Ballet shoes — shoes that can look great in any situation

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  1. From the history
  2. dancing step
  3. What you should know about ballet shoes in the first place

There is an opinion that beautiful women’s shoes are often uncomfortable. If anything can refute such a sad stereotype, it’s ballet flats. These are elegant light shoes with low heels or without it at all.

These shoes got their beautiful name due to their resemblance to professional ballet shoes — pointe shoes. Classic ballet flats are distinguished by a rounded toe and a very small round heel. But now there are a lot of various variations, so modern fashionistas have a huge selection of models at their service.

From the history

Fans of actress Audrey Hepburn, perhaps, have a special tenderness for this shoe. They say that it was thanks to her that the first ballet flats were created. Audrey was embarrassed by her tall stature, and she asked a fashion designer friend to make special shoes for her. The goal was simple: to look elegant, but not taller than it is.

As you may have guessed, the fashion designer coped with the task with a bang. Soon, such shoes became the favorite among many girls, girls and women.

dancing step

Ballerinas flutter around the stage so easily! And only knowledgeable people understand how much effort it costs them. But ordinary ballet flats actually give their owners such a luxury as a light step. A long commute to the subway or a busy day at the office is no longer so difficult.

By the way, about the office. One of the undoubted advantages of ballet flats is that they are wonderfully combined with classic business attire. A win-win option is a straight skirt or a pencil skirt just below the knee. Skinny cropped trousers are also great.

If you are not a member of the stiletto club, the problem of shoes for the office and business meetings is solved for you. Just buy a few pairs of soft colors and vary with any of your outfits. Inconspicuous decor, a bow or lacing is quite appropriate in this style.

At the same time, these shoes are incredibly good in combination with light dresses. Airy, flying clothes and beautiful fluffy skirts are just made for them. With colored or unusually decorated models, it will not be difficult to create excellent combinations.

What you should know about ballet shoes in the first place

First of all, the shoes are in most cases summer. Of course, it is well suited for a dry autumn or late spring. But for a hot time, of course, ballet shoes made from natural materials are needed. Save faux leather or suede for cooler days. In summer, in such shoes, the feet will sweat.

Or pay attention to models with perforations. They look especially elegant, and they definitely won’t be hot in them. Good for summer and models with an open toe and heel. Great alternative to heeled sandals.

Models made of fabric, multi-colored and plain are also a great option for the hot season. In addition to the fact that the material breathes, it is also very light. True, such shoes are quite easily soiled, it is worth bearing in mind.

Ballet shoes are indispensable if you drive a car, walk a lot or your feet swell. Perhaps this is the friendliest and most comfortable women’s shoes. And your favorite sneakers with sneakers will not be able to compete with them. After all, ballet shoes, as a rule, can be combined with almost any clothing. And still be feminine.

Of course, these combinations should be within reason. For example, it is believed that ballet shoes are incompatible with evening dress. On the other hand, there are gorgeous models that are simply designed to become part of the evening look. So, the last word remains solely with your sense of style.

It is important that the focus is on one part of the toilet. Perhaps in your case it will be shoes? Then its originality should be gently shaded by your evening dress.

Ribbons and rhinestones, bows and flowers, spikes and patterns adorn modern models of ballet flats. A particular kind of décor can make shoes out of place for the office, but totally unique for a party.

Do you already have several different pairs of ballet flats in your wardrobe? So, you can create amazing ensembles — strict and romantic. Tenderness and femininity will be a memorable note of each of them.


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