Blue cardigan — elegance, style and sophistication of the image

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How to create a fashionable bow to emphasize the best aspects of your appearance and attract the attention of others? It is important to choose clothes that match the style, mood, attitude and fashion preferences. In a woman’s wardrobe there are many things that can transform the appearance. The blue cardigan can rightfully be called the most spectacular and glamorous product.. This is an elegant, stylish thing, comfortable to wear and capable of radically transforming the female image.

Thanks to a special cut, the product adds sophistication, sophistication, charm and charm to the appearance. Bright color allows you to create catchy and extravagant outfits for everyday wear, work, study, cultural events and business meetings.


The cardigan is a loose-fitting jacket that was born in the 17th-18th century. Earl James Bradnell created a dense and warm sheepskin coat without a collar, which reliably protects soldiers from the cold. The innovative idea was picked up by other designers and offered a practical product for a female audience. Since then, the jacket has changed a lot. The shape, length, design have changed, and today numerous models of different styles are presented to the public.

A navy blue cardigan has been and remains in fashion, characterized by versatility and compatibility with things of completely different styles and colors. Regardless of age and build, women use the product to create fashionable and extraordinary ensembles for a wide range of purposes. Such a thing is perfect for business style, will bring rigor and elegance to the female image.

The psychology of blue

Blue color is associated with eternity, heavenly purity, chastity, constancy and kindness. It is believed that people with a balanced character, who value friendship and cherish love, prefer blue things that bring good luck. It is no coincidence that the blue women’s cardigan is popular with young people and older women. This elegant piece brings a special zest to the style, adds charm and originality to the image. Deep color and romantic cut of the product emphasize feminine beauty and individuality of appearance.. There are 180 shades in the Pantone palette, each of which has a special effect on the perception, style and purpose of clothing.

If you want to create an extraordinary style, to attract the attention of men, pay attention to the blue cardigan. This incredibly attractive and sophisticated piece effectively models the silhouette and accentuates the feminine personality. Regardless of the color type, a fashionable product suits absolutely everyone — brown-haired women, brunettes and blondes. It is important to choose the right elements of the ensemble in order to present the best aspects of appearance in a favorable light.


Numerous models are presented to the female audience, differing in length, shape and decoration method. To create a street style, the blue knit cardigan, presented in different interpretations, is the best choice. It can be a shortened or elongated sample with or without sleeves, with buttons or a brooch-like clasp. The female audience is offered products knitted with Polish, English elastic, hosiery, garter stitch or openwork patterns. Depending on the knitting method, products for different purposes and styles are obtained.

An extraordinary sample in the Lalo style, characterized by a slight shapelessness and the presence of wide braids, will be the best choice for those who want to emphasize their own uniqueness.. Smooth color gradients, no collar, free cut and knee-length are the main features of the product proposed by Georgian designers and the Dolidze sisters.

No less bright look sports samples with a zipper with a hood, patch pockets, short sleeves, which are preferred by active girls. Urban «grunge» will allow you to create buttonless jackets that add elegance and femininity to the image.. To create a formal look, short or long jackets without unnecessary decorative elements are suitable. The product looks elegant with a scarf or fur inserts. The cascading asymmetrical cut with batwing sleeves is the perfect choice for full ladies and those who prefer boho style. A chic Chanel-style cardigan with a mid-thigh round neckline is suitable for various events — work, business meetings, presentations and festive events.

Cardigan styles

Women who want to stand out and emphasize their own uniqueness prefer extraordinary designs of different design methods — short products with one button, asymmetric models with a belt, floor-length designs with a pin closure. A practical blue cardigan with stars is popular with young people and is suitable for study, work and outings. This thing is knitted in a circle or each piece is made separately, after which the finished product is sewn. Needlewomen make amazing jackets with floral patterns, bumps, stars, leaves with their own hands.. According to Japanese patterns, openwork drawings and geometric shapes are created. Each sample is unique and able to decorate any woman.

If you are going for a walk or meeting with friends, put on a jacket with braids, which will add sophistication and luxury to your appearance. On vacation, you can use a cardigan with a hood and kangaroo pockets. You can visit the library, the cinema in a strict cropped jacket with three-quarter sleeves. Knitted items on a belt or a clasp will help to create a street look, and cardigans with buttons, sleeveless and extra decorative elements are suitable for a business style.


Cardigans are made from natural, synthetic or mixed fabrics. Stylish and glamorous, mohair is soft, durable, comfortable and keeps the cold out. Knitted and denim samples slightly tighten and correct the figure, creating an elegant silhouette. Cashmere products bring a special chic and luxury to the image, while being very warm and pleasant to the touch.

Things made of wool, acrylic, elastane protect from the cold and retain novelty for a long time, without deforming after numerous washes. Summer jackets are sewn from lightweight materials — acrylic, viscose, cotton with the addition of silk and synthetic threads. In winter, cashmere, wool samples decorated with fox, raccoon, mink, arctic fox or rabbit fur are used.

Who suits?

A wide range of models allows you to choose a product for every taste and fashion preferences. A monochrome sample of the sky color suits any color type of female appearance. Blondes prefer neutral and cold tones — lake, turquoise and are happy to wear azure, sapphire and gray-blue cardigans. Brunettes are suitable for ultramarine, blue-black, blueberry and the colors of the sea and water. Brown-haired women choose bright blue patterns, as well as blueberry, indigo and aqua blue items.

As for styles, full ladies are best suited for a long blue cardigan with cascading waves and an asymmetric hem. This thing perfectly corrects the figure, visually reducing the size of the hips and waist. Restrained and at the same time rich color adds charm and diverts attention from the full parts of the body. Slim girls are advised to wear medium-length jackets that will help hide the angularity of the figure and add femininity to the image. Younger people prefer cropped models with buttons, while older women choose patterns of cocoon or asymmetric models with batwing sleeves with a clasp.


A universal model is a bright blue cardigan that suits absolutely all women, regardless of age, body shape and appearance color type. A beautiful and elegant thing decorates, brings chic and luxury to the style and adds sophistication to the image. Depending on the purpose of the bow, certain colors and shades are selected. For work and school, you can wear a purple-blue or gray sheen cardigan with a simple cut without unnecessary decorative elements.

Walking option — asymmetric products of medium length with a small floral pattern or openwork patterns. To create elegant ensembles, blue samples with white polka dots are used. Things from combined materials of different shades look interesting — blue and light blue, ultramarine and cornflower blue, sapphire and light green.

fashion images

To emphasize the individuality and the chosen style will allow blue cardigans with white stripes, a cage, with a geometric pattern. Such jackets can be safely combined with white, black, cream, gray or beige things. Bright blue samples are harmoniously combined with brown, chocolate, green, red and yellow products.

How and with what to wear blue cardigans? To create a playful summer look, you can use knitted white tops, milky nylon T-shirts, multi-colored cotton t-shirts, viscose overalls in neutral tones. Apply jeans, shorts, short skirts, capris. A winter ensemble will allow you to create such things as a fitted blouse, golf, turtleneck, as well as straight trousers, a pencil skirt or a sundress with a high waist. When creating fashionable bows, you should take into account the matching of styles and colors of all elements, then you will look chic and inimitable.


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