What bags will we wear in the summer of 2022? Read more

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Personal style consultant Yana Sobyanina in the material for the online magazine «Shipyards» talks about the main trends in the world of bags for the upcoming season.

Let’s start with the most pleasant and long-awaited — we will prepare for the holiday season and decide what we will go to the beach with or walk along the promenade this season.

Woven bags don’t seem to be going away from fashionistas’ wardrobes. If you still have a string bag or a denser bag woven using the macrame technique, their star time will come in the summer. By the way, the holiday effect can also be created in an urban look by complementing a classic trouser suit with an alcoholic T-shirt and clogs with a wicker bag or string bag — try it!

Bags in the crochet technique should also not be left unattended. If only because they look cute and a little naive, and they will definitely cause pleasant nostalgic emotions. It looks like your grandmother knitted it for you.

By the way, they gained wide popularity last season. Therefore, the crumble trend can be considered already established. In general, you can definitely not be afraid to experiment with them.

What bags will we wear in the summer of 2022?

Hobo is one of the most common patterns of the season. It belongs to the current base, which means it will serve you for more than one season. Look at this form in different sizes — a small one on a short strap will fit into any look and make it a little girlish, and a large one will successfully replace your old shopper with something more unusual.

What bags will we wear in the summer of 2022?

A keg or bucket, no doubt, can be the only bag in your summer wardrobe. This is really a great option for a capsule wardrobe or, for example, a trip with a minimum set of things. It looks appropriate both in the daytime and in the evening.

What bags will we wear in the summer of 2022?

Elongated bags and baguettes should also not be ignored. Classic baguettes returned to us along with the Sex and the City spinoff, but some designers rethought them a bit, and we got fresh versions of already familiar or even iconic models.

What bags will we wear in the summer of 2022?

For minimalists and adherents of classical forms, there is also an option. Messenger bags and laconic totes also took a prominent place on the world catwalks this season. It is worth paying attention to them, if only because for strict and monochrome images such bags will be an excellent solution. They skillfully both complement the image, and, on the contrary, set the tone for your entire appearance.

For lovers of color, I also have great news — bright bags of any classic model will be in fashion. There are options in almost all brands from luxury to mass market. I think this is the best way to cheer up and add a color accent to even the most restrained and monochromatic look.

What bags will we wear in the summer of 2022?
What bags will we wear in the summer of 2022?

And a bonus bag in the shape of a heart is the most fleeting trend, and at the same time the most popular now among world bloggers. Luxury brands decided to let us feel the «likes», but this purchase will be more emotional than rational. But, if you want to afford this prank, you can only envy.


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