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  1. Respect shoes: who is the manufacturer and what is known about him
  2. Customer reviews about shoes «Respect»

There are so many shoes on the shelves of modern stores that, in theory, a suitable product should be found for every buyer. However, it has become more difficult to buy good shoes than it was fifteen years ago. New brands appear and, of course, some of them offer more attractive prices than well-known proven brands.

Buying often becomes a lottery: lucky — no luck. Shoes «Respect» refers just to those brands about which there is no unequivocal opinion yet. Positive customer reviews are balanced by negative ones. Let’s try to study them, as well as information about the manufacturer, in order to form our own opinion.

Respect shoes: who is the manufacturer and what is known about him

Today, the emergence of new Russian shoe brands no longer causes such a furor as in the 2000s. Just at that time, the company «Respect» launched the production of the first line of its products. Shoes were made in St. Petersburg, and the first Moscow stores opened in 2002.

At the moment, the company’s factories operate in Europe, South America, and China. In Russia, Respect shoe stores are open in many cities. As for megacities, it would not be an exaggeration to say that Respect salons are found almost at every turn. At the very least, if you are interested in this brand, just go to any large shopping center — and most likely, you will see the right store there.

What does the company say about its products? First of all, it positions it as “shoes for everyone”. The point is that any person, regardless of age and social status, can choose from the model range something suitable for him. Actually, this is what the slogan “Respect yourself” says: a person who respects himself will not buy and wear anything. Especially when it comes to shoes.

Just for reasons of individual approach, all products of the brand are divided into several collections. So it is easier for the buyer to navigate if he already has a rough idea of ​​what he needs. So, both women’s and men’s shoes are presented in several lines: everyday, or casual, «Comfort», «Elegant» and «Fashion». Thus, the assortment includes models for every day, and business shoes, and “anti-stress” shoes, and elegant, and even trendy options.

Customer reviews about shoes «Respect»

As we have already said, there are enough reviews about this brand of shoes, both positive and negative. It turns out that the brand has both fans and those who are not going to buy Respect products anymore. Let’s see what both of them say.

About the merits:

— Often there is a mention that in the assortment of «Respect» there are models with different fullness, a comfortable shoe, a wide bootleg. Therefore, choosing the right model is often easier than other manufacturers.

— Also, many people mention that the shoes are durable and worn for more than one season.

— They also note the good quality of service in company stores: they say that the sellers are polite, friendly and always ready to help with the choice.

About the disadvantages:

— Among the negative reviews you can see complaints about the quality. As a rule, they are connected with the fact that the buyer was not immediately informed about the material or manufacturing features of the shoes he bought. Let’s say that it was expected that the shoes were entirely made of genuine leather, but in fact, artificial leather was also partially used.

— Some buyers say that it was not possible to exchange a low-quality product, despite the fact that the warranty conditions provided for such an opportunity.

— There are also mentions that boots or boots turned out to be uncomfortable, although they were chosen according to size.

As a result of all that has been said, everyone, most likely, can draw conclusions on their own. It is quite possible that you will be lucky and your purchases in the Respect shoe store will be successful. However, it is clear that it is worth paying special attention to the quality of the chosen model, and the conditions of exchange (return) that will be offered to you.




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