Urban style in clothes: for people in love with life

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The high pace of life and vigorous activity of modern people leave little time to resolve issues related to appearance. Hence the need arose to create stylish images of universal purpose, that is, equally suitable for work and everyday life. Urban style in clothes (or urban style) is an unusual mix of casual and classic fashion trends. This is ideal for people who are seriously involved in business, social work or have a permanent hobby.

Characteristic features of urban style (photo)

The construction of fashionable sets is based on the principles of freedom and looseness that exist within the framework of casual elegance. The basis of the fashionable style is made up of things of classic styles and colors, adjusted in favor of practicality and comfort. Urban clothing does not preclude the introduction of fashion trends. As a result, bright and elegant bows are born.

Urban clothing for women and men gives them a great opportunity to express themselves by demonstrating their own individuality and uniqueness. Each person has the right to wear only those things in which he feels comfortable and cozy. At the same time, the level of income and the presence of branded products are absolutely not important.

The fashionable wardrobe of a modern resident of the metropolis is characterized by the versatility of images that bear the imprint of the personality of its owner. Each thing must be chosen, in accordance with its character and taste preferences.

Another important feature of the style is layering. This allows you to create complex, diverse and unusual kits.

Typical styles of urban clothing

The urban style sets borrowed from the classics the conciseness of the silhouette and the monotony of things. The basis of the urban style of men’s clothing is a variety of trousers: straight, with arrows, slightly narrowed, flared models, banana styles are not uncommon. The choice of outerwear is not limited to the minimum set of classic products. In addition to traditional coats, trench coats and raincoats, men wear sheepskin coats, down jackets, leather jackets.

For girls, sheath dresses, trousers, skirts, jackets are offered not only in classic forms, but also in more democratic designs. Blouses, tops, decor elements are distinguished by a variety of styles borrowed from other stylistic trends: romantic, Provence, ethnic, natural. Knitted and crocheted items such as cardigans, blouses, sweaters are actively involved in the creation of fashionable sets.

Urban style rejects the excessive severity of business suits. But in the wardrobe there are a lot of denim clothes. With denim, you can create a lot of interesting informal bows. It should be remembered that in the kit there should be only one item made of denim.

Urban fabrics and colors

Unlike the classics, urban style practically does not use black clothes. Preference is given to cold colors, for example, gray and all its shades. The urban style is based on neutral achromatic colors, typical for the environment of technogenic agglomerations: blue, brown, beige. Their advantage lies in versatility and relevance in any setting.

A contrasting combination of colors is provided by bright and rich colors — red, green, lemon, snow-white. They give the sets more expressiveness and energy. As a rule, they are used when sewing blouses, tops, scarves. In a single bow, the use of one thing of a saturated tone is allowed. This rule applies only to wardrobe items and does not affect accessories.

As far as prints on fabrics are concerned, the urban style sticks to the traditional classic set of prints. Usually it is a cage, a strip, a chicken foot, simple geometric shapes. Floral arrangements and fantasy patterns do not harmonize well with the basic concepts of comfort and moderation, so they are extremely rare and in small volumes in urban style clothes.

Urban style is absolutely undemanding in the choice of fabrics for fashion sets. He uses natural and synthetic materials to the same extent, in some cases successfully combining them in a single bow. The urban style, like the classics, does not recognize fabrics with an active texture — fur, boucle. Their voluminous elements and pronounced decorativeness contradict the concept of urban clothing.

Urban style accessory group

The main set of urban elements almost completely repeats the casual style. Forming fashionable sets, jewelry, scarves, neckerchiefs, hats, belts, and glasses are widely used. All of these pieces add a relaxed, soft elegance to the look. It is important that accessories reflect the latest fashion trends.

As for jewelry, the choice should be guided by a sense of proportion. Multiple jewelry becomes a confirmation of bad taste. It is better to give preference to one or two gizmos of medium size. An original bracelet, a designer watch, a spectacular ring, a stylish pendant — this is quite enough to confirm the status of the owner.

On the street, it is extremely rare to meet townspeople who do not have a bag. Sets of urban clothes necessarily include a variety of backpacks, bags, voluminous and classic models.

As for shoes, comfortable models are preferred for women. It can be soft ballet flats or shoes, boots with a low stable heel. For men, oxfords, brogues, monks and other models of classic shoes are suitable. Sneakers and sneakers, although they are comfortable and practical, are more suitable for out-of-town walks or household events.

Urban style provides great scope for the implementation of creative ideas. Men should not be afraid to pair straight leg jeans with a tight t-shirt and tailored blazer. Women look great in a knitted skirt, a classic Coco Chanel jacket and neat pumps. In order not to look too bland, feel free to complement the stylish set with bright details and contrasting accessories.


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