What you can take with you on the train — what you need to take on the road for 2 days

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From this article you will learn:

  • General recommendations
  • What food to take with you on the train
  • What not to take with you on the train journey
  • Sample menu on the train
  • What to take from things
  • What to take a child on a train
  • Tips for pregnant travelers
  • Choosing a travel bag
  • Entertainment on the train
  • Remember the rules of etiquette

The romance of travel can quickly disappear if you suddenly find yourself leaving something important at home. Or if you have mountains of luggage with you, in which it is impossible to find anything. So that a long trip does not turn out to be tiring, you need to take care of your comfort. In this material, we will tell you what you can take with you on the road and give a list of necessary things for 2 days on the train.

What to take on the train

General recommendations

Be sure to take care of what you eat on the way. Of course, you can count on dinners in the dining car, but the prices there are quite high. In addition, you will still want to just have a snack during the day. And if you have to travel with a child, it is important that the food satisfies his preferences and needs. Foil will help extend the shelf life of products.

Bring an antibacterial agent with you to use on your temporary dining table. Also wipe your hands with a special gel or wipes before eating.

Think in advance about how things will be stored. To ensure that everything you need is always freely available, purchase suitcases or bags in which you can conveniently place the contents by dividing it into several blocks, as in the Sparta transformer.

What food to take with you on the train

There are several options for catering on a trip:

  • • visit to the dining car;
  • • trips to shops at bus stops;
  • • homemade food.

The first method is the most convenient, but not economical either. The check in such a road establishment can be above average.

The second one is not always feasible. If you get hungry, you will have to wait to arrive at the nearest city, and then in the confusion look for shops or cafes, stand in long lines and risk not being able to make it to departure.

The third is the most common, but also not very simple. However, having prepared in advance, you can not be afraid of hunger during the two days of the journey.

Make sure that your neighbors in a compartment or reserved seat are also comfortable to ride with you, and give up strongly smelling smoked meats, pickles, citrus fruits, as well as onions and garlic. Otherwise, your menu should consist of products that will not disappear without a refrigerator, will not lose their taste when cooled down, can saturate the body enough, do not have a pungent odor and are easy to use.

Specific examples and tips

  1. Chicken sandwiches. Fry the fillet pieces with black pepper, spread them between two slices of white bread with vegetables (for example, cucumber, lettuce) and wrap the snack in foil.
  2. Boiled or baked beef / veal will definitely last a day without a refrigerator.
  3. Vacuum-packed raw smoked sausage can also be stored for a long time.
  4. Cut hard cheese in advance and wrap in parchment paper.
  5. Hard-boiled eggs. In no case should there be cracks on the shell, otherwise the product will quickly disappear.
  6. Jacket potatoes (you can boil or bake them) will remain tasty even when cold.
  7. Rice or pasta makes a great side dish.
  8. Wash carrots, bell peppers, cucumbers beforehand so as not to do this in a public sink.
  9. Chicken is a classic dish when traveling by train. Wrap cooked meat in foil.
  10. From fruits, apples, bananas, peaches, apricots are best suited. From berries — cherries, sweet cherries.
  11. For dessert, take sweet buns with sugar, cinnamon or cottage cheese filling, gingerbread, cookies and waffles.
  12. Bread and loaf cut into slices. Wrap them in paper, not cellophane, to prevent mold.
  13. Dried fruits and nuts are very satiating — they make a nutritious and healthy snack.
  14. Also take fast food: noodles, potatoes, soups (in cups). You can ask the conductor for boiling water.
  15. Also in the container, many brew cereals. Before that, you should make sure that the container is designed for high temperatures: this will be indicated by the presence of the PP marking on the bottom of the plastic box.
  16. Do not forget salt, pepper, sugar in small containers.
  17. Stock up on tea bags, 3 in 1 coffee and drinking water. Juice in convenient packaging is also suitable as a drink.

What not to take with you on the train journey

  1. Dairy. Milk, yoghurts and kefir can only be bought if you drink them immediately or within a few hours after departure.
  2. Everything that can be crushed, crushed. For example, tomatoes, which, in addition to everything else, also stain things and hands a lot.
  3. Products with a pungent odor: smoked meats, products with spices, chips, crackers.
  4. Cakes and pastries are perishable.
  5. Fish in any form. First, because of the aroma. Secondly, because of the inconvenience to use.
  6. Something cooked with sour cream and mayonnaise.
  7. Chocolate.
  8. Boiled sausage: after a couple of hours it can be thrown away.
  9. Water or juice.
  10. Alcohol (its consumption in the carriage is prohibited).
  11. Sweet carbonated drinks. They do not quench thirst, but only cause it.

What to take on the train

Keeping food as long as possible

To solve the problem that food quickly becomes unusable, thermal bags, a cooler bag or special cooling capsules will help. Without them, it will be difficult to keep food at high temperatures. Instead of plastic bags, use foil or parchment paper.

Sample menu on the train

From the products we offer, you can make several options for different meals.


  • • Fresh fruits.
  • • Porridge brewed in boiling water.
  • • Sandwich with chicken, cheese and vegetables.
  • • Cookies, waffles and juice/tea/coffee.


  • • Instant soup.
  • • Meat with potatoes.
  • • Vegetables.
  • • Sweet bun with juice.


  • • Chicken and rice.
  • • Boiled eggs.
  • • Smoked sausage with bread, tea.
  • • Fruit.

Schedule your diet two days in advance and take as much food as you can really eat.

What to take on the train

What to take from things

Set aside what you will use on the train in a separate backpack or on top of your main luggage.


For a long trip, be sure to prepare a tracksuit, T-shirt and shorts or any other comfortable set that will not be hot and not cold. Also make sure you have a change of clothes.


Light slippers — this is necessary to quickly put on shoes to move around the car and take off your shoes after. In winter, be sure to have warm woolen socks with you (in addition to a pair of ordinary ones).


At this point, you can focus on the well-known tourist abbreviation «KLMN» — a mug, spoon, bowl, knife (folding). You can add a fork to this minimum if you need it for the comfortable use of certain dishes. Materials choose unbreakable: plastic, metal. For convenience, you can stock up on disposable products that you simply throw away after eating.

Hygiene and cosmetics

  • • Toothbrush and paste. It could be a small outing set.
  • • Small towel.
  • • Comb (and elastic if hair is long).
  • • Toothpicks.
  • • Mirror.
  • • Antiperspirant.
  • • Tweezers.
  • • Manicure set.
  • • Wet antibacterial and dry wipes.
  • • Soap.
  • • Toilet paper (just in case).
  • • Women — a cosmetic bag and makeup remover, cotton pads and sticks.

The most necessary hygiene items can be compactly placed in the neat Tasman travel bag from Brialdi.

What to take on the train

Travel first aid kit

It should include representatives of the main groups of drugs: be ready to help yourself and loved ones along the way, no matter what happens.

  • • Painkillers.
  • • Antipyretic.
  • • Antiallergic.
  • • Medications for disorders of the gastrointestinal tract: heartburn, poisoning, diarrhea.
  • • From heart disease.
  • • From a headache.
  • • From painful sensations in the throat.
  • • From nausea and dizziness during motion sickness.
  • • From a cold.
  • • From a cold.
  • • Bandage and plaster.
  • • Iodine, brilliant green and hydrogen peroxide.

This is a basic list, which must be supplemented with other medicines, if there is a need for them (for example, for chronic diseases that are currently available).

Documents and money

If you have a Drake clutch, it is enough to put all the most valuable things there and always know that it is in a safe place (or is at hand). Before leaving home, check for train tickets, passports (and birth certificates if you are traveling with a child), a bank card, and a medical policy. Take part of the money in the form of cash.

If you are going to travel in a reserved seat, hide the card on which the principal amount lies. Carry only what you plan to spend on the road. If you want to keep an eye on your securities at all times, purchase a small fanny pack.

What to take on the train


  • • Notebook.
  • • Tablet with movies/books.
  • • Headphones.
  • • Camera.

First of all, check if you forgot to take the phone. Collect the rest of the gadgets based on the purpose: they are needed for work or entertainment. A few hours before the training camp, check that all devices are 100% charged. We recommend that you also get an autonomous Power Bank charger, with which you can charge your technical equipment on the go.

All electronics are conveniently stored in a roomy Norman business case. This is a transformer bag that combines three elements at once: an urban accessory over the shoulder, a briefcase for important meetings and a backpack for short trips.

Restful sleep aids

Often, because of the rumble of wheels and the rumble of voices, it is not possible to fall asleep. If you know that you may have difficulty with this, bring ear plugs and mild sedatives (such as valerian) with you. Herbal teas from chamomile, linden, lemon balm, mint also have a relaxing effect. Calm music in headphones, a mask, a special travel orthopedic pillow will also help to abstract and relax.

What to take a child on a train

When you travel with an infant, make sure to provide enough diapers, wipes, diapers, pacifiers, formulas, and foods. Take spare nipples with the bottle so that losing one is not a problem. For convenience, purchase a carrying basket in which the baby can sleep comfortably. Rattles and rodents should also be in several copies.

If your child is older, let him put together the set of entertainment that will help him pass the time. These can be coloring books and felt-tip pens, favorite toys, books, a sketchbook and pencils, puzzles. Children will need more than one set of change of clothes — the baby can get dirty anywhere. Make your child’s own menu of what he loves and indulge in sweets that won’t go bad along the way.

What can you take on the train

Tips for pregnant travelers

Expectant mothers should not save money when buying tickets, choose fairly convenient seats. It is necessary to settle down on the lower shelf so that the constant ascent and descent do not cause discomfort. For maximum comfort, take a special U, G or I shaped pillow with you.

If the period is more than 28 weeks, an outpatient card will be added to the list of required documents. Also, before the trip, it is better to consult a doctor — if you have any contraindications. In addition to loose, comfortable clothes, you should put compression underwear with things, which reduces the load on the spine and legs. Maintain hygiene as much as possible, because the train is a public place. An antiseptic gel will help you with this.

For folding things that will be useful on a trip or a business trip, it is convenient to use the Winner multifunctional model. It has 8 external and 5 internal pockets, which will allow you to distribute items into categories and compartments. Specially designed compartments for documents, laptop and shoes.

For those who go on a business trip, we recommend paying attention to the stylish and comfortable Dayton and Lagrange. Products contain two independent blocks: for personal and work accessories. This leather accessory is able to fit a laptop with a diagonal of up to 15 inches. Stationery, telephone, securities and essentials — all this will always be at hand.

What to take on the train

Entertainment on the train

Travelers’ favorite pastime on the road is reading books. Taking a pocket copy of a fascinating work with you, you can escape from the hustle and bustle for a few hours and just relax. Movies, series, cartoons downloaded in advance on the tablet will help to do the same. They do an excellent job of «passing the time» games that do not require access to the Internet. Usually there are several outlets in the car, but you do not have to sit in the corridor and wait for the gadget to charge if you have a power bank with you.

For a trip with the whole family, fun board games will become an indispensable source of vivid emotions: for example, Munchkin, Elias, Svintus. You can take the Jenga tower with you in a compartment if you are not afraid to collect scattered bricks. The good old scanwords are always relevant on trains: when will it be possible to remember this way of having fun.

If you have a long road ahead of you with unfamiliar fellow travelers, a great option to have a good time is just to chat with them. Road trips can sometimes turn into exciting conversations and even connections.

Remember the rules of etiquette

Do not forget that there are people next to you who also care about comfort on the road. If you decide to watch a couple of episodes of your favorite series, do not turn the volume up to full volume — use headphones.

Do not take with you products with a repulsive or strong smell. Be clean during and after meals. For help or with a question, you can always politely contact the conductor.

Video review

It is necessary to get ready for the journey by rail transport in advance, having properly prepared a list of things for the journey by train. Then even a long journey will pass in comfort, and you will not have to be distracted from enjoying the views by questions about what to eat and what to do.



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