Why is it profitable to buy original GRIZZLY backpacks and how to distinguish them from fakes

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The GRIZZLY company has been operating on the Russian market for 25 years. During this time, the brand has gained fans and fans. Thank you for choosing our products. Unfortunately, fakes are becoming more and more over time. Be careful.

Why the original GRIZZLY backpack is better than a fake

Thought out to the smallest detail

When developing new product models, we conduct research, surveys, study customer reviews, and test samples of each model in focus groups. The result obtained is taken into account in serial products.

For example, we always check the exact location of the straps and their angle in focus groups. We make sure that the straps do not slip and do not cut the neck. When sewing fakes, it is impossible to take into account such nuances. Even a very similar outwardly backpack of some “gray” brand can be impractical and cause a lot of trouble.

Verified by millions of buyers

Every year in the company we release a new product line — more than 200 models of bags, backpacks and more (more than 600,000 items per year). Rest assured, each copy is better than the one presented in the catalog last season.

Fair prices

Despite a lot of work to improve products, we maintain affordable prices. The volume of production compensates for the costs of our research. If you are offered to buy the same backpack, but cheaper, then in its production somewhere unjustified savings were made.

Special Warranty Terms

Buying products in our online store, you can return or exchange it within two months. If the bag doesn’t fit or you just don’t like it, send it back and we’ll refund your money. Even when ordering through the online catalog, you risk nothing.

How to distinguish original GRIZZLY products

brand name

In order to mislead buyers, scammers often just slightly change some part of the branding of goods: the font, one of the letters, mirror the text or logo, change the address of the official website, etc.

The official website of our online store grizzlyshop.ru, and the correct brand name is GRIZZLY.


All backpacks have a branded tag with a Grizzly bear.

In models of the RB and RG series, tags with multi-colored images of a bear. In addition to the backpack, there is a booklet “GRIZZLY Healthy Back Program with Mark Leontiev”.

Tags GRIZZLY.jpg

Complete with backpacks of the RB and RG series are a color tag and a booklet.

The RQ, RU, RS and RK series models feature a herringbone tag with a classic Grizzly bear with movable legs. Men’s backpacks with a black bear, women’s — with a rainbow (holographic).

The tags contain a barcode, care instructions, the production address and the address of the official website.

Tags GRIZZLY 3.jpg

Tags that come with backpacks of the RQ, RU, RS and RK, RG, RD, RXL, RX series.


A label is sewn inside the satchels and backpacks with detailed information about the product, a link to the site, and recommendations for care. Labels are of two types.

Labels GRIZZLY.jpg

Labels inside GRIZZLY backpacks.

If you are not sure if the backpack is original in front of you or not, write to us by mail: info@grizzlyshop.ru. Let’s help you figure it out.

Sincerely, the GRIZZLY team.