Adidas men’s winter jackets (36 photos): down jackets, parkas, sports models

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Connoisseurs of comfort, practical solutions and bright design will be happy to put on Adidas men’s winter jackets. The German brand needs no introduction — Adidas clothes are willingly worn by both sports fans and people far from it. It is important that the products of the German brand perfectly protect against wind and frost, are suitable for fashionable urban and sports bows, combined with diverse clothing.

Original Adidas will cost you a fortune, but a winter jacket is worth it. It will last more than one season and will be a favorite thing in the men’s wardrobe. The utilitarian and laconic design makes the products of the German brand out of fashion and out of time.

The jackets are comfortable and the quality is undeniable. The cuffs do not stretch, the prints remain bright and do not fade, the fabric withstands repeated washings, does not allow moisture and wind to pass through.

We can talk endlessly about the merits of a fashion brand, but the main problem for buyers is not how to choose a quality jacket. The company has developed several successful lines of fashionable clothing for men. To choose a suitable product for winter, you need to decide on the style, purpose of clothing, figure parameters.

Lineup from Adidas

The Adidas apparel range includes true sportswear that is made for training in the cold season, as well as casual jackets for different occasions. Warm and lightweight models are available for men, long variations in the type of coat and cropped bombers.

The range includes quilted vests with fur trim and a hood, as well as windproof ponchos. But such models are chosen by sophisticated athletes. For ordinary men, practical jackets with a straight cut and a length up to the middle of the thigh are recommended.

Sports bomber jackets

Bombers have a high collar and hood and are absent. This is a fairly light model that is not designed for severe frosts. Sports bombers are more suitable for tourism and outdoor activities. Lightweight models with tight cuffs and a rounded fitting collar will appeal to young fashionistas. In the brand’s assortment you can find casual jackets, as well as themed models from the football or basketball collection.

Bombers with horizontal stitching will emphasize the width of the shoulders and make the male silhouette visually larger. If you need to stretch the figure, bright jackets with vertical stripes on the sleeves will help. In Adidas tradition, these are the classic triple stripes in white. It is recommended to wear such jackets with jeans or joggers, sports hats or beanie models, as well as snood scarves.

Products with a hood

The presence of a hood is mandatory if the jacket is intended for walking outdoors in sub-zero temperatures. If variations without a hood and a mini length are more suitable for motorists, then elongated jackets with a hood and fur trim will help out those who move around the city on foot.

Hoods vary from model to model. In some cases, this is an element of thin fabric that protects only from the wind. There are insulated hoods that perfectly warm and eliminate the need to wear a warm hat.


If it is extremely cold in winter, then elongated jackets will help not to freeze. Quilted and smooth models of a straight cut are suitable for men of various builds. Long jackets are undesirable in the wardrobe of perhaps stocky men. For everyone else, outerwear of this kind fits well.

Designers of the brand prefer monophonic models, decorated with trefoil or white stripes and obligatory Adidas marking. On tall and slender men, elongated oversized models look good. They are recommended to be worn with sportswear or street style items.

Too long coat-type models are found, but they are not typical for the brand’s sports collection.

Long jackets are rarely puffy. Usually these are models resembling raincoats and coats. It is possible to improve the warming properties of outerwear due to technological insulation, water-repellent and windproof fabric.


Parkas are characterized by an elongated cut, the presence of a hood, a loose fit. Most models are complemented by patch pockets. You should not expect standard solutions from the Adidas brand that are typical of the urban sea. The parks of the German brand have a recognizable sporty style. Their length does not exceed the middle of the thigh, and the cut, although free, is not shapeless.

Fashionable men’s parkas have a high collar, a voluminous hood with a fur trim or lapel. The presence of patch pockets does not exclude secret compartments and internal pockets on the sides.

The distinctive characteristics of Adidas parks are:

  • discreet design and practical colors;
  • dense insulation of synthetic or natural origin;
  • high collar with a zipper;
  • adjustable elastic cuffs;
  • water-repellent DWR coating.

Budget parks for everyday use use synthetic insulation, often recycled polyester. Sometimes there are combinations of technological fabrics and natural materials. Some parks can be safely called lightweight and elongated down jackets. Feather and down are used as a heater, while the stitch and characteristic attributes of classic down jackets are absent. Spacious pockets are not only suitable for storing the necessary small things, but also perfectly warm hands.

down jackets

Puffy down jackets with a length just below the waist are ideal for winter in the middle lane. They protect well from the weather, but are lightweight and not too massive.

The range of down jackets for men includes practical colors, as well as bright models in blue, green, terracotta and wine tones. Down jackets in patchwork technique do not lose popularity, but they are more often chosen by young men. Mature fashionistas prefer plain down jackets with fur trim, patch or side pockets, and a high collar.

Goose or duck down is used as a heater. The down to feather ratio is 80% to 20%. In rare cases, the content of fluff in the composition of the insulation has an indicator of 60-70%. At home, washing such a down jacket is problematic. To prevent the filler from rolling, it is better to entrust the cleaning of the jacket to professionals.

The range of fashionable down jackets also includes reversible models that allow you to look different in the same item. Not all men like reversible jackets, because the lining is also the outer fabric when the jacket is turned inside out. And this means that the air exchange in such clothes is not too high.


The German brand always knows how to surprise its fans. If classic jackets seem not warm enough, then anoraks with reinforced filler will help out. They are suitable for cold weather, perfectly warm and protect from the wind. A feature of the model is that it is worn over the head. For men who lead an active lifestyle and go in for outdoor sports even in winter, this solution will be optimal.

Brand designers equip anoraks with convenient pockets and internal holes for gadgets: phone headsets or player wires. In the Originals and Terrex lines, there are always successful anoraks with a kangaroo pocket and a windproof hood. Colors vary from white and pastel variations to practical and dark fabrics with a glossy effect.

Fashion solutions from Adidas Neo

Why is it worth talking about jackets from the Adidas Neo collection in more detail? This is a fairly young brand, which is aimed at dynamic people with an active lifestyle. It appeared 10 years ago and has become extremely popular among teenagers and people under 30 years old.

The designers made sure that the clothes turned out to be affordable, had a bright interesting design and met quality standards. Initially, Adidas Neo produced exclusively shoes, but today, outerwear is also produced as part of the youth line, designed with the mission of Adidas Neo in mind.

The range of winter products is quite modest, but the brand continues to develop. Already now you can find successful solutions in a bright design for everyday wardrobe. And here, in the Adidas Neo collection, there are beanie hats, overalls, trousers and sweatshirts that can be successfully combined with outerwear.

The brand surprises the teenage and children’s sea with special attention. Boys and young men will love the colorful yet harmonious jackets with the Adidas logo, vertical stripes and color inserts.


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