Black Friday is a great opportunity to purchase Grizzly backpacks for the whole family

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Collection GRIZZLY 2018 — these are stylish and practical backpacks for every taste for students and schoolchildren, active girls, avid athletes and the youngest fashionistas.

Her majesty fashion favors backpacks and successfully integrates them even into a glamorous look. And this is not surprising: unlike a bag, dozens of necessary things “get along” side by side in a backpack, leaving both hands unoccupied. What is this if not freedom in its purest form! Let’s see what interesting, cool and affordable you can buy in Grizzlyshop on Black Friday.

The Grizzly brand does not change its traditions and continues to provide a rich selection of models and colors within one direction. In the line of youth and city backpacks of the 2018 collection, there are products in restrained colors and bright juicy shades that emphasize the rapid pace of life.

Universal model of urban backpack, equally suitable for men and women. Designed for lovers of an active lifestyle who are accustomed to doing everything everywhere, as well as gadget lovers who cannot imagine themselves without their favorite laptop, tablet, game console. The ergonomic design of the product leaves no doubt that absolutely everything you need to take with you to the city, including a camera, headphones, sunglasses and a smartphone, will fit in its «bowels». Three large interior compartments are complemented by two interior pockets and an organizer. No matter how full the backpack is, the rigid anatomical back and wide straps will not let you work your back. Comfort above all! It is this impression that this model produces, which is implemented in four colors: blue, light green, red and orange.

EN-803-1_4_2.jpg RU-803-1_1_2.jpg RU-803-1_2_2.jpg

Men’s backpack made of durable polyester is clearly designed for intensive and long-term use. The material is well washed, dries quickly and does not fade in the sun. The anatomical back evenly distributes the weight along the spine. Thanks to the reinforced straps and the handle, the shoulders will not hurt, even if the burden is heavy enough. In two large compartments, a tablet, notes, business papers, sports equipment and other important «needs» will perfectly fit. Inside, front and sides there are several more pockets for small items. The product is offered in two color options: gray and brick. The discreet, no-frills design allows this men’s backpack to be paired not only with jeans, but also with a more formal office dress code.

RU-811-1_1_2.jpg RU-811-1_2_2.jpg

Women’s urban backpack of juicy berry shades seems to carry the aromas of strawberries, blueberries, kiwi. Fresh design in this model is combined with lightness, high quality fabric and tailoring, exceptional wearing comfort. It can be used as a backpack or carried as a bag. Two comfortable shoulder straps and a loop handle allow you to do both. Girls usually have three important requirements for city backpacks: attractive “appearance”, sufficient capacity and comfort in use. It is safe to say that this model (article RL-855-3) fully complies with their wishes. Volume — 17.5 l, weight — 0.52 kg; four colors: gray, orange, blue, light green.

RL-850-1_1_2.jpg RL-850-1_2_2.jpg RL-850-1_3_2.jpg RL-850-1_4_2.jpg

A bright backpack with a cheerful fox, no doubt, will appeal to anyone, even the most capricious and demanding child. Ultra-light, it has a reinforced back and weighs just over 300g without adding unnecessary stress to children’s spine. The orthopedic design is also supported by wide thick straps. The backpack has one large compartment and a pocket inside. The product is tailored very high quality, taking into account the anatomy of the kids. Fabric — microfiber; it is perfectly washed, dries quickly, retains the brightness of the color, is resistant to mechanical stress and abrasion. The model is suitable for boys and girls from older «kindergarten» age to primary school. Ideal for going to kindergarten, sports section, school (accommodates a book or an A4 album).

RS-896-2_1_2.jpg RS-896-2_2_2.jpg

So, the day of discounts is approaching. Black Friday is a great opportunity to purchase Grizzly backpacks for the whole family. The sale will end, and the right things purchased on time will continue to delight you for a long time to come.

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