top 6 best GRIZZLY school models for girls and boys

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The ranking presents the best backpacks for teenagers from GRIZZLY. We have collected the top youth teenage models for boys and girls with whom you can go to school, university, for a walk, workout, disco and more. They are light, comfortable and practical — we will tell you how we managed to combine all this together. You will learn about the features of each model and be able to make the right choice.

The best backpacks for teenage girls


The main feature of this model is two handles on top instead of one. You get a transformer — a bag-backpack. When you just walk down the street, carry it over your shoulders on the straps. Hands remain free. If you go to a store or public transport, carry it in your hands like a regular bag.

Models with two handles have long been popular in the west. But 5 years ago, when we first launched a similar format into production, we received negative feedback: it was unusual, uncomfortable to wear, the straps dragged along the ground, it was more difficult to get things out of the main compartment.

After receiving feedback, we decided to finalize the design. For a very long time we verified the length of the straps and nevertheless found a compromise — for teenagers of medium and tall height, products from the new series are perfect. And after the fashion for youth KANKEN backpacks came from the West, our models with two handles appear in every collection and are very popular.


GRIZZLY products are always unique in design. After all, we do not buy ready-made fabrics, but we make them to order. In the production of this series of backpacks, our designers have developed about 60 sketches based on the most current trend books. We presented them to the focus group for consideration and voted on the 7 best prints, which we then launched into the series. The most popular among buyers was the “divorces” print (as in the photo above). It combines several trends: holography, camouflage and art trend.

Our technologists have been working on improving the structural elements of this model for more than 5 years. Rest assured, it is comfortable and practical. To keep you in trend, we update the design every season.

Features of the teenage backpack RXL 126-8

  • Dimensions — 27x38x15 cm.
  • Volume — 15 liters.
  • Weight — 430 g.
  • Holds A4.
  • Inner/outer pockets — 2/5.
  • Side pockets — 2.
  • Compartment for gadgets — up to 13″.


A similar model for teenagers has become very popular in the men’s series. We borrowed the design and made the female version a little smaller. The backpack turned out to be light, compact, practical, very convenient and no less popular.

At first glance, it seems that there is nothing special here — many manufacturers have such models. But no. If you look closely, you will see additional pockets. One at the top on the front — quick access. The other from the back is anti-theft. This means that the most necessary accessories are always at your fingertips, and valuables are under reliable protection.

Separately, we note the material. It is thanks to this fabric that our backpacks are so light, but at the same time very reliable. It passes the most difficult tests that are prescribed in the GRIZZLY quality management system.

The catalog contains 9 color solutions — you will definitely find a model that suits your style.


Features of backpack for teenage girls RXL 121-1

  • Dimensions — 27x38x14 cm.
  • Weight — 418 g.
  • Volume — 11 liters.
  • Inner/outer pockets — 2/4.
  • Holds A4.
  • Compartment for gadgets — up to 13″


This women’s teenage backpack is compact and lightweight, showy and cute, comfortable and pleasant to the touch. I do not want to part with him and even let go of his hands.

We set ourselves the task of developing a model for teenagers, with which you can go to a disco, a date, a walk around the city, theater, cinema and more. A large volume is not needed for these purposes, but there are special requirements for the design.

In production, they decided to use a radically new approach. For the first time they made such a small model not for kids, but for teenagers. For the first time, plush was used as the main material. Wings embroidered with sequins on the front. It turned out effectively.

Judging by the sales volume and customer reviews, this teenage backpack turned out to be very successful. It is attractive, lightweight, compact, comfortable, functional and pleasant to the touch.


Features of backpack for teenagers RXL-224-3

  • Dimensions — 20x25x10 cm.
  • Volume — 4.3 liters.
  • Weight — 210 g.
  • Inner/outer pockets — 1/1.

The best backpacks for teen boys


Simple and at the same time functional model for teenagers. Suitable for school and institute, walking and traveling, sports and leisure. We tried to make an extremely minimalistic form, but left the classic constructive. There are pockets for gadgets and accessories. And thanks to the reinforced back, the load on the spine is reduced — less back gets tired.

Particular attention was paid to design. The main feature is rolling with reflective paint. We wanted the drawing to glow in the dark, but the phosphorus gives the colors an unpleasant green tint. This option did not suit us. We tried many dyes and achieved the desired result. In daylight, the drawing remains exactly white and accumulates energy, but in the dark it gives it away well — it glows brightly.


Features of the teenage backpack RQL 219-4

  • Dimensions — 27x43x15 cm.
  • Volume — 15 liters.
  • Weight — 413 g.
  • Holds A4.
  • Inner/outer pockets — 2/2.
  • Side pockets — 2.
  • Compartment for gadgets — up to 15″.


Youth backpack of a classic form, which has become a cult and is represented by many top brands. The model is light, practical and roomy. And to make it more convenient and functional, we have finalized the design:

  • Added a hidden anti-theft pocket on the back. You put valuables inside, and they are under reliable protection.
  • Made side pockets for a water bottle. You can go on long excursions, walks around the city, ride a bike for hours. If you want to drink at the same time, water is always at hand.
  • External locks were closed with a drawstring, which protects things from water entering through the zipper. When it rains, the contents of the backpack stay dry.

Much attention was paid to the drawstring on the lock of the main compartment. On the one hand, it protects things from moisture. But on the other hand, such an element always makes access difficult and can get stuck in lightning. It is impossible to avoid such problems. They will always be. But we tried to refine the drawstring to make it as comfortable as possible.

Designers have made this model brighter, more fashionable and unusual — they have added a pencil case-purse and a loop-loop on the carabiner. Be sure your style is on trend.


Features of the RQL 117-2 backpack for teenage boys

  • Dimensions — 30x44x15 cm.
  • Volume — 17.5 liters.
  • Weight — 560 g.
  • Holds A4.
  • Inner/outer pockets — 2/3.
  • Side pockets — 2.
  • Compartment for gadgets — up to 15″.


This backpack for teenagers has everything you need. There is nothing superfluous. It is comfortable, roomy and practical — suitable for schoolchildren and students, athletes and travel enthusiasts.

We have been producing models of this format for many years and are experimenting all the time: either we remove the front pocket, then we add another compartment, or we make side pockets with a zipper. After all these experiments came to the current execution. For the second year we have not changed the design and we receive a lot of positive feedback from customers.

Perhaps the only major improvement is the additional water-repellent impregnation of the fabric. Now you can even more confidently walk down the street in bad weather.

Features backpack for teenagers RQL 118-3

  • Dimensions — 28x41x18 cm.
  • Volume — 16 liters.
  • Weight — 486 g.
  • Holds A4.
  • Inner/outer pockets — 2/6.
  • Side pockets — 2.
  • Compartment for gadgets — up to 15″.

The rating includes the most popular GRIZZLY teenage backpacks for boys and girls. Now you know how, besides the appearance, they differ from each other and from models of other brands. We are sure you can make the right choice.

Sincerely, the GRIZZLY team.