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  1. Summer symbols
  2. Massive heels and platforms
  3. Summer boots — fashionable shoes for the most daring
  4. Silver and gilding
  5. transparent shoes
  6. Women’s shoes without a heel for the summer

Winter has just come into its own, but many are interested in the fashion trends of next summer right now. And rightly so, because time will fly by unnoticed. And you can spend long winter evenings pleasantly, planning an early update of your wardrobe. When it comes to shoes, the latest fashion collections provide plenty of room to choose from to suit every taste.

Summer symbols

The floral theme has been updated in the new models of women’s shoes for one hundred percent. Prints, embroidery, clasps and bows in the form of flowers adorn shoes and sandals. It looks elegant and feminine, and taking into account the fact that these are light summer shoes, it is also harmonious.

Sports and youth shoes with floral prints will also be popular. A good opportunity to brighten any image, wherever you are — on a walk, study or training.

Massive heels and platforms

By themselves, such models do not always look sophisticated, but magically make the leg slimmer and sleeker. The trend is platform shoes, high heels, wedges. A combination of a massive platform and a very high heel is popular.

There are also many models with wide square and rectangular heels. These are both closed shoes and shoes with an open toe or heel. Many of them will be a great option for every day due to the comfort and stability of the heel.

Summer boots — fashionable shoes for the most daring

An extravagant solution that invariably attracts the eyes of others — women’s summer boots. Low and over the knee boots, closed and open toe, bright and skin tones. Couturiers offer elegant lace and perforated models, as well as boots made entirely of straps — an enchanting mix of sandals and boots.

By the way, about the straps: many other models were presented on the catwalks in the same design. An actual combination, for example, can be called a flat sole, a small stable heel and a strap upper. They also go well with the platform and the sole without a heel. In many boots, ankle boots, sandals, you can see a combined top made of straps with lacing.

Silver and gilding

It will be possible to shine in the literal and figurative sense, fashion designers have thought of everything in this sense. Silver and gold glitter is used both as a partial decoration and as a complete design idea. It is believed that shiny pumps and other fashionable shoes in a similar design will be this summer not only a detail of an evening look.

transparent shoes

Another trend of the summer season 2018 is shoes with transparent inserts. She attracted our attention last summer, and the next one will not do without her. Here, the imagination of fashion designers also has no limits: for example, a transparent heel creates an interesting illusion that you are not walking, but soaring, rising above the ground. Notice what a romantic and feminine look this effect creates.

Shoes with transparent side inserts, a strap or a heel are also popular. Therefore, if you like non-standard solutions, pay attention to these shoes — it opens the leg as much as possible, while being closed.

Women’s shoes without a heel for the summer

Comfortable ballet shoes, light pumps, moccasins, mules — all this is still relevant. Lace, weaving, and the floral decor already mentioned above make these shoes especially cute and elegant.

The pointed toe is still often paired with both heels and flats. For example, leather ballet flats, black or colored, are a comfortable and at the same time spectacular everyday option.




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