Backpacks for the little ones and the little ones: new models of 2019

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In today’s review, two models with the RS index, designed for boys and girls aged 3-4 years, as well as three backpacks with the RK index, which are suitable for older preschoolers, those who are 5 and even 6 years old. But, despite the fact that all the new items from the 2019 collection, they are available today, both for wholesalers and in a retail store.

Difficult choice: lemur, dog, hippopotamus

RS-991-1_1#1.jpg RS-991-1_2#1.jpg RS-991-1_3#1.jpg

A backpack for kids should be bright, memorable, unusual, with an original print. But the creators went even further, presenting a novelty not only with a pattern that copies one of these funny animals, but also shaped like an animal.

There are three models in total:

  • gray-blue charming hippo;
  • bug-eyed lemur, made in light and dark gray tones;
  • or a good-natured puppy: this backpack is presented in brown and beige.

At the same time, boys (this model is designed for them, although many girls will also prefer it) will choose it for:

  • compact dimensions;
  • very large top flap with zipper;
  • capacious internal pocket on an elastic band;
  • convenient loop handle;
  • performance material: not easily soiled and pleasant to the touch.

In addition, parents will certainly appreciate:

  • special, reinforced back;
  • wide straps, adjustable in length;
  • an additional tie on the chest, which allows you to unload your back, making even long-term wearing as safe as possible;
  • reflective inserts on all sides.

And given the more than humane cost, buyers will be delighted with it.

What do you like more: a sheep, a cat or a hedgehog?

RS-991-2_1#1.jpg RS-991-2_2#1.jpg RS-991-2_3#1.jpg

It is similar to the backpack from the previous analysis, only now it is focused on girls. And again, three models to choose from. According to its characteristics, it is entirely the same: the shape, weight, capacity and material are the same. Even the location of the pockets is the same.

Only the color and execution differ:

  • funny sheep — a combination of white and pink with a print of blue, pink, purple flowers;
  • cute kitty — in the performance there are white, orange and black;
  • finally, the businesslike hedgehog is beige and brown with a bright pattern.

But it will be difficult to choose the very best of them, but there is no doubt that anyone will like it.

Funny dog ​​behind you

RK-995-1_1#2.jpg RK-995-1_2#2.jpg RK-995-1_3#2.jpg

You can be sure: he will not leave anyone indifferent, even if you love cats more than dogs. And all because the designer who drew this dog managed to achieve the incredible: he looks like the boys and girls who will walk with him. The same sweet, good-natured, a little mischievous and just as charming. Therefore, many parents, choosing the first backpack for their son or daughter, will certainly fall in love with this model and it will be considered one of the first as the best option.

However, he not only looks very dignified. To his credit:

  • Very light weight — just over 200 grams. It can be compared to a small box of juice, only the load will not be in the hand, but will be distributed evenly over the back.
  • Useful volume — as much as 6 liters. This will be enough, no matter what section your child goes to. He will not need anything but a shoulder backpack, the baby’s hands will be completely free.
  • Reflective inserts on all sides. The safety of a young pedestrian, even on an unlit street, is guaranteed.
  • Reinforced back and shoulder straps, adjustable in height, widening at the top. Incorrect development of the spine does not exactly threaten the child.
  • The top loop is not just a utilitarian attribute, but a full-fledged handle. Carrying a backpack, and not just rearranging it, will also be very convenient.
  • Spacious central compartment with elasticated inner pocket. And to make it easy to distribute everything that he takes with him, there is another, external pocket, which also closes with a zipper.

The backpack is presented immediately in three colors: beige, blue and blue. Given that they are all very bright, the material itself does not fade and almost does not get dirty, it will be incredibly difficult to choose one.

Animal family: cat, fox, bear

RK-997-2_1#2.jpg RK-997-2_2#2.jpg RK-997-2_3#2.jpg

This model surprises with its form factor — a briefcase with shoulder straps. Moms and dads, as well as grandparents of those who will wear this model, perfectly remember primary school students who went to school with such satchels. But if in form they are very, very similar, then in everything else there is a huge gap between them, since the main thing from which its creators repelled is the correct distribution of weight along the still-forming children’s back.

Therefore, the model boasts:

  • Organization of internal space. In addition to a single compartment, it also has a convenient pocket with an elastic band.
  • Roomy outer pockets with zipper closure. There are two of them — on the valve and under it: it will not be difficult for the child to remove everything necessary inside.
  • Useful volume — 5 liters: enough, especially considering its very modest dimensions. At the same time, the shape of the backpack itself allows you to put both a sports uniform and textbooks in it.
  • Ergonomic, very comfortable back. The child will certainly appreciate that the burden behind his back is not felt at all.
  • Wide, very soft shoulder straps, which are also reinforced.
  • Convenient top handle. It will be incredibly comfortable to wear.
  • Reflective inserts. Given the poor lighting of our streets, this nice feature becomes very, very important.
  • Finally, it weighs only 380 grams — the final argument in favor of this model.

At the same time, the animals on it are not just a print: all three varieties are present. It also has three color options: orange, gray and beige. Young fashionistas, namely, they are primarily focused on them, will want to have them all. Therefore, parents who insist that you need to choose one should be patient.

New model: bright colors, funny pattern

RK-998-1_2#2.jpg RK-998-1_3#2.jpg

And this model turned out to be very successful. And all because the designers who drew the backpack listened to the opinion of the children and tried to satisfy their expectations as fully as possible: from the location of the insides to the combination of colors and patterns.

This model is:

  • Excellent capacity. In its characteristics, the figure is 7 liters. Moreover, this value was not obtained theoretically, that is, by simply multiplying the length by the width and height, but by the practical filling of the backpack.
  • Light weight. Less than 300 grams: a value that is hard to believe. Therefore, many who choose it outweigh and are surprised at the result.
  • Specially designed back and shoulder straps. We took care of young customers as much as possible, making a practical, but at the same time completely safe model.
  • The inner compartment, which closes with a particularly strong zipper with two runners, has a special mesh compartment with an elastic band. Now it will not be difficult to put pencils, pens, rulers separately from books and albums.
  • Another, external pocket, closed with a zipper — this is an even greater order in the things that the child will take to training or class.
  • Finally, on top of the backpack there is not only a loop, but also a full-fledged handle. Parents will appreciate such a «backpack-briefcase».

Whereas the combination of colors — khaki plus light green or red with blue, as well as a universal pattern make this backpack an absolute unisex. It is suitable for both little boys and little girls.

Whichever model you choose, one of those presented above, or those that have long appeared in the assortment of, you will always receive a reference quality that is entirely worth your money. And given the variety presented, you will not be left without buying a backpack for the smallest, which is perfect for wearing attributes for classes in various sections or circles. Necessary, roomy, comfortable, unusual and definitely well-remembered.

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