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In the wardrobe of every woman there is a bag, and not just one. In general, it is hard to imagine that at least one fashionista can leave the house without this accessory. With a bag we go to work, to the store, to a business meeting, on a date, to a restaurant or to any other place, we store documents, cosmetics, money and other things we need in it.

Women’s handbag is a very important style attribute and a manifestation of the individuality of each woman. That is why some women choose small handbags, others — large and roomy, and still others — cute little backpacks.

In addition to its direct purpose, a women’s bag also performs the function of a kind of decoration. This attribute can bring a «zest» to the image, make it sophisticated and interesting, complete and complete.

A beautiful women’s bag will emphasize the attractive appearance of its owner, will emphasize her refined taste.

Trendy and quite popular this season is saddle bag (saddle bag) — a small semicircular bag made of leather or suede. Models of bags in the form of a saddle can be complemented with a metal clasp or bright decor. Although they are compact, they are able to fit in a minimum of necessary things.

Buy a saddle bag in the Ossom online store

Online store «Ossom» offers a huge number of different models of women’s bags. On the pages of our catalog you will find exactly what you will like: from classic options to new items from the fashion world.

In our store you can choose and buy saddle-shaped bags. It is not the first season that they are an adornment of any outfit or style. Lightweight and comfortable saddle bags are increasingly gaining the interest of our customers.

Saddle-shaped women’s handbags can no doubt be attributed to the classics. Such products are very easy to recognize among other various models: they are small in size and rounded in shape.

Women’s saddle bags from our catalog have the following advantages:

  • stylish design — smooth or embossed models, everyday or for special occasions. They have one or more compartments, mini-pockets for storing useful little things. Decorated with straps, buckles, rivets;
  • high-quality manufacturing materials — models are made of natural soft leather or suede, artificial leather, as well as combined leather and suede;
  • a variety of colors — the saddle bag in the spring-summer season 2020 has a wide color palette and pleases with bright colors;
  • non-standard shape of products — all saddle bag styles are small in size, they can be oval or with rounded edges;
  • reasonable price — our fashionable women’s saddle bags correspond to the current trends of the current season and have a low price.

In the new season, saddle bags remain in fashion and can serve as a wonderful and stylish addition to both a classic look and an elegant ensemble. The presented models of women’s saddle bags in the catalog of our store are quite diverse, among them you will find models with strict lines and minimal decor, as well as bags decorated with buttons, rivets, zippers, tassels and other decorative elements.

In our online store you can buy stylish saddle bags at a low price. We deliver our goods with the help of transport companies throughout Ukraine.

A saddle-shaped bag is a stylish accessory for a modern woman.

Women’s saddle bags are products on a long belt with a valve cover and a rounded bottom. Despite its name, this model has nothing to do with horses and riders. The name of the style appeared due to the outlines: the shape of the product really resembles a saddle.

Initially, such an accessory was the privilege of cowboys and Indians of the Wild West, the bag was sewn from leather and suede, attached to the saddle and was decorated with fringe and tassels. Then the saddle bag (translated from English means a bag for a saddle) fell in love with hippies, and today a saddle bag is present in the wardrobe of every fashionista.

As the saying goes, “everything new is well forgotten old” and such a well-known definition perfectly suits the trendy saddle bags that first appeared on the catwalk and became popular in the 70s. And it was the cowboys with their extraordinary style that inspired the designers to create this accessory of a comfortable and original style.

Today, the iconic saddle bag has returned to the world of fashion with a modern twist and many interpretations. The only thing that has remained unchanged is the characteristic semicircular shape in the form of a saddle.

A saddle bag is a small bag with a long adjustable strap that is worn primarily on the shoulder. Now you can find many options for this extremely fashionable and relevant model of different colors and textures. This handbag is suitable for every woman, regardless of age, it can successfully complement both casual and romantic outfits. The saddle bag doesn’t take up your hands, doesn’t hinder your movements, and you don’t have to adjust the strap on your shoulder from time to time.

Compact and lightweight women’s saddle bag

The women’s saddle bag is the most practical accessory for everyday wear. You can take it with you for a walk, a cultural event or a trip. The saddle bag is completely hands-free, making it easy to shop for groceries, carry bags, push a stroller or lead a child by the hand.

A practical and beautiful model of a women’s saddle bag has many advantages:

  • it is light and functional — there is not much space inside, but you can put only the most necessary things there (from a mobile phone to a diary and a cosmetic bag) while not overloading yourself with weights;
  • it is comfortable to wear — the saddle bag is worn over the shoulder, which makes it indispensable for a walk (after a day of walking, the shoulders will not hurt, even if weighty objects are placed inside), the weight is distributed evenly, the load on the spine is reduced;
  • harmoniously combined with different bows and fits any style — a wide selection of models from a variety of materials, complemented by a wide palette and beautiful decor, allows you to choose a handbag for everyday use as well as for an evening out. A saddle bag made in restrained colors will look good with a strict business suit.

The saddle bag is a great solution for modern women with an active lifestyle. Pay attention to the models presented in the catalog of our store:

  • small stylish rounded handbags;
  • products of classic colors (black, white, beige) and bright colors (red, blue, etc.);
  • models with a valve on a magnet or with a metal buckle;
  • decorated with decorative stitching, fringe, rivets, tassels and original patterns;
  • Saddlebags in smooth leather or reptile embossed.

Definitely, at least one product in the form of a saddle should be in the wardrobe of every woman. And if it is a bag of classic design made of genuine leather or suede, it will last for many years and will be an indispensable assistant.

How to choose the right women’s saddle bag

If you decide to buy a new handbag, it is important to choose not only its style and color. Here, consider wearing comfort, whether it suits your style and how the new model will be combined with things from your wardrobe. A properly selected saddle bag will make the image complete and complete, sophisticated and refined.

Since the saddle bag has a long strap and is usually worn around the hips or waistline, it draws attention to this particular area of ​​the female figure. Therefore, when buying a saddle bag, you should follow the basic stylistic recommendations:

  • if you want to emphasize your winning sides, choose bags of bright and light colors, decorated with eye-catching details;
  • if you are the owner of curvaceous, you should opt for one-color dark bags in black, brown, dark green or blue. A good option is a saddle bag in the same shade as your dress or trousers.

The main advantage of the saddle bag is its versatility. Long strap options in black, beige, dark brown or terracotta leather are suitable for any season and can be combined with many pieces of women’s wardrobe.


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