Belt bags are back in fashion — what to wear them with?

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Star fashionistas set the tone: Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Kardashian, Bella Hadid, Marlene Lohse love to go out with small handbags at the waist or hips. Manufacturers, trying to please customers, create a variety of models in classic, sporty, romantic styles. Many of them are unisex in design, so both women and men need to know how and with what to wear a fanny pack.

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Recommendations for women

Quite often, the fair sex refuses to wear a waist bag for a far-fetched reason: it seems to girls that it will add volume to them. In fact, this cute accessory, on the contrary, will emphasize a thin waist and make the image more feminine. This applies to a strict business suit, and a romantic dress with a bright print.

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In simple clothes, such as shorts with a T-shirt or jeans with a bow, you want to relax, forget about the office dress code. The waist bag can be lowered on the hips. The image is well complemented by simple comfortable shoes: sneakers, sneakers, slip-ons or flat sandals.

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Fragile graceful girls in size XS can safely experiment with the options for wearing a waist bag and even place it on the shoulder so that the main compartment is under the chest, in the armpit or even on the back.

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The belt accessory looks appropriate not only in the warm season, but also in winter. Take a look at how harmoniously the waist bag fits into the look, complete with a warm knitted dress, a woolen cap and a cashmere coat.

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Over a parka or a down jacket, a waist bag looks fashionable and relevant.

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Raincoat, bomber jacket, trench coat, knitted coat, elongated vest — almost any outerwear can be combined with a fanny pack. The main thing is not to tighten the belt too tight so as not to disturb the proportions.

Recommendations for men

For the most part, men do not select the components of the image so carefully and do not spend hours in front of the mirror in order to make sure that the fashionable look is impeccable. Nevertheless, the stronger sex also fell in love with waist bags — comfortable and compact, ideal for work and travel. In them credit cards, documents and phone are placed without problems, leaving hands free.

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Men’s bags are functionally not much different from women’s ones, except that they have more compartments and pockets, and the design looks more modest. Several compartments of different sizes fit everything you need. Like women’s, they can be worn at the waist, hips, over the shoulder or behind the back. Down with protruding pockets and holes in them due to heavy keys or sharp corners of a notebook.

Men distinguish three main qualities in fanny packs:

  • spaciousness — so many important little things are placed in some models that no pockets could withstand;
  • security — the waist bag, due to its location, is quite difficult to steal and impossible to forget;
  • practicality — bags are mostly waterproof, their internal compartments and pockets are protected by zippers and valves. Nothing threatens money and documents.

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There are a lot of options for a casual look with a fanny pack. One of them is jeans with a shirt (sleeves can be rolled up, and a bag can be picked up from genuine leather or high-quality leatherette). The other implies a more formal «white top, dark bottom».

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The choice of shoes depends on the preferences of a particular man: someone is used to walking in shoes, and someone prefers sneakers. Both are well combined with a belt bag.

Sports style — a breath of freedom from office officialdom — allows you to choose borsets and bananas in brighter colors and designs.

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From shoes, you can choose sneakers, sports slippers and even flip flops to match the image.

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