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Fashion bags for lovely ladies for summer-autumn 2020 are dozens of a wide variety of colors, materials, textures and sizes for every taste. Today everything is possible: from extraprime women’s classic handbags noble black, red, beige and white shades, ending supermini, lady’s purses over the shoulder or the same bags in incredible shades or even with color compositions. Prints, drawings, embroidery. Actually, today we will talk about women’s bags, bags.

Nota Bene!

With the exception of some particularly prim office dress codes, today ladies have received the official green color to boldly combine almost any design (color, size, material) of a women’s bag with absolutely any bow!

But now we will not talk about all women’s bags fashionable in Ukraine with a large shoulder strap or a short briefcase handle, about all backpacks and reticules (we will talk about this in future articles) — we will focus on the main opening of the summer 2020 season.

So, meet! Women’s leather bag-bag, which can be imposingly thrown over the shoulder, casually thrown over the crook of the elbow or just confidently taken in hand. How practical is it, what are the forecasts? I mean, will it lose its relevance in a couple of months? And most importantly: is a women’s shoulder bag really a worthy alternative to such a familiar women’s city backpack? Reviews of seasoned critics and ordinary women who have already tried the most important discovery of the summer-autumn 2020 universe of women’s bags on themselves. Go!

Shoulder bag for women — both fashionable and comfortable?

So, a leather bag for women on the shoulder — is it convenient or not? Let’s see.

  • If we want to buy a women’s leather shoulder bag, then we need a durable, wear-resistant accessory that will certainly fit everything. Or even a little more than everything you need for a long day at work. A women’s bag-bag is most often bought with the expectation of increasing mobility, but at the same time not ruining femininity with a boring sports style.


The design of the women’s bag «bag» is more versatile than the usual backpacks. At least the images “formal suit + bag-bag” or “evening dress + bag-bag” look more organic than with backpacks. But at the same time, even if this main female accessory is equipped with a long shoulder strap, it will never become as ergonomic as a backpack. And this should be remembered if you are used to carrying “a sofa, a suitcase, a bag, a picture, a basket, a cardboard box and a small dog” with you. Remember this rhyme from childhood?

  • Now about fashion. It is not in vain that we have been focusing attention for several times now on the fact that the women’s leather bag-bag becomes the opening of the summer-autumn 2020 season. Although, to tell the truth, bags made of colorful satin fabrics began to slowly replace miniature handbags at the end of spring. Remember this boom in semi-toy reticules that can fit only a card and lipstick?

Very soon, the summer lightness of women’s images will smoothly give way to autumn raincoats, denim and leather jackets, sweaters … And all the same, a leather women’s shoulder bag is better suited to all this. Preferably leather, but high-quality leatherette is also possible.

So it’s time to take a closer look, right?

Women’s bag-bag — advantages and disadvantages of design

Blindly praising or scolding this or that model of a women’s leather bag or any other accessories is not our method. We are well aware that any design, including a women’s leather over-the-shoulder bag type bag, has both its strengths and flaws that cause obvious inconvenience. Let’s watch?

  • The women’s leather bag-bag obviously cannot boast of a stable shape. Therefore, all papers or paperback books here should be placed in an additional hard plastic envelope.
  • Despite the volume that many urban backpacks can envy, the women’s leather bag-bag is designed for less weight and the volume of items carried in it.
  • When fully loaded, a bag-bag can rub and outweigh one shoulder, which, in theory, will lead to a violation of posture when worn for a long time.

And now let’s talk about the merits of a women’s shoulder bag bag?

  • Women’s leather bag-bag is a versatile accessory that can go with almost any bow.
  • The women’s bag bag is roomy enough to provide maximum mobility to its mistress.
  • A bag-bag on a fragile lady’s shoulder gives any look a unique femininity and charm. Pencil skirt, jeans, blouse, T-shirt or ethnic style — all this looks perfect with a shoulder bag bag.
  • Shoulder bag is suitable for the dynamic life of the big city. It is convenient to carry it with you in public transport, take it with you to work or study.

As a rule, a high-quality leather bag or its alternative made of good eco-leather is worn for several years. Well, this is also an argument in favor of the new fashionable format of the main women’s accessory!

Leather, polyurethane, canvas — the most fashionable materials for women’s bag bags

According to the forecasts of fashion critics, the most popular formats of shoulder bags will be leather models or eco-leather options. Yes, as an accompaniment to raincoats and jackets, leather bags will look much more presentable than canvas or polyurethane ones. But the last categories still should not be abandoned yet, and here’s why.

  1. A women’s leather shoulder bag will look great with any style of clothing, from loose casual to strict office style.
  2. A miniature bean bag made of natural or artificial fabric with embroidery or print is an original replacement for a clutch, which will surely add more femininity, liveliness and lightness to your look.
  3. A polyurethane shoulder bag is a great addition to a sports dress or a classic suit, to a T-shirt and leggings or shorts and a T-shirt.

So, we have listed 3 popular materials to reduce their demand. What will you choose for yourself? Decide, but in any case, the wardrobe should have a couple of such original handbags.

Nota Bene!

Extravagant woven women’s handbags that can be thrown over your shoulder on a free summer evening and go to your favorite pizzeria .., well, or some super-original knitted, leather with embroidery or unique embossed handbags will almost certainly be relevant next season. This refers to the spring-summer 2021 fashion. So if you have inspiration for just such a romantic model and right now, why not?

How to wear a women’s bag bag to look slimmer

Girls, now let’s talk about harmony? No, thank Heaven, the last desperate fashion for extreme thinness is gone. It has been replaced by a more useful and, most likely, more correct Body-positive. But, nevertheless, an elegant, sophisticated and perfectly harmonious silhouette will never cease to be relevant. How to wear a bag-bag, so that the figure looks more perfect?

  • For girls with a “bulk apple” silhouette type, it is best not to use a long shoulder strap, but to carry a bag-bag simply in your hands.
  • If you can boast of an hourglass shape, feel free to experiment! You can equally fit the form of wearing on the shoulder and on the bend of the elbow.
  • Slender girls or girls whose hip line is approximately proportional to the shoulder line can safely use a long strap.

Well, in general, that’s all. The most important thing again: in the latest fashion collections there are practically no Taboos. If you want to buy a ladies leather shoulder bag, welcome to the pages of online stores and choose an option not for some shoes or clothes. Rely solely on your original taste.

Good luck!


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