Attractive uggs with ribbons: creating stylish looks

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For several years, uggs have been very popular with fashionistas. Despite the fact that the name of these shoes literally means “ugly shoes”, the models do not look unattractive at all. Especially if it’s ugg boots with ribbons. Additional decor makes the boots even more attractive.

History of appearance

For the first time, they began to sew simple and comfortable shoes in Australia. This continent has a very changeable climate, and natural sheepskin perfectly protected both from cold and from heat.

Later, comfortable boots without fasteners began to be actively used by surfers. Warm and cozy ugg boots allowed you to quickly warm your feet, chilled in cold water. Since ugg boots were originally sewn solely for convenience, little attention was paid to the aesthetic side. The boots were rough, and that’s when the name «ugly boots» stuck to them.

However, after some time, the convenience and practicality of natural sheepskin boots were appreciated not only by athletes and farmers, but also by Hollywood stars. After uggs came into fashion, manufacturers began to use various decor options. One option is ugg boots with ribbons.

What are they?

Modern manufacturers offer a variety of ugg boots decorated with ribbons. Models differ in the height of the shaft, colors, materials, design.


On sale you can see ugg boots with different shaft lengths. A universal option are mini uggs decorated with ribbons. In these models, the bootleg barely covers the ankle. Fashionistas appreciate mini uggies for their convenience and stylish appearance.

You can choose mid-length uggs that reach mid-calf. The model looks attractive, but it is ideal only for girls with slender legs. If a fashionista has wide calves or, on the contrary, excessively thin legs, then boots will only emphasize the flaw.

A practical option for winter is high ugg boots with ribbons. These boots will keep you warm even in the coldest weather. In addition, high uggs, decorated with satin ribbon bows, look very cute.


Real ugg boots are made from sheepskin, they have a velvety suede surface and an inner fur lining. However, now you can see other options for sale on sale.

Dirty ugg boots with ribbons are very popular. These are sheepskin models, but they have a special coating that gives suede water-repellent properties.

Since in our time ugg boots are produced by various brands, you can find boots with ribbons on sale, not only from sheepskin, but also from artificial materials. Knitted ugg boots look very original.

Colors and decoration

Initially, uggs were produced exclusively in black and brown. But now you can find such boots in almost any color option. Models with pastel colored ribbons look cute and feminine, and bright boots instantly attract attention.

The main decoration of the model, of course, are the ribbons. Designers use satin ribbons in the color of shoes, tying them with bows.

Uggs with ribbons at the back look original. However, that is not the only option. You can buy ugg boots with ribbons on the front or on the side. The use of satin ribbons to embellish rough suede boots creates an eye-catching contrast. Such shoes look more feminine and gentle.

We create stylish ensembles

It is not difficult to answer the question of what to wear with uggs with ribbons. These shoes look good with different clothes, however, there are certain limitations. So, sheepskin boots, decorated with bows, ideally complement casual style ensembles. But with business clothes or evening dresses, rough boots do not look.

You can wear uggs with ribbons with both trousers and skirts. You just need to choose the right styles.

Pants must be chosen narrow or tapering downwards. Skinny jeans or leggings are perfect. Pants should be tucked into boots. Only with mini-uggs can you wear straight jeans, tucking the legs or gathering them into an accordion over the bootleg.

It is recommended to choose an elongated top for an ensemble with trousers, these can be tunics, sweaters, T-shirts or cardigans.

If you plan to wear uggs with ribbons complete with a skirt, then it is best to choose a short model in the shape of a trapezoid. Some fashionistas wear ribboned ugg boots with long skirts made of light fabrics, however, this option is very risky. Therefore, if a fashionista is not confident in her sense of style, it is better to avoid such combinations.

Outerwear should be selected in the appropriate style. So, a long fur coat on the floor or a classic long coat with ugg boots do not match. But a quilted or leather jacket, a short down jacket or a sheepskin coat will do just fine. You can also wear a cropped coat of a free silhouette.

Bow examples

Ugg boots with ribbons fit perfectly into everyday urban style. Here are some examples of successful bows:

  • Wear blue skinny jeans with a light gray braided sweater and a charcoal bouclé pea coat for a practical ensemble. Complement it with short brown uggs with ribbons, a dark brown knitted scarf and a dark chocolate-colored tote bag.
  • For warmer weather, a set of white leggings and an elongated black sweater, mid-thigh length, is suitable. Additions will be gray ugg boots with ribbons, a black bag and a light beige scarf.

  • A charcoal gray a-line short skirt and a black turtleneck will look great with gray ugg boots embellished with ribbons. We complement the ensemble with tight black tights, a loose short coat in a large black and white cage. The bright accent of the ensemble is red.


The main manufacturer of sheepskin boots is the UGG Australia brand. The collection called Bailey Bow includes boots of different heights and different colors. The design is common, the models are decorated with satin ribbons located at the back. Ribbons are tied into flirty bows.


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