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Airlines are increasingly giving discounts on tickets if you fly without luggage. Traveling light is becoming fashionable and profitable. You buy a backpack with the confidence that you can take it with you in hand luggage. But it may happen that you are asked to check it in your luggage. In order to prevent such situations, we will deal with the rules of transportation.

What kind of backpack can I take with me on the plane

In order for you to be allowed on board the aircraft with a backpack, it must fit into the norms in terms of dimensions and weight. Check out the carry-on baggage requirements of popular airlines.


36×30×27 cm

Without Borders


55×40×25 cm

10 kg

S7 Airlines

55×40×23 cm

10 kg

«Rossiya Airlines»

the sum of three measurements is not more than 80 cm

5 kg


40×30×20 cm

5 kg


55×40×20 cm

5 kg


55×40×23 cm

8 kg

Air France

55×35×25 cm

12 kg

The requirements of the same company may differ for business and economy class tickets. It is better to check the current information directly with the carrier before departure.

What to do if the size of the backpack exceeds the hand luggage allowance

Baggage at the airport is measured not with a ruler, but with a calibrator. A calibrator is a metal box in which you need to put your things when checking.

If you know in advance that the backpack is a little more than normal, do not stuff it to capacity with things. To slightly reduce the volume, tighten the lacing (if provided). This can only be done when there is no rigid frame in the backpack. Therefore, when choosing, it is better to give preference to frameless models.

No one is interested in fine you, take things away and put them in luggage. The maximum dimensions of hand luggage correspond to the size of the space under the seat in the aircraft. If the accessories do not fit there, they will interfere with both you and others. This is not allowed on an airplane.

Is it possible to take a backpack along with other hand luggage?

Sometimes questions arise with what exactly is considered hand luggage. To avoid contradictions, let’s get acquainted with the federal aviation rules. Features of carrying luggage on the plane are prescribed in paragraph 135 of the order of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation 409 dated 05.10.2017. In addition to the norm established by the carrier, you can carry on the plane free of charge:

  • A backpack filled with things or a handbag, or a briefcase. Their dimensions and weight must not exceed the requirements established by the air carrier.
  • Outerwear.
  • Food for the child during the flight.
  • Bouquet of flowers.
  • A pram or other device for carrying a child. They must comply with the requirements of the carrier and not interfere with other passengers in the cabin.
  • Suit in a suitcase.
  • Medications that you may need during the flight.
  • Goods from duty free.
  • Cane, crutches, wheelchair or walker. Provided that they can be safely placed in the aircraft cabin.

In accordance with the rules, you can take a lot of things with you in hand luggage, and with them a backpack.

Most often, after the flight, you find yourself in a different climatic region. This means that you must take outerwear with you. If you put it in a backpack or bag, you will have little space for other accessories. Therefore, it is better to put on outerwear or take it with you in a separate bag. In an airplane, there is an upper shelf above the seat for these things. Keep your backpack and bag for other supplies. Thanks to this, you can take a lot more things with you in hand luggage.

Think about what you want to take on the plane with you. This will allow you to correctly complete the accessories in your hand luggage and not overpay for baggage.

Sincerely, the GRIZZLY team.