what are the names of male, female and youth models

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Belt bag is a fashion accessory. Over time, its name and appearance changed. To keep you abreast of fashion trends, let’s look at how waist bags looked and were correctly called at different times. We will understand the differences between men’s and women’s accessories. We will show modern youth models that are in trend now.

What was the name of the bags that were worn on the belt


This was the name of the money bag, which in the XIV century was worn on the belt by men and women. Later, men began to use trouser pockets for money. Omonier became an exclusively female accessory and testified to the prosperity of the lady.

Omoniers can still be found today. They are woven, knitted or leather pouches worn on the belt. Unlike many modern products, they are closed with a cord threaded through eyelets, eyelets or slots.


The belt bag received this name already in the 20th century. In the 90s, it became practically an element of the uniform for merchants, currency traders and shuttle traders. In addition, the handbag was used by fishermen and hunters. There are several versions of why the accessory was called the kidney.

Some people are inclined to believe that the name comes from the way the handbag is used. In the market, it was always worn on a belt slightly to one side, just at the level of the kidney.

According to another version, the waist bag of merchants was always full of money. Its value is comparable to the cost of an internal organ.

Bananka (Sac banane)

This name has become the most common. Belt bags of all kinds can often be called a banana. The accessory also appeared in the 90s. It was shaped like a banana. To justify the name, even the color was often made bright yellow.

Accessories have become popular with cyclists and skateboarders. They are securely fixed on the body, and the hands remain free.

What are modern belt bags called?

The name «bananka» has become so accustomed to this type of handbag that today any model can be called that. In addition, there are new accessories in their appearance.


It is a voluminous men’s rectangular bag with several compartments and pockets, which is worn on the belt. Such a model can be called a belt borset. Initially, they began to be produced on a long belt and worn over the shoulder.

The female conductor bag became the prototype of the messenger. At first, it was sewn as an organizer for conductors in public transport. Then it was finalized and turned into a women’s accessory, which later became a men’s shoulder bag, and a little later a waist bag.



This is a model of a women’s handbag, which is worn on the belt. As a rule, she has one volumetric compartment. The shape is saddle-shaped, but more often just semicircular. There are similar accessories that are worn on the shoulder or over the shoulder. There are universal models with an extended adjustable strap.


Youth belt bags

The envelope

Usually these are small handbags in the form of a postal envelope. They can be worn on the shoulder strap or on the waist belt. Such models usually serve as a stylish accessory. Functionally, they can be used for a mobile phone, money or other small things.



The prototype was a military pouch for documents. There are models that still have a utilitarian purpose. But more often, these belt bags become a stylish women’s accessory. Inside you can wear something small: a phone, money, a minimal set of cosmetics.


Coin wallet

Sometimes these handbags are released as a separate accessory. It can be worn on a waist belt or the strap of another handbag. But more often, the coin box serves as an addition to the main bag, which is worn on the shoulder or belt.

Coin Purse.jpg

What is the difference between men’s and women’s waist bags

Manufacturers, as a rule, do not sew models for men and women separately. The vast majority of accessories can be classified as unisex.

Among women, bright, sophisticated models with one compartment and decoration with decorative elements are more popular.

Men prefer to wear classic-cut bags in soothing colors on their belts. Their purpose is often not decorative, but utilitarian.


Now you know what belt bags are and what they are called correctly. Buy the right accessories and wear them with pleasure.