What women’s bags are worn over the shoulder and how to look stylish at the same time

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  1. Evening bags
  2. Gentle and romantic
  3. Shoulder bags for every day

How are fashion and … mail related? An unexpected question. But not for women who love handbags. If you can name the most common modern models, then you will surely remember the messenger bag. Wonderful rectangular bag with a long shoulder strap. These can always be seen among passers-by on the streets of any city. People call them «postmen». Because once upon a time, mail workers really carried letters and telegrams in such bags.

The classic postman’s bag has retained the main external features. This is a long handle or belt (sometimes double), rectangular shape, overlapping valve. But besides this, it was with the messenger bag that the fashion for carrying bags over the shoulder began. Moreover, they are different, sometimes completely different from the legendary “postman”. The main feature of this image is ease. And, of course, convenience — the bag will not slip off the shoulder unexpectedly. She does not have to hold her hand while walking.

Evening bags

This, of course, is not about clutches, which do not have any handle at all. But a small bag with a long strap is perfect. Of course, a lot depends on how it will look with your outfit. In many cases, a long, sparkly chain is the perfect complement to a little black dress.

Gentle and romantic

Small elegant accessories — not only for an evening out. You just need a special ability to create a gentle, feminine image in everyday life. And here a small shoulder bag becomes your faithful ally. It can be rectangular or saddle-shaped, fastened with a zipper or a metal buckle.

Only the essentials will fit in this bag. For example, a powder box and a mobile phone. And this once again emphasizes the gentle charm of her owner: it does not befit a beautiful lady to wear heavy things! If you like this look, you should pay attention to envelope bags. This is one of the most elegant everyday models, although there are also evening ones among them. No less attractive is the iconic Boy model from Chanel. By the way, the fashion for beautiful long chains began with her.

Shoulder bags for every day

In the list of practical everyday models, the first one should be called just “messenger bag”. She is preferred by many women who love comfortable, comfortable clothes and accessories. What can we say about young girls, students and even schoolgirls. The postman’s bag finds fans in different areas of life, easily adapting to them and transforming. It can be youthful or classically discreet, but you can always recognize it by its characteristic features.

Another great option for carrying over your shoulder is a sack bag. With it, the possibility of combinations narrows, but if you are close to a laid-back style, there will be no difficulties. Bags are usually pulled together at the top with a cord and resemble a small backpack. A common name for such a model is a bag-bag.

You also need to mention the hobo bag. The model itself is a sort of chameleon. In fact, hobo is a typical representative of street fashion. But depending on the material and coloring, this shapeless tote bag can be used anywhere. Textile color models — for a beach holiday. Leather and suede — for the city, walking, shopping, work. Perhaps, only as an evening option, hobos are completely inappropriate.

The presence of a long handle on the bag allows you to carry almost any model over your shoulder. It is important how such a decision fits into your overall appearance. You can list dozens of possible combinations. But the easiest way is to trust your own sense of style.



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