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Fashion historian Milana Abieva in a new article for the online magazine «Shipyards» tells what is irresistible to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Very soon, cities in different parts of the Earth will be swallowed up by another wave of pre-holiday fuss. This time, couples in love will be preparing to open their hearts, once again confess their feelings and celebrate the holiday of all lovers — Valentine’s Day. And if we have already touched on the topic of gifts on the eve of this important day, then another, no less important issue in connection with the celebration of February 14 remains open. What to wear on Valentine’s Day to look stylish, appropriate and, of course, romantic?

Of course, it all depends on how you and your beloved are going to celebrate this day. After all, dressing romantically and festively does not mean going out of town in an evening dress and elegant shoes with high heels. But this does not mean that you need to discard all the festive elements if you decide to spend Valentine’s Day in a cozy and quiet atmosphere of a country house or your own familiar nest.

One of the most relevant trends in the last few seasons can be called the returned fashion for corsets. And if in normal times corsets worn even over a shirt or any other top often do not look quite appropriate, then when not to try on this trend on Valentine’s Day?

What is stylish to celebrate February 14

If you are planning to spend a festive evening in a restaurant, at a concert or in a club, then you can safely include a lace or silk corset top in your look. This top will definitely look great with a black classic suit, consisting of wide palazzo trousers and an oversized jacket.

We also remember that it is appropriate to complement the outfit with accessories. Large jewelry, all kinds of silver items are still in fashion. The younger generation prefers bright, sometimes even flashy colors. A spectacular highlight of any image, of course, will be a handbag.

What is stylish to celebrate February 14

It is traditionally not easy to choose this accessory, but the expected format of the evening narrows the choice somewhat. We offer to stop on a shopper, a mini handbag or an elegant clutch. Special attention should be paid to the combination of the texture of the handbag and wardrobe elements — they should look harmonious.

Resolute girls can opt for more daring options — a white tuxedo suit or an ensemble of rich scarlet hue. By the way, the last option corresponds to the theme of the evening not only stylistically, but also in terms of color scheme — after all, red can rightfully be called a symbol of Valentine’s Day.

Therefore, this is a great way to add a festive mood if you are planning to spend Valentine’s Day. out of town or even at home, with family. Dilute your laid-back look with a free-cut red sweater, add a couple of trendy massive clip-on earrings — and “voila” — you are guaranteed a comfortable and festive look.

Those who want to show off their perfect figure can give preference for a cropped jersey top and cozy knitted high-waisted trousers — such an image will look attractive, but will not hinder movement. By the way, in the event that you are an unshakable supporter of a sports style in clothes, then a set of loose trousers and a scarlet sweatshirt will also come in handy.

What is stylish to celebrate February 14

For those who are determined to try on a beautiful cocktail or evening dress, it is recommended to go to see a ballet or go to a nightclub on this romantic evening. In this case, you will have every reason to try on those outfits, appearing in which in any other place, you will feel «out of your element.»

What is stylish to celebrate February 14

Going to a night performance, you can safely opt for one of the most current trends of 2022 — mini dresses. For an evening out, it can be combined with black tight tights and black pumps, as well as with over the knee boots. Well, the most “frost-resistant” young ladies, even in the cold, sometimes style such dresses with sandals.

What is stylish to celebrate February 14

Of course, it looks spectacular, but I would recommend leaving this combination for the warmer season. When choosing an outfit for going to the theater, pay attention to velvet dresses. Velvet has not lost its relevance for many seasons, but sometimes it can look too dramatic, which is absolutely impossible in a theatrical atmosphere.

Fitted dress with puff sleeves and square neckline will make you feel like a heroine of the movies of the thirties. But there are also situations when it is difficult to decide on plans for the evening until the last moment, or even an invitation to spend this romantic evening comes quite unexpectedly.

In this case, in order to avoid long collections and obscenely long delays, you can always choose a win-win option in the form of a little black dress. Proven for decades, the combination of a little black dress, pumps and accent costume jewelry has never let anyone down and will look appropriate in any situation. In any case, whatever you choose, remember the words of couturier Yves Saint Laurent: “Over the years, I realized that the most important thing in a dress is the woman who puts it on.”


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