Three handy bags for moms

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A women’s bag is a stylish accessory that will hold your essentials. But my mother’s bag is a storage of food, napkins, toys, diapers, a few sets of clothes just in case. Of course, you can purchase a separate bag for children’s things, which is attached to the stroller. But when the baby gets on his feet and no longer wants to travel in a stroller, mothers want to free their hands from bags and strollers and take the minimum with them.

Basic requirements for mother’s handbags:

  • Spaciousness. I want the bag to be not bulky and roomy at the same time. After all, you need to fit some kind of snack, a bottle of water, clothes, not to mention women’s knick-knacks. During active games and walks, the child can stain clothes, so mothers always take spare clean clothes.

  • Free hands. When we still packed a handbag, I want my hands to be free. And suddenly you need to carry a scooter or take a child in your arms.

  • Ease of maintenance. During operation, the mother’s bag quickly becomes dirty: with food, dust, and other dirt. Therefore, I really want the bag to be easy to clean and at the same time not lose its attractive appearance.

  • Strength. If the bag holds a lot of things, then over time, under the influence of weight, the handles wear out quickly, stretch and can come off. In this case, it is very important to choose a bag made of durable wear-resistant material.

  • Attractive appearance. It’s no secret that mum bags primarily perform a practical function. But mom is also a woman and she so wants to jump into a fashionable dress and put an elegant handbag on her shoulder. The best solution would be a model that combines aesthetics and comfort.

Based on the foregoing, we have identified the three most convenient models of bags for moms:

  1. A convenient option for long walks is a shopper bag, or any other large bag. When you walk with your baby for a long time and took lunch with you, so as not to return home, a capacious bag will help you out. It usually has one large compartment and convenient inside pockets for small things, documents. Very stylish and functional bags-transformers. They have several types of handles and are adjustable in size, transforming from a large bag into a more compact model.

  1. The second option for moms is a backpack with eco-leather. It can be worn as a briefcase for two shoulders, or as a bag — for one. Hands remain free. The backpack is perfect for everyday bows with sneakers. Combined with jeans and T-shirts, tracksuits, shorts, leggings, dresses. Minimalistic models can be combined with classic trouser suits.

  1. Banana bag or fanny pack. It is worn over the shoulder, placed on the chest, waist or side, easily adjustable in length. Hands are completely free. Despite its miniature dimensions, this bag is very practical. It is perfect for sporty style. Models made of eco-leather can be worn on a belt with a colorful dress. A great option for walking in the yard, or when you need to go to the store. Fast and convenient.

In the OSSOM online store, every mother will find a convenient handbag for herself. Reliable and comfortable bags-backpacks, eco-leather banana. In our catalog there are many models of this material. Eco-leather is very durable and wear-resistant, as well as scratch-resistant. Does not lose color for a long time, does not rub off. Any contamination can be easily removed with a damp cloth. What will you choose? A light banana, a roomy shopper or a stylish backpack?


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