A denim pencil skirt is a wardrobe essential.

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Fashion is an unpredictable thing. There are things that come brightly and quickly disappear from the catwalks, fashion magazines and boutiques. And there are those that will always be popular. Today, the topic of conversation will be a denim pencil skirt, which has not gone out of fashion for so many years!

Initially, the great Coco Chanel came up with this form in 1926, offering a narrow, hip-hugging model that was just below the knees. During the Second World War, such products were relevant, because they did not need an abundance of fabrics and had a laconic cut. The second wave of popularity of this style came in the 80s, when business women wore a skirt, using it as a symbol of female power.

Material Features

Denim is considered a cozy and comfortable fabric. Denim is tough and quite dense in its pure form, so it is diluted with elastane and lycra fibers. The material is characterized by excellent wear resistance, hygroscopicity. There are several types of denim material: gin, shamri, lycra, broken twill. To date, denim clothing is especially relevant, it is versatile and comfortable to wear. The leading place among other samples is occupied by a denim pencil skirt, which gives the look femininity, grace and practicality.

Models and styles

A versatile and comfortable model is a pencil-shaped denim skirt. Fashion designers constantly inspire girls, offering more and more interesting and improved models of skirts that emphasize shapes. In fact, dense fabric and a pencil shape are suitable for any girl. The only exceptions are ladies with a too pronounced difference between the waist and hips.

Full girls especially go for a high-waisted denim pencil skirt that hides all that is superfluous in the abdomen. If your figure is close to the “apple” figure, this option will suit you best. Also, a similar style is relevant for owners of lush hips and not too expressive waist. Attractive high waisted denim pencil skirt flawlessly defines the waist and the curve of the hips, it creates a classic, sexy and elegant style and look. Stylists recommend for obese women to choose a midi model, that is, below the knees. In this case, the thing should be made of dense material and have dark colors.

The short model perfectly suits the owners of slender legs, emphasizing the length and slenderness of the legs. The midi cut emphasizes the beauty of the hips, hides the extra weight on the legs and accentuates the style. It is chosen by both girls with a slender physique and owners of magnificent forms. The long denim pencil skirt is spectacular and luxurious, great for the off-season and summer. It perfectly highlights the figure and makes the image attractive.

If we talk about decoration, various elements of decor and decorations are used. A denim pencil skirt with buttons looks luxurious and comfortable, it visually lengthens the height and adds harmony. This model is well suited for everyday, urban and casual looks. Scuffs on the product will bring youth and modern notes to the look. Wide waistband accentuates the waist.

In addition to the usual blue shades, skirt manufacturers also offer more non-standard products. Yellow, red, white will bring individuality and originality to the image. A gray denim pencil skirt looks rich, emphasizing the appearance of a girl with blond hair.

What to wear?

How and with what to wear the product, each girl decides for herself. We will offer you several options for images. If you want to bring lightness to your look, dilute a blue or blue skirt with a light, mint, pink T-shirt or T-shirt. Stylish glasses, moccasins or sneakers will add completeness to the image.

In autumn and summer, you can wear the product to study or to work. At the same time, a jumper with a white shirt, low-heeled boots or cowboy boots will add severity to the bow.

business style. A pencil denim skirt is the perfect option for a woman who wants to be elegant in her chosen dress code. In the color scheme, you can stop at any muted and natural shades. It is necessary that the bottom is not very tight, and the top is not transparent. Then the look will become pleasant and elegant.

City Style. In this case, you can freely allow yourself to show imagination. The shade of the top in this case can be different — from neon pink to bright blue. The main thing is to rely on the features of your own appearance. T-shirts with drawings also have the opportunity to beat wonderfully.

Casual look. A casual bow looks great: a plaid shirt, a knee-length pencil skirt and high-heeled shoes or sneakers. A product with a T-shirt that has a print or pattern looks playful and coquettish.

romantic look. This option will allow you to use the top of a loose or tight-fitting cut with ruffles, flounces, prints in delicate and pastel colors. Graceful bows and rhinestones will complement the bow and make it more expressive. The lines of the figure should be emphasized, while avoiding frankness and sex appeal in the finished image.

hippie style. A floor-length skirt can also be part of a hippie look by pairing it with a paisley blouse or other oriental pattern. As accessories, use additions in the style of hand made, scarves around the neck.

Shoes are selected depending on the top and the purpose of the image. With sneakers, the skirt looks youthful and sporty, and with sandals and shoes, it looks strict and elegant.

In the cold season, it is better to combine a denim pencil skirt with knee-high boots. In cool weather, sweaters, sweaters, jumpers are also recommended. Don’t forget about accessories. Long beads, pearl strands, medium-sized hoop earrings will do. If you decorate your neck with a scarf, you can create a very extravagant look.

The photo shows that women wear products with completely different bottoms and tops, complementing the look with various accessories.

Caring for a denim skirt

Denim should not be dry cleaned. Failure to comply with this rule can lead to excessive shrinkage of the product due to interaction with chemistry components. Due to the peculiarities of the structure of the fabric, the product will shrink after washing, but if you do not need it, give things a shape with your hands, stretching it a little.

You also need to wash with special care.:

  • Close zippers, buttons and all zippers before washing.
  • Turn the garment over to the wrong side.
  • Do not wash the product with a powder containing bleach.
  • Wash the item separately from other items.
  • Don’t squeeze things, let them drain.

To keep denim soft, iron it on the wrong side.

A denim pencil skirt is the perfect solution for everyday and business wear.. It is suitable for both students and mature women. The skirt is not only comfortable and very practical to wear, but also allows you to create a considerable number of looks in different styles. By choosing the necessary elements and details, you will always look stylish and extravagant!


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