Blouse with jeans — a classic combination for stylish and fashionable

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A blouse can be safely called an everyday element of the wardrobe. You can choose various things for it — dresses, shorts, dress pants, skirts and jeans. Particularly noteworthy is the tandem — a blouse and jeans, where fashionistas are allowed to show their imagination and creative ideas.

Blouses options

Initially, the blouse was borrowed from men, an ordinary shirt became the basis. Wise women sewed it in at the waist and made it shorter. There are many models of blouses, most of them fit jeans. The classic cut of the blouse allows you to create an elegant conservatism: a simple and clear silhouette is always relevant. The usual option is a white blouse, it always looks gentle, fresh and elegant. Moreover, in combination with jeans, the image will become less official, but more feminine.

Elongated versions of white blouses are combined with classic blue or black jeans. It is possible to emphasize the waist with a belt or belt. A stylish contrasting jacket or matching the color of the blouson will suit the blouse. Jeans and a white blouse are a great combination if you don’t have a strict dress code at work.

Beige blouses under jeans look beautiful. You can combine a blouse with a soft cardigan, a long scarf and trendy jeans. A black model and jeans will never go out of fashion. This is an option for work and everyday outing.

There are classic, elegant, office and casual models. Moreover, blouses are worn with jeans for any event, in each case it is important to choose the right shoes and accessories.

The material from which the blouse is created is often light. Suitable chiffon, satin, silk, knitwear. Models of blouses of this composition are very fond of girls, because they look more seductive and attractive in them.

A blouse is an amazing wardrobe item. It will remove the flaws and emphasize the advantages. The main nuances when wearing a blouse are the style and style, color and well-chosen wardrobe.

Casual style

The question of how to combine jeans in a casual style disappears quickly, since comfortable and stylish denim trousers go well with light blouses of all shades and styles. For a walk with friends and shopping, a long blouse with loose-fitting jeans is perfect. The most fashionable look is a combination of a beige, light pink, green chiffon blouse and blue jeans with scuffs. Wedges, stable heel shoes will make you feel comfortable. The main thing is that you feel comfortable in clothes, the colors and style of jeans are chosen more according to convenience criteria. In everyday style, you can afford to wear a blouse with jeans of any style and cut, complement the look with accessories, bulky bags and loose tops.

Business or office style

The situation is more complicated with the office dress code. Of course, if the requirements in your company are very strict, and you are allowed to wear only white blouses and black skirts, then you will not give free rein to your imagination. But if democracy is traced in the office walls, feel free to wear a blouse and jeans. The traditional combination is classic black or blue jeans with a straight cut or extended downwards. Such models go well with tight-fitting blouses and jackets. A classic white, light pink or beige blouse will complete the look.

dressy exit

If you are going to a birthday or corporate party, feel free to turn on your imagination and show new ideas. Elegant blouses with flounces, ruffles, rhinestones, spikes and other paraphernalia are perfect for such an occasion. Feel free to wear products with puff sleeves, sleeveless blouses or voluminous batwing sleeves.

Monochromatic blouses for boyfriend jeans look beautiful, stiletto heels or wedge models will serve as shoes. By the way, boyfriends are also suitable for an office look, if you pair them with a strict elongated blouse.

For an important event, you can wear a bright blouse with a peplum, which emphasizes beauty and tenderness. The photo shows that such a tandem looks bright and expressive. If you have a tight figure, choose an elongated blouse with a peplum at the waist.

Jeans and blouse for a date

A girl in jeans and a blouse looks stylish and feminine, while feeling comfortable. And this is exactly what you need when you are going on a date! Choose romantic and elegant things for such an occasion, casual clothes will not work. An exquisite blouse with ruffles or a multi-colored light model is the most relevant. Satin and chiffon blouse with jeans is relevant, it will showcase the beautiful parts of your body.

Give preference to delicate and pastel shades of blouses that create a romantic mood. Pale pink, beige, powdery, coral, light blue, olive, gray shades are suitable. The model with flowers or a cheerful print looks original and fresh. Remember that men are attracted to ruffles, flounces, frills and other feminine elements.

If you want to arouse passionate desires in your young man, wear a red blouse. Although such a bright model is not suitable if you are not familiar with a man. Elongated blouses will help to make the silhouette more slender. If you have a perfect figure, a blouse tucked into jeans will do. In this case, you need to have a good press and waist.

Glamor look

Club life and a glamorous image suggest freedom of expression. Feel free to choose a model of jeans with a high waist or skinny, leather or cropped blouse, bright colors and transparency. A sheer blouse with 7/8 jeans will do. A bright short blouse with ¾ sleeves and skinny blue jeans looks original. Rhinestones, spikes, heels and feminine colors are a must for a glamorous style. A bright red, yellow, purple blouse with puffy sleeves with ruffles, leopard patterns, and jeans with holes looks glamorous. This is exactly the option when you can wear a bright purple or crimson blouse with jeans and look stunning at the same time! It is important to harmoniously choose a blouse for jeans, and then you will be in a good mood.

There are also other stylish looks, such as urban casual. For a comfortable pastime, wear a blouse, tucking it into jeans. High boots or stiletto heels complete the style.

There are no strict nuances on how to wear a blouse with jeans. You can wear the top loose or tuck in, tie the product with a belt. But remember: if the shirt is translucent, you should wear strict jeans and a plain bra to match with it. Too bright and extravagant images are appropriate only at a disco.

Blouses and jeans for obese women

You can not ignore the magnificent beauties with beautiful forms. Well suited to such ladies are blue and black jeans of a classic style with an extended bottom. If you have lush hips and a pear figure, it is recommended to abandon the light bottom and short top. An elongated blue or polka dot blouse will add the right accents.

If excess weight is mainly located on the chest and shoulders, choose semi-fitted blouses with extended sleeves. The bat version is ideal, which hides extra pounds on the shoulders and arms. If you have a curvaceous figure, but the hourglass silhouette has been preserved, give preference to blouses with an elongated belt.


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