we tell you what the right satchel should be

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School is coming soon and you want to choose a backpack for a first grader. There are many models on sale, but how to choose them correctly by weight, size and other characteristics is not clear. What kind of backpack should be for children of the 1st grade, GRIZZLY experts tell.

What to choose: satchel, briefcase or backpack

About the advantages, disadvantages and features of each product, we described in detail in a separate article. We will not repeat ourselves and immediately answer — during the first grade, the child must go to school with a rigid frame satchel. This design has its advantages and disadvantages.


  • Rigid frame helps children keep their back straight at all times. More evenly distributed weight. The load on the lower back, shoulders and spine is reduced.

  • Geometry fixed — the corners of notebooks and books do not wrinkle while walking or running. In addition, you can safely put a lunchbox or children’s juice inside without fear that they will hesitate and spoil all the contents.


  • More weight due to the use of a heavy frame and additional orthopedic elements.

  • Higher cost because of the higher material consumption.

If we look at different stores, we will see that the same products can be called differently. A knapsack can be called a backpack or briefcase. Often manufacturers and sellers use these names on an equal footing (including us). Therefore, first of all, pay attention not to the name, but to the design. Below we will show the top of our products and you will clearly see everything.

How to choose the right backpack for a first grader

Let’s briefly talk about the design features that you should pay attention to.

The size

This is the most important parameter, without which all other characteristics do not matter. An orthopedic backrest is useless if it bulges and does not adhere to the back. A chest strap will not save if the straps are set wide apart — they will still slide off the shoulders. Always take your child with you to the store. Immediately measure and adjust the satchel for a first grader.

Recommended backpack dimensions in centimeters:

  • height — 30-36 cm
  • width — 22-26 cm
  • depth — 6-10 cm

These figures should only be guided. It is always necessary to select for the student. See that the straps are adjustable and fit snugly, the back fits snugly against the child’s back, and the bottom does not fall below the waist.

The weight

The maximum weight of an empty backpack is limited by the standard — 1 kg. But filled, it should weigh no more than 10% of the weight of the child.


The back, sides and bottom must be rigid. Thanks to this, the fragile children’s spine always remains straight — prevention of scoliosis.

Orthopedic pillows on the backpack are optional — they can be optional. If there is, good. If not, a rigid frame is sufficient.


The most comfortable are the wide anatomically shaped shoulder straps. They do not put pressure on the shoulders of the child and practically do not slip while walking. So that during the run the satchel does not slip and stay in place, there must be an additional chest strap.

Internal filling

Inside the space should be divided into at least two compartments. Firstly, while walking and especially running, books and notebooks will not dangle from side to side. Secondly, you can fold books closer to your back, and put accessories in the next compartment. This shifts the center of gravity of the backpack closer to the back and reduces the burden.

Choose additional pockets and organizers at your discretion. They will be useful if the child is used to putting everything in its place. Otherwise, additional options will only interfere.


Models for the first class must have reflective elements on all sides. They make children visible in the dark and protect them from getting into an accident.

Top backpacks for first graders GRIZZLY

School bag RAf-192-8

The molded satchel for the girl is suitable for elementary school children, including first-graders. There is a rigid frame, anatomical straps and a back. To prevent the straps from falling off the shoulders, a chest strap is provided. The child’s posture is protected.

The weight of this model is 945 g. The total volume is 13 liters. The interior space is divided into 2 compartments. There are many pockets. All the necessary accessories are placed inside, and they are convenient to store.

The design causes a WOW effect in others. The stars are painted with glow-in-the-dark paint. Some stars are LEDs. Girls will love this one for sure.

School bag RAf-193-4

The stylish design of the school backpack will not leave boys indifferent. Rigid molded construction will not deform under load. On the back there are anatomical pillows with support for the spine and emphasis on the lower back. Straps with a chest strap are securely held on the shoulders and do not slip. Children are comfortable and the back stays healthy.

The total volume is 13 liters, and the weight is 931 g. Inside, the space is divided into two compartments. Books you stack closer to the back, separate from other accessories. This reduces the load on the boy’s back. In addition, there are a lot of pockets — everything lies in its place. GRIZZLY branded cardholder included.

School bag RAl-194-3

Like the previous model, this backpack is rigid and fully unfolds. The ergonomic backrest protects the back of the first-grader from the development of scoliosis.

Anatomical straps have a chest strap and a wide range of adjustments. You adjust them to ensure a full fit to your back. The load on the spine is comfortably and evenly distributed for the child.

Delicate design is liked by girls. The penguin is made in the form of a plush appliqué. Stars are reflective elements that shine in the dark. The surface is treated with water and dirt-repellent impregnation — it almost does not get dirty, and it is easy to clean it.

School bag RAl-195-5

The frame of RAl school backpacks is hard. When the locks are completely unfastened, it unfolds — you can remove the crumbs from the inside and clean the material if the child has stained it.

The back is ergonomic, with support for the spine and lower back. The material of orthopedic pillows and straps is perforated — your student is comfortable even in the heat — the back does not sweat. Posture under reliable protection.

The design is made in the form of a full-color print on a football theme. The boys will definitely love it. Although there are many other bright trendy colors in this series.

We have given only a few examples of frame backpacks for first graders with an anatomical back. See other models for school in the catalog. In their production, all the requirements that we described above were taken into account. You just have to choose the right design and size.

Sincerely, the GRIZZLY team.