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They delight us and encourage us to imitate ourselves. They are always in sight. They simply have to constantly look good and dress fashionably. They are celebrities.

But still, like all women in the world, famous and not so, all the beautiful representatives of the star elite are very fond of beautiful accessories — jewelry, watches, bracelets and, most importantly, bags. And, as a rule, they constantly replenish their wardrobes with new models. Let’s remember what bags the famous fashionistas flaunted with this past year. So, fashion bags 2010.

The Mulberry bag in all its variants was and remains very popular. One of these handbags, named Alexa in honor of the English model and TV presenter Alexa Chung, will be a real find for business women. However, most likely it will appeal to many, regardless of the type of activity. The fact is that Alexa successfully combines the features of a business briefcase and a feminine stylish bag for every day. Alexa Chung often appears in public with her favorite brown «namesake». Beige and red Mulberry bags are also popular — Michelle Trachtenberg, Olivia Palermo, Blake Lively confirmed this more than once during the year.

Christina Aguilera still loves Balenciaga handbags. Most often, she can be seen with a bright red bag of this brand — well, a girl likes to stand out among others!

Victoria Beckham, Eva Longoria, Nicole Richie prefer luxury in everything — including the choice of accessories such as bags. At the very least, Hermes Birkin bags are their constant companions. For reference: such bags are made only to order, and the price of such pleasure can easily be two or three tens of thousands. Dollars, of course.

Orlando Bloom’s wife Miranda Kerr has good taste, her choice is Prada bags. The girl successfully combines them with a variety of outfits.

But Paris Hilton, apparently, was disappointed in all bag brands … and decided to create bags herself. And the truth is the perfect way to finally get the bag of your dreams. On account of the newly-minted designer, there are already several full-fledged collections of bags, which are distinguished by non-standard and extravagance. However, everyone knows that Paris will calmly appear in public in anything and with anything. The main thing is that you like it. Self-confidence is the motto of the star’s design work, and, according to her, she develops all models of bags exclusively for self-confident women. Or for those who want to be.

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