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Cristobal Balenciaga — this name is known to everyone who is at least a little interested in «what they wear now.» And this is quite understandable: already at the age of 16, the young man opened his own studio! At the same time, one should not forget that his parents were far from rich, and he himself worked as an apprentice in a sewing workshop almost from childhood. Fashion house Balenciaga was founded in 1937, and since then even the most eminent colleagues have repeatedly exclaimed: «Eureka!», Getting acquainted with the new ideas of Cristobal. Now, many years later, the company is headed by Nicolas Ghesquière, a talented fashion designer known for his design experiments and original vision of fashion. However, we can guess what readers are primarily interested in. Sumochka.comso we go directly to the accessories of this brand.

balenciaga bags

Today, the Spanish brand Balenciaga presents on the world catwalks everything that every woman loves so much — dresses, shoes, perfumes and, of course, women’s bags. An experienced eye will unmistakably recognize the classics of this brand: soft genuine leather, comfortable handles, external pockets with zippers, straps with metal clip-on rivets, leather “tails”, and a brand name – a mirror attached to the outside in a leather frame. Functionality is exactly the characteristic that is among the priorities for most women today.

The most famous lines of bags Balenciaga — City, First, Work, Weekender. Creating them, the designers seem to have conceived to embody different aspects of life in their favorite ladies’ accessories: work, leisure, the charm of femininity and the rush of a big city. Someone says that these models have a lot in common, but in fact, the main similarity in them is one — these accessories are conceived and created in such a way as to be as comfortable as possible for a modern woman.

Many models of Balenciaga clutches and envelope bags can be safely called the standard of elegance. Monochrome, two-tone, polyphonic and patterned — among them you can find many great options for creating a business or evening look. Last spring, the brand presented charming knitted clutches with anchor clasps to the public. The idea to add such a romantic detail to your own look was to the taste of many who saw the novelty. It’s also hard to forget envelope bags Balenciaga Green Arena or «motorcycle» line, which has been in favor of many celebrities for a very long time.

In the collection «Autumn-Winter 2013-2014» you can see both models of soothing colors (black, brown, beige), as well as more original solutions: two-tone bags (black with blue, black with beige), worn effect, «marble» surface, leopard prints, etc. In a word, there is something to revive a cloudy cold day and at the same time not go unnoticed in the crowd. Well, convenience and functionality are included by default by the brand.

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