What to take with you if you are going on a trip to the sea: a list of necessary things on vacation

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From this article you will learn:

  • We are going to the sea: what to take with you
  • What clothes to take to the sea
  • Detailed vacation list: what else you need to take with you to the sea
  • What are the necessary things to take with you on the train: a trip to the sea
  • Detailed list of things for a trip by sea by car
  • What not to take
  • Travel Bag Tips

In no case should you start your holiday with a fuss and gather in a hurry. No matter how hard you try, you are bound to forget something. This will not happen if you start packing in advance and have at hand our complete list of necessary and useful things for a wonderful vacation: we will tell you what to take with you to the sea.

Start gathering 2-3 days before departure to be able to buy what is missing. The thought of important belongings, clothes, or (even worse) documents left at home can overshadow the trip and deprive you of the desired comfort.

This material will also be useful to those who travel for the first time. In this case, there is a risk of putting a lot of useless things in luggage, not attaching importance to more significant items. In addition, here you will find several life hacks that will help you pack everything you need compactly.

What to take to the sea

We are going to the sea: what to take with you

To get started, designate on paper or electronically several categories:

  • • Documents and money.
  • • Clothing.
  • • Shoes.
  • • Hygiene and sun protection products.
  • • First aid kit.
  • • Beach accessories.
  • • Gadgets.
  • • Items for leisure.
  • • Cosmetics and accessories.
  • • Other useful things.

The last group, which we will not dwell on in more detail, includes: a notebook and a pen (for quick notes), a map of the area (if there is no permanent access to it in electronic form), a phrase book (if you have to travel to another country), embassy telephones and emergency services, as well as the address, the booked hotel number and other useful contacts, a flashlight, a jackknife. Next, create separate lists for each family member and check the boxes.

What clothes to take to the sea

It is important to immediately limit yourself in the number of wardrobe items: you should not pack everything that is in the closet in the hope of “suddenly coming in handy”. First of all, be guided by the weather conditions of the place of rest. Check the forecast in advance so that sudden rains or cold nights do not come as a surprise to you. Plus, it is important to take into account the standards of luggage dimensions when flying: if you exceed the weight limit, you will pay much more than if you decide to buy a couple of T-shirts already on the spot. And if you plan to go on a journey by personal transport, you can not limit yourself.

When composing a wardrobe for a trip to a hot place, choose light natural fabrics (optimally — linen, cotton). All subsequent lists are focused on a standard rest of 7-10 days.

List of things at sea

List of seaside clothing for women

  • • Two comfortable bathing suits.
  • • Pareo or cape (can be bought locally if necessary).
  • • Short and long skirts.
  • • Shorts.
  • • 3-4 t-shirts/shirts.
  • • 2-3 summer dresses/sundresses.
  • • Light evening dress.
  • • Jeans.
  • • Pajamas.
  • • Underwear.
  • • Cardigan or other cape for chilly evenings.
  • • Sweater/sweatshirt.
  • • Shirt.
  • • Sports trousers.
  • • Headdress.
  • • Socks.

What clothes to take to the sea for a man

As a rule, practicality and comfort are important for the stronger sex, so the set of their personal luggage is reduced to a minimum.

  • • A pair of light trousers.
  • • Suit (if any, where to wear it).
  • • Shorts (2 pieces).
  • • Two swimming trunks.
  • • 3-4 T-shirts.
  • • Two casual shirts.
  • • Socks.
  • • Underwear for every day.
  • • Headdress.
  • • A set of home clothes.

For a child

  • • 4-5 T-shirts (be prepared to change them several times a day).
  • • Shorts.
  • • Skirts and dresses.
  • • Headdress (preferably in two copies).
  • • Swimming trunks (or 2 bathing suits).
  • • Summer jacket.
  • • Clothes for the evening.
  • • Warm pullover.
  • • Socks.
  • • Underwear.

What to take with you to the sea

Detailed vacation list: what else you need to take with you to the sea

Make sure that wardrobe items do not take up all the free space of your luggage. There are still many accessories ahead, without which rest is impossible. As a last resort, it is better to sacrifice a couple of T-shirts or a dress for a first aid kit or other essentials.

protective equipment

It is important to protect yourself and loved ones from the negative effects of sunlight, insects, allergies and skin reactions to salt water. The following list will help with this:

  • • sunscreen and tanning;
  • • sunglasses;
  • • spray from mosquitoes and gel after bites;
  • • antiallergic preparations;
  • • Beach umbrella.


For men, again, as a rule, the basic minimum will be enough.

  • • Toothbrush and paste.
  • • Razor and shaving products.
  • • Gel.
  • • Shampoo.
  • • Washcloth.
  • • Cotton buds.
  • • Soap.
  • • Eau de Toilette.
  • • Deodorant.
  • • Comb.
  • • Two towels (large for body and head, small for face and hands).
  • • Wet and dry wipes.
  • • Toothpicks.

For women, the list of basic subjects is similar. But add to it:

  • • Balm or hair conditioner.
  • • Creams for the face, body, hands and feet.
  • • Pedicure and manicure sets.
  • • Cosmetics.
  • • Cotton pads.
  • • Make-up remover.
  • • Tweezers for eyebrows.
  • • Pocket mirror.

What to take to the sea

first aid kit

It is better to prepare for all contingencies, so take the following drugs with you:

  • • from pain in the head;
  • • complex painkillers;
  • • from diseases in the area of ​​the heart, blood vessels;
  • • from disorders of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • • from diarrhea;
  • • from a cold;
  • • on temperature;
  • • from a cold;
  • • from inflammation of the throat;
  • • bandage;
  • • patch;
  • • hydrogen peroxide;
  • • from allergies;
  • • from bites;
  • • from motion sickness;
  • • broad-spectrum antibiotics;
  • • other medicines as prescribed by a doctor or as needed.

It is also worth taking an electronic thermometer (in no case, not mercury — it can break).

Technical devices

It is difficult to imagine a trip without gadgets. It is important to decide in advance whether you will work during your vacation or go completely into holiday mode. In the first case, take your laptop with you and do not forget to dump everything important on a USB flash drive or hard drive. In the second — try not to take extra devices so as not to spend your vacation on the Internet. Here’s what you’ll definitely need:

  • • Telephone.
  • • Camera and optional memory card.
  • • Tablet (or any other medium to which you can download movies / series on the road).
  • • Charging device.
  • • Headphones.
  • • Power Bank (allows you to always be in touch).
  • • Fumigator.

Women often take a pocket steamer and hair dryer on a trip.

Clothes on vacation at sea

The documents

Without this list, your vacation may not take place at all, so take care not only to take all the securities with you, but also about where you will store them.

  • • The passport.
  • • All information about the booked hotel and booking confirmation.
  • • Tickets.
  • • Travel voucher (if available).
  • • Medical policy, insurance.
  • • Driver’s license (if necessary).
  • • Bank cards.
  • • Cash.

Make color certified copies of all certificates and certificates and carry them with you. Keep the originals in the hotel safe or hide them away in your room. And if you want everything important to be with you at any time, get a convenient Henna document holder. It has its own compartment for each of your documents. At the same time, the accessory is compact, easily fits in a jeans pocket and is pleasant to the touch.

As with Henna, all your valuables will be securely stored in leather clutches. Brialdi offers a wide variety of models for men:

  • • multicurrency Massa;
  • • roomy Warren;
  • • stylish Fabbri;
  • • elegant Silvio.

List of things for vacation at sea

Beach accessories

  • • Umbrella from the sun.
  • • Sunglasses.
  • • Foldable straw mat.
  • • Towel.
  • • Means for sunburn.
  • • Summer bag.
  • • Inflatable toys for a child.

Leisure organization

If you are going on vacation with the whole family, you should take care of how to spend time not only on the road, but also in the evenings at the hotel. A great option is to pick up a few books that you have been wanting to read for a long time. It’s nice to immerse yourself in the work while sunbathing on the beach.

Board games will help to have fun together. «Munchkin», «Monopoly», «Jackal», «Elias», «Imaginarium», they will occupy both adults and children for the whole evening. Download several movies or series on your tablet and flash drive (in case there is a TV in the hotel). Children need to collect a separate set of entertainment: educational toys, books and coloring books.


On the trip you will need to take a few pairs:

  • • sandals or sandals for walking;
  • • comfortable sneakers or summer boots for excursions;
  • • slates or flip flops;
  • • slippers for home.

Take shoes with heels only if you know that they will definitely come in handy for you (on the way out). Wearing them on vacation all the time means limiting yourself in walking time and in moving in general.

What to take with you to the sea list

«Women things»

The amount of luggage girls have often amazes men. It is important not to get carried away and collect only what is really useful. In addition to clothing for seaside holidays and hygiene items, women will be able to ensure their comfort in a foreign place with the help of the following items.


  1. Clutch (if you plan to visit a restaurant or an evening program at the hotel).
  2. Jewelry (do not take gold, items with precious stones — there is a risk of losing them).
  3. Bag for walking around the city.
  4. Elastic bands and hair clips.
  5. Curling iron (if curls curl from moisture).


On vacation, you should not often use makeup products: the sun, humid sea air can negatively affect the appearance and condition of the skin, and cosmetic products will only aggravate the situation. Put in your makeup bag only what you definitely cannot do without. These things may include:

  • • moisturizing face cream;
  • • sunscreen lotions;
  • • hygienic lipstick;
  • • lip gloss;
  • • shadows and mascara;
  • • micellar water;
  • • scrub and gel/foam for washing;
  • • perfume.

How much money to take to the sea

The exact amount depends on where you are going. Put most of it on a bank card and be sure to take cash for pocket expenses. Distribute them among family members so that in case of loss of funds this does not turn into a tragedy for you.

Allocate costs ahead of time. Write down everything you plan to spend your savings on: travel, housing, food (at least 3 times a day), drinks, entertainment, souvenirs. Carry a little more than you need with you, and set aside the rest just in case.

List of what to take with you to the sea

What are the necessary things to take with you on the train: a trip to the sea

On average, a trip by rail transport lasts 1 or 2 days. The most pressing issue is always food. For a short trip, you can get by with simple snacks and dinner in the dining car. If you need to be on the road for more than a day, you will have to seriously think about your diet. Lunches on the train are always expensive, so the best option is to bring long-term food from home. These include:

  • • boiled meat, chicken in foil;
  • • nuts and fruits;
  • • hard vegetables;
  • • jacket potatoes;
  • • canned food;
  • • fast food;
  • • buns, pies, cookies, waffles;
  • • tea bags (boiling water can be requested from the conductor).

You will also need sliced ​​bread and a long loaf, salt and sugar, napkins and a tablecloth. Heavy dishes will be successfully replaced by disposable ones. The good old ways will help to have fun: crossword puzzles, reading and watching movies. If you and your family or friends occupy the entire compartment, you can also play board games.

If you are a restless sleeper, take care of your condition by bringing earplugs and a sleep mask. Separately set aside a change of clothes in which it will be comfortable to move around the car, slippers.

What to take to the sea

Detailed list of things for a trip by sea by car

  1. It is unlikely that you will do without a navigator that will tell you the most optimal way. You can add an atlas of roads to it — if it is more convenient for you to navigate.
  2. So that a sudden breakdown does not take you by surprise, collect a case of basic tools.
  3. It’s not even worth talking about a first-aid kit and a fire extinguisher: they should always be in the car.
  4. A flashlight can come in handy in the evening.
  5. For night travel, take blankets/light blankets and an orthopedic pillow under your neck.
  6. Do not forget the most important thing — a driver’s license, registration certificate.

What not to take

These things can be put in the bag as a last resort. Better yet, leave them at home. No matter how uncomfortable it may seem to you to spend a week without them, most likely they will remain lying at the bottom of the suitcase until the very departure from the sea.

  1. Alarm. Built-in is always in the phone. Yes, and allow yourself to relax, enjoy your vacation and wake up for a week in the natural mode of your body.
  2. Iron. On vacation, no one will judge you for a wrinkled T-shirt, and if neatness in clothes is extremely important to you, get an inexpensive travel steamer. With him, the trip will not slip into household chores.
  3. Expensive jewelry.
  4. Perishable products.
  5. Winter clothes. One sweater or sweatshirt will be enough if you are afraid of a cold snap.

Travel Bag Tips

It will most likely take a lot of time and effort to complete everything that you plan to take from things at sea. There are various ways that you can resort to in an attempt to save space in your suitcase and not take huge trunks with you. Some use vacuum bags, others get rid of items in favor of lighter luggage. And the third (the most reasonable) competently approach the choice of accessories for storing the collected cargo.

When choosing, focus on the following indicators:

  • • Quality of materials.
  • • Empty dimensions and weight.
  • • Reliability of locks.
  • • Durability of handles.
  • • Spaciousness.
  • • Compliance with airline standards.
  • • Convenience when placed on the train.
  • • Ergonomics.
  • • Dense bottom.
  • • Presence of pockets, compartments.

In our catalog you can find transforming travel bags that will serve you for many years. This is evidenced by their quality, reliability and practicality. The Olympia model will become an indispensable assistant for those who often go out of town to relax for the weekend. The Winner product will appeal to lovers of pedantic collections: here each group of things has its own place. Troy with a special compartment for shoes will help you keep everything at hand and always have easy access to the contents. All bags are universal and can be used not only during the holidays, but also for going to the gym, business trips.


If you determine in advance for yourself what clothes and other accessories you need to take with you to the sea, the fees will not be tedious. Based on our recommendations, make your list and thoroughly check everything before leaving.


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