The rule of three harmonies when choosing a bag

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A women’s bag is an integral part of the image and lifestyle of a modern woman. And every fashion season offers a lot of bright new products. Designers have already presented their multifaceted collections to the world. This is an unchanging classic, and bags of various geometric shapes and designs, micro-wallets and purses on chains, giant totes and shoppers, soft-textured hobo bags, etc. There are so many options that it’s hard to choose.

Following trends that change at the speed of light, it is very important to create a fashionable and at the same time harmonious image. You should carefully analyze your wardrobe. See what is already in stock and what needs to be purchased. Firstly, the bag should match your clothes and appearance. The next step is to choose a bag, observing the rule of three harmonies:

Texture harmony. The bag does not have to match the texture of the clothes, be of the same material as the shoes. However, natural textures are perfectly combined with each other. For example, a linen or cotton dress in tandem with a straw bag. Well combined with a wicker texture and floral dresses. But leather clothes with such a bag will look excessive and rough. The texture should be light, the fabric is loose.

If in the case of a straw bag, clothes can have different textures, then bags with embossed, quilted, with massive fittings and decor are best combined with smooth plain materials. The pattern should be small, in no case massive.

Harmony of flowers. Today it is no longer fashionable to pick up bags to match the shoes. This makes it possible to create many interesting images, to experiment. You can combine two, three or more colors. The main thing is that all colors are in the same range: warm or cold.

Combine light pastel colors with dark muted ones. In no case do not use acid shades. The image may turn out to be too colorful.

You can play with contrasts. A black dress or a white suit combined with a red handbag looks very impressive. The bag can harmoniously complement the image or become its bright accent.

If more than three colors are combined in an image, then two of them must be of the same shade, or chromatic (i.e. black, white or gray). Wonderful ensembles can be created in one or two colors.

Harmony of proportions. See how the size and shape of the bag suits your height and body type. You have probably seen how an unfortunate combination of voluminous trousers and a long T-shirt can shorten height, add volume. Or, for example, high-waisted trousers visually lengthen the legs. And you, of course, have heard hundreds of tips on how to choose clothes for your body type. Likewise with accessories. It’s all about proportions. A bag that is proportional to the constitution of the body and forms will make the image as advantageous as possible.

For slender girls of short stature, the ideal solution would be a medium or small bag. But consider the silhouette of the clothes, if you wear an oversized sweater, wide culottes and low-cut shoes, then a baggy bag will make the growth lower and the volumes more magnificent. For such a free image, it is better to choose a small frame bag.

But for slender tall girls, the overall bag is exactly what you need. But models with long shoulder straps visually elongate the silhouette vertically. Accordingly, growth will be even higher.

Puffy girls should choose large or medium bags. But again, it all depends on the shape of the bag and the clothes with which it is combined: soft baggy or a clear geometric shape.

Depending on the type of figure, accents should be placed correctly. For example, the «inverted triangle» body type with a voluminous upper part has broad shoulders and a large chest. And the legs are slender, the hips are narrow. In this type of bag with a short handle, dressed on the shoulder will add extra inches to the top. Volume top, means we add from below. It is better to choose a bag that is worn at the level of the waist or hips. Thus, we shift the emphasis from the top to the bottom.

But girls with lush hips and an aspen waist should shift the accents up: to the waist, to the chest.

Girls with an hourglass figure have large breasts and hips and a thin waist. Belt bags on these types look very impressive.

Experiment with colors and textures, but combine them harmoniously. Then your images will look balanced and as impressive as possible.


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