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  1. Sneakers for running, sports, fitness
  2. Urban sneakers
  3. Bright, colored and white sneakers for summer
  4. Seductive sneakers
  5. Winter sneakers — warm and comfortable
  6. High top sneakers
  7. Platform sneakers

It was once believed that sneakers are the favorite footwear of youth. Now we can say with confidence that they are in favor with people of all ages. Women’s sneakers and sneakers are a separate issue. Modern fashion laws are such that your favorite sneakers or converse fit into any look. Not necessarily sporty. Although playing sports, of course, is a great reason for this.

Sneakers for running, sports, fitness

The decision to run in the morning or go to the gym is, of course, good. But first you have to get all the things you need for this. And when it comes to sports shoes, there are many nuances. For example, running shoes for tennis are not suitable. And if you are engaged, for example, in basketball, you need high ones — as in the photo. They fix the ankle well, which protects the legs from injury during the jump.

For running, light models are usually recommended, which have a fairly flexible toe. The heel, on the other hand, is quite stiff. Much depends on where you are going to work. Shoes for running on asphalt will not be very comfortable, say, in a park or in a forest.

Travel sneakers are a separate category. These are a kind of «all-terrain vehicles», which are not afraid of any natural and weather troubles. They don’t get wet, clean well and ideally have thick soles with good tread.

Urban sneakers

Any girl must have at least one such pair. Depending on the season, they can be leather, suede, fabric. These shoes go well with any casual outfit. Jeans, cardigans, shirts and jackets, jackets go well with her. So you can dress for a walk, for work, for university, for a date. It all depends on how harmonious your overall appearance is.

Leather and suede sneakers for the city are especially relevant in autumn, spring, on cool summer days. These models have a much thinner sole than their sports counterparts. And in general, the sporty style in them is not too evident. It is not always possible to say with certainty — are these sneakers or boots? And therefore, with a light heart, we put them on both in the office and for a walk with the dog.

Such shoes, comfortable and stylish, beat all records in popularity. No wonder it occupies a separate category in any modern online store.

Bright, colored and white sneakers for summer

Summer fashion is special, do you agree with that? Perhaps because it is in the summer that we spend more time outdoors, walking and, accordingly, dressing up. Team white shorts with bright floral sneakers for an off-duty ensemble. Bright sneakers will create an unforgettable ensemble with a summer dress. In a word, we fantasize and enjoy the result.

And, of course, white sneakers have been incredibly popular this summer. Blue jeans, blue skirts and sundresses look especially good with them. And in general, on the Internet you will see a lot of photos with examples of interesting bows.

Seductive sneakers

Seductive — not because they are delicious, but because they are in fashion. However, any modern girl will understand what is at stake. Sneakers are often called any sneakers in general. Although, in fact, this is the name of a certain model. Sneakers on a high platform — white, black, colored, with and without decor. A wedge or platform makes these shoes very feminine. However, they do not go well with every outfit. First of all, we are talking about bright or stylized models for sports shoes. But almost all models look great with skinny jeans.

Sneakers are stricter, not too bright colors and without decor, can be combined with more formal clothes. There are even models without laces, with a zipper. We can say that these are “distant relatives” of sneakers.

Winter sneakers — warm and comfortable

Sneakers for any season! An excellent solution, considering how many people prefer this particular shoe both in summer and in winter. True, if we take into account the climatic features of Russia, then it’s still impossible to get by with the same pair. Everyone who cares about their health prefers to keep their feet warm. And, of course, this applies to girls in the first place.

Fashionable winter sneakers appear on sale more and more often. Their main features: waterproof material, warm lining, massive embossed sole. Leather or suede sneakers and sneakers will be a suitable replacement for winter boots, ankle boots, and boots. Especially if you often wear jeans, drive a car or just lead an active lifestyle.

High top sneakers

Another type of footwear that has not lost popularity for many seasons in a row. Sneakers are loved by fashionistas and fashionistas no less than sneakers. High models find especially many admirers among young people. True, if you attach great importance to how you look, these shoes may not suit you. Best of all, these sneakers look on tall girls.

The secret is simple: the model visually «shortens» the legs. Therefore, do not be upset if the sneakers do not look as good on you as on the girl from the photo from the Internet. Just pick a different model, to each his own.

Platform sneakers

But sneakers on a platform or wedge, on the contrary, will make the owner visually slimmer. A bold choice — models with heels. The originality of high-top sneakers is complemented by unusual colors, bright prints, and decorative elements. If a woman has taste, then why be afraid of such incredible combinations? They will make your appearance simply unforgettable.

A more relaxed casual look will turn out if you have classic sneakers, the main feature of which is a small platform. Although even this looks unusual. Therefore, such shoes are a good way to diversify a dull everyday ensemble. Worth a try!




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