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The source of all fashion trends of the twentieth century is the capital of love …

Oh, Paris, it was here that the unsurpassed Lady Dior, the 11.12 model from Chanel and many other legendary women’s bags that are still in trend were born.

But the fashion of the XXI century already has 2 mothers — America and Europe. Birthday — winter 72-73, marked by the end of the Vietnam War and the surge of free-spirited hippie culture. Of course, clothes and, most importantly, accessories are now perceived as a protest against violence, a hymn to equality and harmony. Hippie clothing is the source and beginning of that protest eclecticism of the 70s, which we can see as the mainstream of trends for women’s bags today, in 2020-21.

Women's bags of the season 2020-21-01

If we talk about European trends specifically for women’s bags 2020-21, then here the palm, without quarreling and not trying to force each other out, is held by equivalent classic, sporty styleromantic provence and dashing Derby. At the same time, a sports backpack can be easily combined with a classic coat, a briefcase is great with sneakers with futuristic soles, and a woven lace string bag with golifs. Suddenly? May be!

  • What is the main trend for women’s bags winter-autumn 2020-21?
  • Freedom!
  • Who decided it?
  • Today, fashion does not dictate what we wear, but we dictate which women’s bag, skirt and hat are in trend this fall or winter!

That is why we have collected for you the most popular categories of women’s bags so that you can, without wasting precious time, choose any for yourself, for work, for an evening promenade, for a morning run and, of course, for a romantic evening! Shall we start?

Office Style? Fall-winter 2020-21 — what are the trends in women’s bags

Audrey Hepburn, Meryl Streep, Diana Keaton — remember? Feminine and charming, incredibly strong and at the same time fragile, like Chinese porcelain figurines… Probably, as long as culture and civilization exist, they will be remembered. It was they who were able to inspire millions of European women, made them remember their attractiveness after the terrible zenith of the twentieth century.

Audrey’s miniature handbags, Diana Keaton’s elegant ethnic bags and Meryl Streep’s perfect classics are the three elephants on which the modern office fashion of women’s bags 2020-21 rests.

What women’s handbags should be worn in 2020-21? What will this winter and autumn prefer? What are the trends? Look closely!

  • Women’s leather shoulder bags — for slender girls or thin, like a field feather grass, mature women.
  • And what about curvy ladies with sunbeams in a smile and dizzyingly sloping hips? Classic trends are women’s office bags with a rigid frame.
  • Which women’s bags for autumn-winter 2020-21 are for the most strict smart casual? Miniature briefcases in the style of «Breakfast at Tiffany’s» or more capacious from «The Devil Wears Prada».

Office bags 2020-21 must be alive! Textured, natural and original! And ideally, there should be several of them, for different images. If desired, even in a gray office, you can look like a romantic Turgenev young lady or a daring Amazon, while not going beyond the red lines of corporate trends. One accessory can change everything!

  • What are the chances that I can be perfect this fall or winter?
  • 100%! But only if there is inspiration!

Correctly? Do we really understand each other? Then do not waste it in vain, please yourself with something exquisite today.

Trend bags 2020 — stay or go

Remember the beginning of 2020? Winter? What were the trends for women’s bags? A boom in belt bananas, extreme, literally doll mini bags for women and, of course, round bags with a long belt or Chanel-style chains. Do they remain relevant? Surely no one can accuse you of bad taste with such an accessory in the winter of 2020-21?

Women's bags of the season 2020-21-02

Let’s take a look at the 2020 trends one by one and see if you want to take them with you in the fall and winter of 2020-21?

Belt bananas fall-winter 2020-21 take away

Yes, a sports banana is no longer quite sports. There are many different design options for such women’s bags. And if until the year before last, we strongly associated the banana with market sellers or a conductor in public transport, today this very associative chain “grabs” from memory, first of all, the perfect silhouettes on the red carpet …

Waist bananas remain popular bags in 2020-2021. What are the prospects for the future? We believe that these trends will be interesting not only for autumn or winter, but also for the next spring-summer.

Well, tell me! What woman in her right mind would refuse a comfortable and roomy bag that accentuates her waist so favorably! And what force makes fashion today? Right! Women’s bag fashion 2020-21 is created by us.

Extreme mini — what bags are we putting aside on the mezzanine for now

For better or worse, for the time being, we are postponing extreme trends in the form of fashion for dollar bags. No, again, not because someone somewhere decided so. And what then? It’s just that there is even less practicality in such a handbag than in a flirty hairpin on a cold January with snow drifts.

What is the main trend for accessories in 2020-21? Well, of course, practicality and convenience. And then elegance. And on the first two points, the extreme mini loses.

Round bags — derby style for Halloween and New Year’s Eve

But round bags on a long strap or chain moved into the main focus of female attention a little later than bananas and microreticules. But then they irrevocably captured the hearts of the fair sex. Almost en masse.

The 2020-21 round bag trend remains! Winter and autumn, if they are not very frosty, are the best time for walking a jockey jacket and high boots. And what accompaniment would be worthy of this derby-style song? Which one, you guessed it?

Well, of course gorgeous round bags! With “vintage” fittings, rivets, fringes…

And today you can find women’s eco-leather bags of decent quality, which in appearance can not be distinguished from the “natural”. Yes, and quality too.

What small women’s bags are in trend 2020-21? Of course, round! They are perfectly combined with luxurious furs, and with modest coats in the style of the English queen, and with fashionable insulated leather jackets.

And for the price, by the way, such trends can be found quite affordable in 2020-21.

Women's bags of the season 2020-21-03

Bold and loose — street style bags for autumn and winter 2020-21

In 2014, backpacks massively migrated from school classes and university audiences, expanding the reach of connoisseurs many times over. They have become very comfortable and practical city bags. Casual. Of course, for this they had to slightly adjust their design, borrowing a bit of gloss and audacity from standard women’s bags. Perhaps, it is unlikely that you will be able to find at least one girl aged 16+ who does not have a favorite backpack.

2020-21 is the best time to buy a new backpack or bulky shopper with a small handle. Which one and why? To make it equally comfortable to wear such a women’s bag both on the shoulder and on the bend of the elbow. Autumn and winter with their voluminous jackets also correct fashion trends.

Fortunately, today’s trends offer a huge range of a wide variety of women’s backpacks, ranging from semi-vintage-semi-futuristic braids, as in the Ulla Johnson collection, to the minimalistic Phillip Lim, where leather sides are combined with a transparent bottom.

Naturally, it is not necessary to buy women’s bags for autumn or winter 2020-21 for fabulous money from high fashion collections, because today you can find no less sophisticated options available to the mass consumer. At the same time, they will be just as original, sophisticated, refined and, of course, will emphasize your unique and inimitable charming style.

Also, take a closer look at the compact, but surprisingly roomy box bags and miniature suitcases. Many well-known brands have brought back these designs of women’s bags. You can get a little confused by the variety, right? That is why the answer to the question of what kind of trends for women’s bags are preferable in 2021, namely for winter and autumn, is not too categorical.

The entire Internet is full of headlines like «autumn trends», «what bags are in fashion 2020-21», «what are the trends of women’s bags winter-autumn 2020-21» … We really hope that we were able to give comprehensive answers to such requests, and therefore, with a clear conscience, we invite you to read our other articles.


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