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It is known that fashion is a fickle lady. However, if anyone knows how to find a common language with her, it is women. We are not upset because of changes in fashion trends, because it is so interesting! Especially when it comes to shoes. Agree, often not clothes and accessories, but well-chosen shoes create the desired effect. So what is in fashion right now, this year?

current models

Heel lovers can rejoice: they are still popular. Of course, we all love comfortable shoes. And yet graceful, elegant shoes, boots and other shoes with heels will never go out of style. Plus, they can be comfortable too. Take a look at these models for example. The heel in the form of a rectangle, square and even a trapezoid makes the shoe stable.

Pumps with stilettos, platform, low heels look unusually feminine and gentle. With what to wear them — the question does not arise. If you want to create a romantic light look, wear it with skirts and airy dresses. Many models will fit well into a casual look, in the company of a dress, trousers or jeans.

Models in which the sides or top are open are in trend. They can look like a mix of shoes and sandals. For example, the heel is closed, but the toe and sides are open. Or the sock is open, and the open part of the top is connected by lacing. The original solution is complemented by a tractor sole.

Trendy colors

Fashion trendsetters recommend classics that have been proven over the years. Black, milky, white, red are especially popular. Shades — saturated, thick, noble.

Two-tone models of shoes are no less interesting. The effect is based on contrast — black and white, beige and white, black and blue, etc.

Platform shoes

Platform shoes are loved by many. It’s clear why: it’s an ingenious way to make the shoe comfortable and the foot in it graceful. Open shoes on a solid platform look spectacular. These shoes or sandals can be a great option for summer.

Platform and heeled shoes are no less popular. And they are still in trend. You can choose such a model for the purpose of dressing up, and just to look good every day. A must-have wardrobe addition for those women who want to wear heels without getting tired.

The massive sole is no less relevant for everyday casual shoes. Platform boots, loafers, sneakers and sneakers — for those who do not like flat soles. Many models are good both with trousers and with a dress or skirt. The only exception would be formal business attire.

Elegant and feminine option — wedge shoes. These are classic plain models, and cute pumps or ballet flats with a discreet pattern. You can choose leather or suede. The idea of ​​contrast can be embodied in the color combination of the upper and the sole.

Fashionable tractor-soled shoes

The tractor sole in the fashion collections of 2017 has found different incarnations. These are shoes, and ankle boots, and boots, and sports shoes. Modern fashionistas boldly combine these shoes with almost any outfit.

In winter, shoes with tractor soles are the most comfortable. Today it is presented in all variety of styles: from elegant boots with heels to incredibly comfortable timberlands.

If we talk about warm shoes, then another fashion trend can be called fur trim shoes. In some models, it performs a purely decorative function, in others it can be a heater.




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