What to take with you on a trip — a list of necessary things that you need for a trip — what to take on vacation abroad for 2 and 3 days

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From this article you will learn:

  • How to choose a travel bag
  • What exactly to take
  • Everything you need to pack for your vacation trip: making the right list of things
  • Where to keep money and documents
  • What else might be useful
  • Clothes and shoes
  • What to take with you on a vacation trip
  • Technique: what you need to take with you for a day trip or for a trip for 2 days abroad
  • Gadgets on the go
  • Products and other important attributes
  • What you need to take with you on the road and how to pack for a vacation trip with a child
  • What not to take
  • What to bring for convenience
  • Useful accessories
  • How to properly pack for the road
  • A couple of last tips

Few people enthusiastically spend time packing their bags, even if they have a long vacation and an exciting journey ahead. To facilitate the assembly process and not take extra pounds of accessories that you won’t need, you should make a list of the most necessary things on the road by train, your own car or plane, detailing in detail what you can take with you and how to pack for a trip for 3, 5, 7 or more days.

List of things for the trip

The right product is the key to a comfortable journey. For air travel, choose a damage-resistant model with reliable fittings. For travel by train, portability and free placement under the shelf are suitable — a small option with many handles. For a car, the main thing is to take into account compactness.

Manufacturers share travel accessories by liters of internal volume. But a more familiar system is size. They are divided into:

  • • S — hand luggage, the best option for a trip for 3-5 days.
  • • M is a medium-sized model and the most common type among tourists for a rendezvous of a week or more.
  • • L — a bag for long trips, bulky and large, but roomy.

The outer surface is also important. Textile products are easy to use, easy to clean, but get wet and can be damaged by sharp objects. The most reliable and solid is a leather bag. It is this model that gives organization to its owner. You can buy such a product in the Brialdi.ru online store, the catalog contains a wide selection of high-quality men’s accessories made of genuine leather:

Travel fees

What exactly to take

For different types of tourist pastime, the list of mandatory things is different. What will be useful to you in any case:

  • • telephone;
  • • camera;
  • • money;
  • • the documents.

Everything you need to pack for your vacation trip: making the right list of things

If you are a frequent traveler, it makes sense to draw up a standard list of essentials in advance and save it, then you will not have to rack your brains every time about the correct packing of your suitcase and hand luggage. Next, let’s talk about each category of items needed on trips.

What to take with you on a trip

Documents, cash finance, travel guides

If you went on a tour in your own car, be sure to include a road map in the list of things. Many hope that modern navigators will be able to replace it, however, moving long distances to unfamiliar places, it may not work or falsely indicate the position without having time to update it.

Also, when traveling to another country, in your purse should be:

  1. A foreign passport is the main thing that you need to take with you abroad.
  2. Tickets (for plane, railway) or their equivalents.
  3. Documents confirming the reservation of hotel rooms.
  4. Medical insurances.
  5. Driver’s license if you plan to travel by car.
  6. Credit cards and cash banknotes of the country where you are going.
  7. A small notepad for urgent notes and notes.

What you need for travel

Travel first aid kit

Going on a tour, you should worry about it in advance. The necessary medicines may not be available in a foreign country, or their cost will be many times higher than the domestic one. It is better to put in hand luggage only urgently needed drugs for allergic reactions and acute pain. Feel free to send all the rest in luggage. You also need to have the following things necessary for the trip:

  • • medications for the disorder;
  • • pills for headache, toothache and stomach pain;
  • • ointments for burns and muscle strains;
  • • cream from insects;
  • • preparations for allergic manifestations;
  • • bandages, iodized solution or hydrogen peroxide, cotton and plaster;
  • • antibiotics and antipyretics.

Individual hygiene items and cosmetics

You should choose a minimum list of only the most necessary little things. Putting it in the entire cosmetic arsenal is not a very good idea. Many things will take up precious space in the bag, but they will not be needed at all. The most necessary hygiene items:

  • • toothbrush and paste;
  • • accessories for shaving;
  • • comb;
  • • antiperspirant;
  • • soap and washcloth;
  • • travel bottles of shampoo;
  • • wet and dry sanitary napkins;
  • • toilet paper;
  • • ear sticks.

Women, making preparations for a long journey, should pack everything that needs to be taken with them on a trip abroad into a small cosmetic bag:

  • • miniature mirror;
  • • several rubber bands or crabs for strands;
  • • universal cream;
  • • tongs or tweezers for eyebrows;
  • • micellar water;
  • • cosmetics.

The latter should be taken only if you cannot do without makeup. On a resort holiday, such accessories may not be needed.

List of things for vacation

Where to keep money and documents

A travel passport is the most important thing. Without it, it will not be possible to verify your identity, and, accordingly, to provide any assistance.

  1. Do not store your ID next to money or jewelry. They can be stolen.
  2. Do not put documents and banknotes in your pocket where they can easily fall out.
  3. Do not store savings in one place — put them in two or three pockets, place bank cards separately from them.
  4. On the road, carefully monitor your belongings, do not leave bags unattended.

What else might be useful

Various little things will help make your journey more comfortable — a pillow around your neck on the bus, a sleep mask and earplugs, an umbrella in the rain, a small pocket mirror — to preen after a long journey. Do not forget about chargers for gadgets — this is what you need to include in the list of things that you need to take with you on a trip for a week and for 5 days.

Information about where you are going

Be sure to think over the routes, mark them on the map, get a guide. In a notebook, write down the times and days of the attractions and the cost of entry. Find out in advance the order of prices for travel in public transport and taxis.

Clothes and shoes

Choose clothing and footwear according to the climate at the stopping point. Think over everything in advance, take those items that are successfully combined and create several outfits at once. Do not use new shoes — they can rub, crush and ruin the whole impression of the rest.

What to take with you on a vacation trip

Refer to the following list:

  • • loose-fitting trousers or jeans;
  • • shorts;
  • • a couple of T-shirts;
  • • pullover;
  • • pajamas;
  • • windbreaker;
  • • swimsuit or swim shorts;
  • • headwear and sunglasses;
  • • evening dress.

What to take with you on a trip

Technique: what you need to take with you for a day trip or for a trip for 2 days abroad

It’s all about the tourist’s hobbies. Someone completely manages with a phone, and someone puts laptops, tablets and other gadgets in a bag. The optimal set would be:

  • • smartphone;
  • • player;
  • • camera.

For those who cannot imagine themselves without a portable PC, you need to take it and a few more additional accessories — a mouse, a USB flash drive.

Gadgets on the go

If you take a camera — do not put it in a common travel bag, provide a separate one that will be next to you all the time. Even if your luggage is lost, you can bring colorful pictures from your holiday.

Do not connect to questionable wi-fi networks abroad, use Vpn. One phone may well replace all existing gadgets.

Everything for travel

Products and other important attributes

If the road to the place of arrival is long or meals are not provided on the plane, be sure to organize a small snack. This is especially true for train travel. Eating at dubious roadside cafes is not recommended, as is buying groceries at bus stops.

Be sure to bring clean drinking water. Before packaging, fruits must be washed and preferably cut so that they are ready to eat. If you have to travel more than a day, you will need:

  • • sandwiches;
  • • sliced ​​bread;
  • • juice;
  • • bakery products;
  • • sweets;
  • • sticks with sugar, tea and coffee.

You may also need the following items:

  • • miniature folding knife;
  • • matches (packed in cellophane);
  • • torch;
  • • toothpicks;
  • • disposable tableware or plastic cups;
  • • boiler.

What you need to take with you on the road and how to pack for a vacation trip with a child

When you travel with children, the number of necessary accessories on the way increases dramatically. These are not only documents, but also things, shoes, toys and much more. Checklist for traveling with a baby:

  • • The documents.
  • • Clothing.
  • • Appropriate medications.
  • • Food and water.
  • • Hygiene items: towels, brush, napkins.
  • • Small blanket and pillow.
  • • Toys.

List of things for the trip

What not to take

Do you want to take valuable or, at first glance, practical things on the road? Do not rush to pack everything that you consider necessary into your travel bag. Pay attention to every detail:

  • • Hairdryer — you can not do without it, but such a device is available in any decent hotel room.
  • • Books — they are heavy and bulky, you may need an e-book or you can transfer reading when you return home.
  • • Jewelery — Valuable and heavy jewelry may or may not be needed — wear versatile items.
  • • Iron. It is better to choose those things that are made of wrinkle-resistant fabric or iron the clothes in advance and carefully fold them into a special compartment of the bag.
  • • Scissors, corkscrew, screwdriver, nail file. Instead, you can purchase a multifunctional travel knife.
  • • Bags. Take a couple of items of different capacities.

What to bring for convenience

Put a couple of regular bags in your bag, you may need them to pack outerwear or shoes. A towel, sunglasses, a sleep mask, a pillow and a small blanket will also make the journey more comfortable. These items should be included in the list of necessary things that you can take with you on a train for a trip for 1 day.

What to take on the road

Useful accessories

It will not be superfluous to put yourself a couple of packs of napkins — dry and wet. Take a player to listen to music or an e-book — your path will be more interesting and will not seem so long. If you are traveling in pairs, you can play checkers, chess or cards.

How to properly pack for the road

The list of items always turns out to be impressive, but rational sorting and proper packing will help to fit everything into a standard bag. First you need to sort the items into categories.

On the road list

What to put in hand luggage

Documents, finances, keys and a smartphone are put here, as well as medicines that cannot be dispensed with or that may be needed at any time.

Useful and necessary travel items that you can put in your luggage

Shoes are placed at the bottom, the warmest and densest clothes are laid on top, on which the equipment is located. All other things roll up with rollers and fill the remaining volume. Personal hygiene products, underwear and a first aid kit are placed in separate compartments. Place bags on top of luggage.

Never clog the product «to the eyeballs.» Firstly, all airlines have a maximum allowable weight, and secondly, you will definitely want to buy souvenirs on a trip.

Protect your travel accessory with a film or case. Attach a bright keychain to it, then it will be easier for you to find it on the luggage belt.

What to take with you on vacation

A couple of last tips

A few relevant recommendations will help you not get lost in a foreign country and have fun while away the time:

  1. If you are going abroad, take a phrasebook. This will keep you busy on the road and prepare you to communicate in another language.
  2. While you’re on the road, reread your favorite book, sketch out plans for the coming year or develop business improvement ideas, download and watch a movie, or get some sleep.
  3. When traveling to a new place, read the guide — short routes, interesting monuments, make a plan for visiting attractions.
  4. In addition to comfortable sneakers, take at least two pairs of shoes — one for the beach, the other for going out into the city or visiting a cafe.
  5. Think in advance about ways to communicate with relatives, check out the tariffs of your operator in a certain part of the world.


For many, travel expenses become a real problem. The fear of forgetting what you need and taking the extra does not leave, the bag is filled with a bunch of unclaimed accessories. Make a minimal list of easily combined things that are convenient to take with you on vacation and on vacation.


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