What you need to know to crochet a bag for yourself

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  1. Crochet crocheted bags — the simplest
  2. Crochet beach bag — summer holiday decoration
  3. Making a knitted bag
  4. Caring for a knitted bag

The fashion for knitwear has found a response in the hearts of many women who prefer freedom and ease in their image. And knitted bags become a separate topic in this context. It is always a unique thing, one of a kind. Especially if you created it yourself.

How to crochet a bag is described on many sites, in articles, photo and video tutorials. If you wish, you can find simple step-by-step descriptions and diagrams even for beginners. And if you are one of those people, then you can get acquainted with the basics of this science right now.

Crochet crocheted bags — the simplest

So, immediately before starting work, you will need to select a specific model, diagram and explanations for it. But first you need to decide what kind of handbag you basically need. Summer or for the cold season? Roomy, voluminous — or a small clutch? Beach or such that you can take it anywhere?

Form is perhaps the first thing to decide. Square or rectangular bags are the easiest to make. In addition, this form can be called a classic.

A simplified version of such a handbag is two rectangular canvases sewn together. True, a bag with a bottom will be much more convenient and reliable. The bottom of the bag is usually knitted first, and then the walls. This diagram shows how to knit it with simple double crochets.

A knitted handbag in the shape of a bag, knapsack or backpack will become a chic summer new thing that everyone will definitely pay attention to. Models of white, sand, cream, coffee color look especially elegant and gentle. They are wonderfully combined with both short summer dresses and long flowy outfits. Light trousers or jeans also almost always create a good combination with a beautiful knitted bag.

Crochet beach bag — summer holiday decoration

Everyone prepares for the holidays in different ways. However, the obligatory and, perhaps, the most pleasant part of the preparation is the choice of clothes and accessories. Crocheting a beach bag is a great creative solution. Cotton or acrylic yarn works well for it. The colors can be bright or, conversely, calm tones.

A comfortable beach bag is always voluminous. When choosing a model, think about whether it will be openwork, loose or maybe tight knit. The beach bag should have enough space for a towel, sunscreen, cosmetics, a comb, and a phone. If you need to carry a lot of all sorts of necessary little things with you, the bag should be lined, and the inner pockets will not interfere either.

If you have already decided which bag you need, it’s time to look at the photos, as well as diagrams and descriptions. Previously, for this you had to buy expensive magazines. Now, many sites have clear and detailed tutorials on how to crochet a handbag for beginners.

Making a knitted bag

Some important details depend on the style of the chosen model, which also have to be considered in advance. For example, will the bag zip up? If so, what kind of closure will it be: buttons, snaps, or maybe ties? For a handbag for autumn-winter, of course, a zipper is necessary. Yes, and in the summer with such a clasp will be much more comfortable. On the other hand, many models of summer knitted handbags look perfect with buttons, laces, or even without fasteners.

Another important detail, or rather an integral part of the bag, is the handles. They can be knitted in exactly the same way as the main canvas, or they can be made from a different material altogether. Wooden, leather or suede handles with yarn products always look great. Therefore, many needlewomen choose just such combinations.

As for the decor of knitted handbags, your taste and sense of style are especially important here. Many crochet patterns are intricate patterns in and of themselves. No additions to them are needed, otherwise the thing will turn out flashy, the original idea will be lost. If the model is quite simple, discreet, decorative elements can approach it: buttons, beads, lacing. In this case, you can try and experiment at your pleasure.

Caring for a knitted bag

If you knitted a bag with your own hands, then most likely you will treat it especially carefully. But in fact, there is nothing difficult in caring for such things. Surely you have a knitted scarf, hat or other things made of yarn — and then you know that it is no more difficult to care for them than for some other clothes. You just need to take into account the properties and characteristics of a particular material.

How to wash knitted bags? Here opinions differ. Someone says that machine washing is quite acceptable, someone does not advise taking risks. If you choose the first option, it must be a delicate mode, with a temperature not higher than 30 degrees. However, this washing may not be suitable if your bag has wooden handles or a leather bottom. It is better to wash such products by hand, without leaving them for a long time in water, without pulling or twisting.

After washing, carefully straighten the bag and lay it to dry on a towel. Hanging is not worth it — it can stretch and deform. It is better to store in a separate case or box, so as not to wrinkle or hook the yarn. Here, perhaps, is all that is worth knowing about caring for a knitted handbag.

All women love beautiful original things. But for the first time, having decided to crochet a handbag, many acquire, in addition to new clothes, also an exciting hobby. So, if you really want to, you should definitely try it.




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