Why do we like branded bags and which brands should be familiar with first of all

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  1. Is the brand important?
  2. French bags — a dream come true
  3. Italian brands of bags — luxury and tradition
  4. American bag brands — style in every minute of life

How I love bags! Almost every girl can say such a phrase quite sincerely about herself. And each collects its «collection» in different ways. Someone prefers certain brands, someone is simply guided by the criterion «like — dislike.» But bags of famous brands attract everyone’s attention invariably.

Is the brand important?

No one has yet been able to answer this question unambiguously. Again, because every woman decides for herself. Maybe you generally only carry bags sewn or knitted with your own hands. And there is something to envy!

However, if we are going to buy a factory product, then how to choose a manufacturer? Should I spend money on a European brand or pay attention to China, which is quite democratic in terms of prices? Is the difference really noticeable or only experts see it?

The truth is that the concept of a “good bag” requires clarification on a case-by-case basis. Do you want your bag to last a long time? Did you look expensive? Caused the admiration and approval of her friends? But for all this it is not at all necessary to buy a brand. Excellent products can be found in little-known companies. And, conversely, some bags of fashion brands by their very appearance are puzzling. It turns out that a big name and success with customers are not always connected?

In fact, often branded bags, and other things, are bought, first of all, because they emphasize the status. A certain place that you occupy in society — or would like to occupy. The bag may look modest, but the logo flaunting on it will tell a lot to a knowledgeable person.

Another reason for the general interest in famous brands is much more interesting. We are invariably attracted and excited by things that go beyond the limits of everyday life. Having received this, we ourselves feel changed. Let’s just say, out of the scope of everyday life. Buying a bag from a world-famous brand is just such an event. We pick up a thing with history, touch something extraordinary. And since this extraordinary is connected with the fashion and beauty industry, a rare woman will remain indifferent.

French bags — a dream come true

How much beauty these French have given to the world! It is hard not to agree that handbags from Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Chanel, Dior are among the beautiful. The competition called «the most expensive bag» can be held with confidence among French brands. But what’s so amazing about that? A sense of style, elegance, sophistication — this is what is usually expected from the creations of Parisian couturiers. They just have the talent to bring it all to life. Plus, everyone has their own special calling.

A classic that transforms everyday life with a chic performance is the trademark of Louis Vuitton. This is a fairly “practical” brand, not in vain, because its fame began not at all with handbags, but with suitcases. Today, in addition to travel products, the brand also produces clothes, shoes, bags, and other accessories. The iconic monogrammed colorway has become perhaps one of the most recognizable in the world.

Chanel embodies, first of all, femininity and elegance in its creations. Without a doubt, this is the legacy of the legendary founder of the brand. Of course, there are Chanel and trendy things. What is, for example, a hoop bag that strikes the most daring imagination.

But still, the corporate style is completely different. The chain handle, the quilted surface, the logo lock are familiar even to those who are far from the world of fashion. Well, those who are interested in fashion will never confuse the bags of this brand with others.

Italian brands of bags — luxury and tradition

Works — is it possible to call the products of the masters of sunny Italy in another way? — need no introduction at all. Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci and at least a dozen more sonorous names immediately come to mind. Passionate Italians know how to convey their impulse through what they do. Maybe that’s why we like Italian bags so much? One way or another, but they really like the majority. Our online store also cooperates with well-known Italian brands. For any buyer, this is already a guarantee that only the original can be purchased from us.

For example, Coccinelle bags are chosen by connoisseurs of luxury. The impression of a branded expensive thing is confirmed by every detail. This includes soft genuine leather, stylish fittings, and unobtrusive decor. These bags accentuate your beauty rather than draw all the attention to yourself. But it is precisely this quality that makes them unique. Such an accessory helps the owner to be herself in the best possible way.

Cromia women’s handbags are a surprisingly harmonious combination of classic and modern. Perhaps the fact is that the well-known Italian brand today grew out of a small family business. Do I need to explain what is the meaning of traditions for any Italian family? So Cromia carefully preserves and improves everything that the fans of the brand love so much.

In addition to cute casual models and charming evening options, Cromia business bags are of particular interest. They have long been appreciated by those for whom it is important to maintain individuality, while remaining within the dress code. And if you go somewhere with this handbag after work, it will be quite appropriate.

American bag brands — style in every minute of life

How do you like the idea of ​​looking cool every day, for no particular reason? What can I say, it’s tempting. No wonder the American designer Michael Kors uses this approach in his work. Many famous people liked his clothes and accessories. An impressive example is Michelle Obama, who has more than one Michael Kors dress in her wardrobe. No less popular are the bags of this brand. And not just among celebrities.

American practicality coupled with a unique design style make this brand one of a kind. Each handbag with all its appearance declares that the time to be beautiful and noticeable is right now. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to the store or to a party. It is absolutely appropriate and timely to look amazing at any moment.

Mark Jacobs branded handbags are another phenomenon that cannot be ignored. It’s just the poetry of street style, embodied in our favorite accessories. They will not fit into every wardrobe, but will appeal to those who have their own style. Because for some things there are no ready-made rules: you just need to feel how to wear it and what to combine it with. However, not all bags of this brand are so extravagant. There are also models closer to the classics.

In a word, branded bags are a whole encyclopedia. Each chapter in it can be studied for a long time and thoroughly, and it’s exciting. Moreover, in addition to theory, there is also a very exciting practice. This is the choice and purchase of a handbag of a well-known brand you like.



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