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Backpacks for children

Any orthopedic doctor, even not specializing in children, their growth characteristics and the problems that arise in this case, will categorically say: a backpack or satchel is the only possible option. All other bags, briefcases, etc., if worn regularly, are guaranteed to lead to curvature of the spine and scoliosis. Therefore, for each parent, the purchase of a high-quality backpack with an orthopedic back becomes a choice without a choice: it all comes down to the selection of shape, color, pattern and spaciousness. And the only thing that can be added to it is special shoe bags.

If you don’t want evil for your son or daughter, then don’t rush to buy an “almost adult” girl shoulder or belt handbag, and the boy — tablet or cross body. Review what he or she wears to school/training and choose an option that is appropriate for their age. Then the conflict that “this is for kids, and I won’t walk with such a model” will never arise.


While there are only three main recommendations:

  • orthopedic back;
  • wide, adjustable straps;
  • additional compartments and pockets.

Therefore, choosing the best backpack from our offer is easy. There will be only one problem: I liked several models, but you need to choose one and only.

Teenage backpacks

There is no consensus on when a child becomes a teenager. In various medical treatises, according to the current norms and requirements, even at the legislative level, the numbers 12, 14 and even 16 years appear. But it is most correct to stick to the golden mean: this is indirectly confirmed by the fact that young Russians receive their first passport at this age.

The main mistake of most moms and dads who buy a backpack for a teenager is choosing without him. Even if you want to make a surprise, for example, present it for a birthday or New Year, you should refuse such an undertaking. There is only one reason: you definitely will not guess the wishes and tastes of the younger generation. It may so happen that he or she will be embarrassed to go with what the “nothing understanding of modern fashion trends” parents considered so cool and necessary.

In addition, when choosing a model for a teenager, a difference in gender begins to be clearly seen. Future men pick up a universal backpack with which they can go to study and go on vacation. Whereas young women of fashion can boast of several models at once, significantly differing in shape and capacity.

Backpacks for boys

So it turns out that when choosing a backpack, the representatives of the stronger sex are guided by:

  • its spaciousness: in a small, “decorative” everything a modern teenager simply does not fit;
  • the presence of comfortable, ergonomic straps: few people wear it only to school and back;
  • the presence of a separate compartment under notebook: more and more often this feature turns from a desired into a mandatory one;
  • it should be made of durable fabric, which is hard to get dirty: there are legends about the careless attitude of teenagers with backpacks;
  • with a few extra zip pockets: just so much more convenient;
  • from a recognizable brand: no one has yet canceled the opportunity to show off a new thing to peers.

02 3.jpg

At the same time, they wear it with any clothes, without much hesitation, whether it suits it or not. Therefore, if your son is not a complete fashionista who puts on a suit, even just to take out the trash, the choice goes to a completely different plane.

Backpacks for girls

Quite another is the selection of a model for young women. Restrictions from the orthopedist have ceased to be relevant, which means that in choosing a model (more often several models at once, so that you don’t have to compromise when choosing a wardrobe), your hands are untied. Therefore, below are the 5 most interesting and unusual bows that you will definitely try on yourself.

  • Denim shorts, trousers, overalls. They can not only be combined with any clothing, but also complemented by backpacks that differ in style, color, texture and more. At the same time, it is she who forgives inaccuracies and errors in combination. If you are just taking your first steps in the field of fashion, choose your own style and want to create a unique look, then there is no better “sweet couple” than jeans and a backpack.
  • Short tight skirt and stilettos. As an option, a minidress and sandals. You can bet that few people would think that the final touch would be a non-copying python skin bag or graceful bag with stones. BUT like thisor such backpacks that will look very interesting.
  • Shorts, sneakers, loose T-shirt. Perhaps also a baseball cap: this way the image will become complete and complete. And on the shoulders — monophonic sports model Necessarily restrained, pastel color.
  • Sweatshirt, tight pants, light sneakers. An image that has long become a classic, many designers offer to dilute it with a backpack not made of nylon, but made of artificial leather, for example, like this.

An image for the cold season: an elongated loose-cut coat, trousers, flat shoes and a knitted hat should definitely be supplemented with a textile, roomy backpack, female, unisex or even male model.

At the same time, they wear it with any clothes, without much hesitation, whether it suits it or not. Therefore, if your son is not a complete fashionista who puts on a suit, even just to take out the trash, the choice goes to a completely different plane.

03 2.jpg

Here are just the most interesting, but at the same time very simple models. However, there can be dozens of times more images where a backpack is an obligatory component of a holistic style of a young girl. And many of them are definitely worth a try.

Models for men

With age, when yesterday’s young man becomes a man in his prime, the attitude towards the backpack, if it changes, is not at all strong. You may have noticed more than once or twice that the head of the department, who, according to his status, is supposed to not only walk in a three-piece suit, but also carry all the necessary documentation and a laptop in an expensive leather briefcase, the price of which is in the thousands of dollars, prefers a sports backpack. And to the corresponding question, why his choice is contrary to the status, he answers simply — it’s more convenient.

04 1.jpg

And for those who are guided not only by functionality, but also by how the backpack looks and what style of clothing it suits, there are a few simple, but at the same time very useful recommendations:

  • Sporty style. The selected backpack should match it: decorative, frankly eye-catching elements, many additional external pockets, large metal fittings, leather elements, etc.: all this should not be. But in the choice of colors, drawings, you are not limited by anything: no other style will be so harmoniously combined with riot of colors.
  • Denim option. But not only trousers (appearing in their usual form only at the end of the 19th century, they still have a reputation as a must-have in every man’s wardrobe), but also a jacket. And if the original recommendation was the same: the backpack should be made of the same fabric as the clothes, preferably denim colors, then current fashion trends are not so demanding. Therefore, combine this wardrobe with a nylon or canvas backpack, preferably in restrained tones.
  • Casual wear, or as it is increasingly called, casual style. The wardrobe option primarily implies convenience, while everything else fades into the background, and backpacks are no exception. Plain or printed, inconspicuous in appearance or, on the contrary, finished with decorative elements, small or large and roomy: only your desires and requirements will be the limiting factors.
  • Leather. The material used by man for more than one thousand years has not lost its relevance to this day. But it’s definitely not worth putting an equal sign between an elegant kid leather vest and a sheepskin coat with fur. Therefore, the rule is simple: the better the dressing of the skin, the more smooth and high-quality material for sewing a backpack should be used. Whereas with a real biker leather jacket, “seasoned” with trousers made of the same material and complemented by Cossack boots, it is worth wearing deliberately brutal, made from roughly dressed canvas fabric backpack. Indistinct color, with contrasting inserts, it will look just great.
  • Classic, shortened or, conversely, elongated coats. There are many who are confident that no matter how it is made, no matter what style the model is in, the backpack does not fit with them at all. This is not so, and there is only one recommendation: the stricter the shoes on the owner’s feet, the more concise, made in restrained and even boring colors, the backpack should be. Likewise when wearing it with a jacket or even a plain suit.

And if you dig deeper, what other recommendations are there for choosing a business style in clothes, you will certainly come across the statement that a backpack, or rather its straps, spoil a jacket. And with his regular wear, he not only begins to shine and lose his appearance, but even rubbed and torn. This is only possible in one of two cases:

  • the jacket is sewn from low-grade fabric;
  • chose a “noname” backpack or even a fake.

In all other situations this is not possible.

So it turns out that only a backpack is a universal receptacle for things suitable for any wardrobe and style of clothing, which explains its popularity among many men.

What do women wear with backpacks?

Again, there is no and cannot be a clear line between those models that are suitable for girls and those that only adult women can wear. Therefore, if you have exchanged for the fifth decade or have grown to the boss, in whose subordination there are more than one hundred people, all the same, one or more backpacks will be a great addition to your wardrobe.

05 1.jpg

However, they are suitable for wearing:

  • Every day and out. Our offer includes everyday modelsand for special occasion.
  • Winter, spring, summer or autumn. The fact that they come in a wide variety of colors and shapes makes backpacks the most versatile. There is no weather or time of year when you can find a worthy alternative to a backpack.
  • For study, work or just a walk. But if for men functionality is in the first place, then for the fair sex, the appearance of the backpack is important.
  • For a couple of hours or a few days. Are you going for a walk in the city center or planning a short trip outside of it, there is no alternative to a backpack. You just need to choose a model of the appropriate capacity: from 2 to 16 liters.
  • Under any wardrobe. In all colours, plain or multicolour, with or without print, in various materials and shapes: you can rest assured that everyone in our offer will find their own model.

But, despite the fact that there can be a great variety of options, there is only one main recommendation: you should not save on acquisition by buying low-grade models from unknown brands. And for the rest (especially if you have a taste), combine even what seems incongruous. For example, a strict dark blue suit with a bright yellow backpack: correctly placed accents, like a matching blouse or scarf, will make you look irresistible.

This article will help, use the recommendations from it or go your own way, it’s up to you. Since with all the variety of backpacks (only in our offer there are more than 300 models, most of which are presented in several colors), only tourist backpacks with which you go hiking for several days can be selected without thinking about style or how you look. In all other cases, it is definitely not worth buying the first one that comes across.

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