Welcome spring and summer in your favorite sneakers! 📃 A large selection of photos. fashion tips

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  1. More sneakers, good and different
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Finally, spring is the time of warmth, sun and beautiful outfits. And most importantly — light and comfortable shoes. Did you think of her at the first mention of the spring season? Then read our new review of fashionable sneakers. After all, now is the time to get your favorite sneakers — or buy a brand new pair.

More sneakers, good and different

Fans of comfortable sports shoes are well aware that there are never too many of them. It is more difficult to stop and not buy more than you have time to wear. However, active and modern girls have nothing to be afraid of — there is a use for your favorite fashionable sneakers. Nowadays, sneakers are legalized as ordinary casual shoes, the main thing is to learn how to correctly combine them with other things.

If you play sports, a separate pair of running shoes should be for training. Modern manufacturers produce separate lines for certain sports. And it really makes sense to choose shoes in accordance with its intended purpose. So you will make your sports activities both comfortable and safe. It is also worth considering that the style of sports and everyday models still differ.

What’s in fashion

Fashionable shoe brands keep up with the times and offer us more and more new variations of women’s sneakers. Sports style and casual, discreet classics and a riot of colors, glamor and street style — the choice is impressive. In a pair of shoes, as in any element of the wardrobe, you can fully express your image, taste, mood.

Flashy colors are not relevant for everyday wear. Of course, pink or red trendy sneakers can always be beaten in your image, but it is better to choose calm tones. The trend is deep blue, black, beige, pale pink. And, of course, a classic that never seems to go out of style — white sneakers.

Fashionable white sneakers are, perhaps, in the new collections of every well-known shoe brand. This is a must-have for lovers of sports style, and they are unlikely to ever give it up. White sneakers are so easy to combine with any outfit, they are refreshing and make any look memorable. No need to invent anything and carefully select, an excellent result is achieved at the cost of minimal effort.

Floral print is a great opportunity to add a little cute mischief to everyday life. It is not the first season that fashion designers recommend us sneakers with a delicate and feminine pattern, bright and pastel colors. The style can vary from youthful to calm and sophisticated, the choice is yours.

For spring and summer, you can choose both fabric and leather fashionable sneakers. In both cases, suede inserts will be a stylish detail — this is the design that is present in many new collections. Suede in combination with leather or textiles looks good on both sports and urban models.

Glamorous trendy sneakers with gold and silver trim are also on trend. It can be a solid color shoe with glitter fragments, or a completely metallic or gold upper. Use as an accent in combination with an accessory or something from clothing — you get a full shine. The main thing is not to add any more details that claim to be the primacy.

Sneakers and sneakers with heels are the solution for those who cannot choose between two styles. Or just loves everything unusual and memorable. Sports shoes with heels are a sure way to be noticed even in the crowd. Someone wears sneakers just to take a break from stilettos. Others, on the contrary, combine the best qualities of favorite shoes of different types. The current fashion makes it possible to implement any preferences.

Slightly less extravagant, but still fashionable platform sneakers look stylish and unusual. They do not cease to be relevant, which is quite understandable — they naturally and harmoniously combine the features of a sporty style and elegant women’s shoes. The result is a non-committal wardrobe detail that fits perfectly with most bows.

A raised heel in sports models is a characteristic feature of almost all women’s collections. As a rule, walking or exercising in such shoes is comfortable for both those who love heels and those who do not wear them at all. This detail is not too remarkable, but it adds a touch of sophistication even to sports shoes.

And one more good news: no matter what trendy sneakers you choose, there are plenty of options with which to combine them. You can wear jeans, dresses, shorts, and even coats if the weather calls for it. After all, sneakers are shoes for the free and young at heart, which means there is no place for restrictions. At the very least, the majority of opinions today are that the choice of clothing for your favorite trendy sneakers is a matter of taste.




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