Urban women’s backpack can be made of nylon, leather, canvas. The main condition is the water resistance of the material. Shoulder straps should be comfortable, not too narrow, in the hope that with a backpack on your shoulders you can spend most of the day. A great addition is the outer pockets with a button or a zipper. Usually small money or keys settle in them. For a mobile phone, most often they make a special compartment inside.

Instead of a clutch — both to the feast and to the world

An adorable mini backpack that you want to take with you to a party. Why not, if it fits the main outfit? But even in everyday life, small women’s backpacks become our true friends. If the only things with you are the keys, a phone and a mirror — this is the right option. Graceful, airy, feminine.

In general, there is a suitable and in the future the most favorite backpack for every girl. Or maybe several at once. The lightest and most comfortable of them are those that we wear in a good mood.



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