The size and weight of hand luggage on the plane — the allowed dimensions and allowable parameters of the suitcase for transportation

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From this article you will learn:

  • Common Problems
  • What is hand luggage on an airplane
  • How luggage is placed in the cabin
  • What to consider when choosing a travel accessory
  • Requirements for hand luggage on Russian airlines
  • How much should hand luggage weigh on foreign airlines?
  • Accessory sizes
  • What is considered hand luggage on an airplane — the number of items allowed
  • Personal items on board that are carried in excess
  • Rules for the transport of certain things
  • Conclusion on the choice of bag

With the upcoming air flight, travelers are tormented by two fears — fear of heights and fear of overweight, because they will have to pay extra for it directly at the airport, and there is a very high cost for each extra kilogram. In the article, we will talk about the allowed dimensions of a suitcase and the allowable weight of luggage for hand luggage on an airplane, as well as reveal the nuances of packing things.

Hand luggage size

Common Problems

There is usually at least one travel bag per passenger (hand-held or on wheels, hard or soft case). Sometimes its dimensions are small and it seems that it is more convenient to take it with you into the cabin of an aircraft. This idea is all the more attractive because there will be no need to pay for a place in the cargo compartment. But in practice, people who do not know the requirements of the airline, when boarding and checking in, find out that their backpack cannot remain with the owner, since these things have a weight / size larger than required by the rules of the company. Then there are two options left — to buy a ticket for luggage or pay for excess. We will tell you how not to get into a similar situation.

What is hand luggage on an airplane

These are any things, items of a passenger that he takes with him to the air transport cabin, and does not hand over to the luggage compartment. It can be a small travel bag (stylish and comfortable men’s models are presented in the Brialdi catalog), a backpack and even a package.

Typically, airlines place restrictions on:

  1. Weight is the most common requirement, on average it is allowed to take up to 10 kg.
  2. Dimensions — the Russian low-cost carrier Pobeda distinguished itself, allowing the transport of small volumes that must be placed in the calibrator.
  3. Quantity — You can usually use any number of roomy accessories. In rare cases, if you have economy class tickets, a person can have no more than one bag in their hands.

How luggage is placed in the cabin

It all depends on what you take with you on the flight. If this is a handbag that contains a passport, wallet and smartphone, then leave it on your lap. If you need a suitcase of small dimensions on the way, then you need to place it in specially designated spacious compartments. They are located on both sides of the passage above the heads of passengers. So, one box holds the personal belongings of three people sitting next to each other.

The flight attendants will help you with packing your suitcase, but this is not their responsibility. Passengers must themselves during seating to their seats to put items. If you are the last to enter and there is no free space above your seat, it is not forbidden to open someone else’s cell. If there is absolutely no space nearby, things can be folded under the seat in front of the seated neighbor.

Pay attention to this:

  1. Who is it for. Models for children, women and men differ significantly. If the former need only a small bright shoulder backpack, then for the latter, spaciousness, wear resistance, and stylish appearance matter. Suitcases made of genuine leather from the brand Brialdi.
  2. Individual requirements of the airline, because everyone has different rules and regulations for carrying and transporting hand luggage on the plane.
  3. The lightness of the material. If the control check takes place by weight, then it must be borne in mind that the bag itself also has weight, sometimes impressive.

The minimum size determined by the Legislation of the Russian Federation

The state body responsible for all air carriers in Russia is the Ministry of Transport. It was he who adopted the new baggage requirements in 2017. The law sets out the minimums that all Russian carriers must follow:

  1. The load is less than 5 kilograms. Liquids in large volumes are prohibited, as well as weapons and a number of other things.
  2. There is a list containing items that can be added to existing baggage and carried free of charge: outerwear, a child seat.
  3. Separately, you can take a package with purchases from the duty-free shop and medicines.

A minimum has been introduced, but all airlines follow it differently. Some increase the allowed baggage, while the latter set more stringent restrictions.

What is the maximum size of hand luggage on an airplane — the norms of standard airlines

Each firm has its own policy, but the classic picture is this: the cheaper the tickets, the stricter the requirements and verification. But if you focus on the average lines, then they offer to take a bag:

  • weighing from 5 to 10 kg;
  • total dimensions no more than 115 cm (55 × 40 × 20 cm).

You can weigh your bag at the check-in desk, if you see an overweight, put the excess in a suitcase that will go to the luggage compartment. In order not to do this at the airport, in advance, when packing things, do not be too lazy to use the scales, otherwise you will have to throw out the excess or pay.

Requirements for hand luggage on Russian airlines

The exact parameters depend on the level of the ticket — economy or premium. For those who fly in business class, usually increased weight.

Permitted dimensions

Company name

Weight, kg

Suitcase size


10 or 15 (depending on the type of flight).



«С7» (S7)

10 or 15, for comfortable seats, a division into two bags is provided



to 10.


«Ural Airlines»

Inexpensive tickets — up to 5; expensive — up to 15.


Gazprom Avia

up to 5.



up to 5.


Royal Flight

up to 5.



to 10.


We have cited only a part of the companies, but a pattern is already visible that everyone adheres to the limits from 5 to 15 kg, while they prefer to focus on the size of one suitcase, while for those who fly comfortably, you can divide your weight into two.

Aircraft hand luggage dimensions

How much should hand luggage weigh on foreign airlines?

The more competition, the more generous firms become. Some compete in how to reduce the price per seat, while the latter offer free transportation of things up to 18 kg.

Dimensions of foreign enterprises

Company name

Weight in kg

Suitcase size

7 or 13

The total dimensions for the sum of three dimensions — 115.

up to 8

56×45×25, for the second luggage — 45×35×20

to 10


up to 7

56×36×23 and 40x30x10

Thai Airways
up to 7


Wizz Air
to 10


10 or 15


8 or 10


Hand luggage on the plane

Accessory sizes

When preparing for a trip, what kind of suitcase you take with you is of great importance. It happens that you carry an excess of 1-2 kg in your hands, but you are not even asked to weigh the bag, because visually it seems very tiny. There are a few tricks for this:

  1. If you have large pockets — use them, they will perfectly accommodate the phone and food on the road.
  2. You should not buy a voluminous accessory if it is still half empty, this will only raise questions.

Men can order genuine leather travel bags from the Brialdi online store. They look very stylish, they are small in size — they just fit into frames, calibrators, but at the same time they have a very ergonomic arrangement of internal pockets. Another benefit is ease of use.

Hand luggage on the plane dimensions and weight

What is considered hand luggage on an airplane — the number of items allowed

It is allowed to carry with you on board something that is useful directly on the trip, as well as what is of high value, documents, money and technical equipment. In your hands you can have a case or briefcase, a suitcase, a backpack, a travel bag and even a package — any accessory that can be used as a container for items.

Usually everything you take adds up. But in some cases, you can take only one seat in the cabin. At the same time, companies should be allowed to additionally take a handbag, equipment, outerwear, packaged purchases from a duty-free shop. Some airlines offer to split the load into two bags.

Allowed weight — how many kg can you take hand luggage on the plane

The minimum 5 kilograms is not the only limitation. Not a single flight attendant will allow you to board with a bulky five-kilogram piece of foam or cotton. There were such scandals when companies inaccurately prescribed the rules and were limited only by the weight of the cargo. If 5-10 kg is not enough for you, use a trick, put heavy items in your pockets, they are not checked when checking in your luggage.

Personal items on board that are carried in excess

Some items can be taken with you and not weighed. Previously, this category included equipment — a personal computer, smartphone, tablet, but now this possibility has been canceled. In the case of a phone, this does not matter, but for a professional photographer’s equipment it is very important. However, you can still grab:

  • • women’s bag (sometimes they are very roomy);
  • • umbrella;
  • • cane or other equipment for the disabled;
  • • outerwear;
  • • a child seat if a child is traveling with you;
  • • carrying if you have taken a ticket for an animal;
  • • bouquet of flowers.

The weight of things from this category is not determined.

Carry-on suitcase dimensions

Features of flights with children under 2 years old

A baby in air transport can be a problem not only for parents, but also for seatmates and flight attendants. Therefore, mothers and fathers can take additional things with them:

  • • cradle or car seat;
  • • folding stroller;
  • • bottles and food for the baby.

All this is not included in the allowable parameters of hand luggage on the plane, but is allowed in excess of them.

Rules for the transport of certain things

A number of items are subject to restrictions, that is, they can only be taken in small quantities or under certain conditions.


A bottle of water in 0.5 liters or 250 ml of shampoo — all this will be confiscated during the inspection. All liquid substances must:

  • • be up to 100 ml;
  • • be in a container that can hold no more than 100 ml;
  • • hermetically sealed and not spilled;
  • • be in a closed transparent bag;
  • • in total, one passenger has no more than 1 liter.

Such rules apply to the packaging of personal care products, perfumes, some decorative cosmetics (foundation).

Why did they stop allowing it even with ordinary drinking water? A lot of time is spent checking all fluids. But drinks can be bought after security at the duty free shop.


This is also a liquid, so the rule is similar. The capacity should be no more than 100 ml. If you want to spend more, there are three possibilities:

  1. Put in luggage compartment. It is allowed to take up to three liters of alcoholic beverages in a suitcase per passenger.
  2. Buy from duty free. There is a very wide range of drinks from all countries. At the checkout, the seller hermetically packs the purchase — you can’t open it until you get off the plane.
  3. Order from the flight attendant — it will be more expensive, but along with alcohol they will bring you a glass, ice, if you wish — a snack.


Any cosmetics, if they are not homemade and you can understand what they are, are allowed to be carried in your purse. The exception is liquids in excess of 100 ml. If the volume of the bottle is smaller, but inside there is liquid soap, perfume, lotion, cream, then you must also pack it in a hermetically sealed transparent bag. Perfumes from Duty free are already in the package.


Coins, cash, credit cards, debit cards, all can be placed in a bag. But if you have more than 10,000 dollars (if you have another currency — euros, rubles, etc. — you need to convert it into an international one using the current exchange rate of the Central Bank), then you need to fill out a declaration for that amount.

The declaration should be issued by passing the «red corridor». In the «green» you can not show and not count your funds, carry them both in your hands and in the luggage compartment.

Carry-on baggage rule on an airplane


Not all airlines offer free meals on board. In general, during the inspection period, food is given the least time. Often you can spend much more than allowed by the rules. However, you should be aware of the requirements:

  • • only solid food;
  • • packages up to 100 ml;
  • • Cheese and biscuits are not allowed.

A separate permit is for mothers with babies, they can carry virtually any product for feeding the baby.

If allergy

When medically necessary, in order to take certain foods with you, you should take a medical certificate confirming the disease and prescribing a diet.


The carrier cage is not included in the dimensions of the carry-on luggage on the plane. It is classified as an item transported in excess.

You must adhere to the following rules:

  1. The weight of a pet must be no more than 5 kg.
  2. All documents must be issued for the animal, all necessary vaccinations must be done;
  3. You should notify your intention of transportation in advance, preferably when booking a seat, as each airline offers to pay extra for this service.
  4. If you have declared your desire to take a pet with you too late, then you may be refused based on the rule on the maximum number of animals on board.

In this case, the carrier must be airtight, it is desirable that the dog has a collar or a muzzle. The proper maximum size is 115 cm in the sum of three dimensions. Taking your pet out of the cage is strictly prohibited.

Conclusion on the choice of bag

Your travel accessory should be practical:

  • • capacious and ergonomic;
  • • outwardly — neat and miniature;
  • • durable to carry up to 10 kg;
  • • stylish.

The best option for men is leather bags from Brialdi.

In the article, we answered the question of how many kilograms are allowed for hand luggage on an airplane, and also gave valuable advice. To end, let’s watch the video:


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