what is better to choose and how to distinguish materials

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According to some criteria, genuine leather does not suit you, and you start looking for substitutes. On the labels and in the descriptions of online stores indicate: leatherette, artificial or vegan leather. It seems that they are all the same. But no. Consider the difference between eco-leather and leatherette, what is better and how to distinguish these materials from each other.

What is eco-leather

Eco-leather is a two-layer artificial material that imitates natural leather. The basis is usually cotton or microfiber. The non-woven texture of the surface imitates the core. The decorative layer is a polyurethane coating.

The combination of polyurethane with microfiber gives products elasticity, wear resistance, breathability./p>

What is leatherette

Leather substitute (dermantin) is an artificial material with a woven base and a PVC coating. A rough base with a thin layer of polymer makes the surface more rigid, brittle, water and steam impermeable. But the price of the product is much cheaper.

Which is better: eco-leather or artificial leather

Performance properties depend on the composition and quality of production of each specific material. Expensive leatherette is comparable in quality to budget eco-leather.

Special additives and additional coatings significantly improve the quality of eco-leather. She becomes:

  • Wear resistant. Withstands not only ordinary abrasion, but also the impact of metal elements. This is true, for example, for the upholstery of a sofa, on which jeans with steel rivets sit.
  • Scratch resistant. A useful option for those who have pets.
  • Frost-resistant. At low temperatures, you can use a handbag and other accessories without fear of leaving creases at the folds.

You can easily find a material that is suitable for the conditions of use and will last a long time. Manufacturers indicate the characteristics in the certificates.

Artificial leather with PVC coating came to us from the previous generation — it is obsolete. It is rarely modified, as it is not economically justified. However, the low price covers all possible disadvantages.

Eco-leather products last much longer. Clothing with shoes turns out to be «breathable» — it is comfortable to wear, the body sweats less. Furniture upholstery is resistant to abrasion. Bags and accessories are outwardly difficult to distinguish from natural products, but they are much cheaper.

From leatherette make budget products with a short service life. And it is also used as a companion material. The wearable part of the product is made of eco-leather, and the rest is sewn up with artificial leather of the same color and texture. Reduce the price without sacrificing quality.

At OrsOro&GRIZZLY, we use only high quality eco-leather for the production of bags and backpacks. We test it for durability and strength. Products serve for a long time, look attractive, and are inexpensive.

How to distinguish eco-leather from leatherette

Sometimes even sellers confuse materials with each other. And some deliberately mislead buyers in order to sell their product at a higher price. Here are some simple ways to determine what exactly is in front of you.

Look at the back of the material. On the eco-leather you will see a non-woven texture. In artificial leather, on the reverse side, a “cell” of fabric is usually visible, which serves as the basis.

Spray the surface with water. Drops will remain on the leatherette. Moisture will be absorbed into eco-leather in a couple of minutes. This test method will not work if the surface is treated with a water-repellent impregnation.

Materials interact differently with oil. Artificial leather from vegetable oil coarsens within a day after application. Eco-leather remains soft and supple.

Now you know the main differences between faux leather and eco-leather. You can choose the right material and not overpay.