Burgundy leggings — a stylish look in a couple of minutes

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To create extraordinary images, women use expressive things of a non-standard cut and original design. Burgundy leggings will add youthfulness to the style and emphasize originality. These things magically transform the appearance, effectively correct the silhouette and give elegance to the figure.

The color of solidity, wisdom and well-being impresses women of any age and favorably affects the perception of the female image. Bright reddish-brown things bring expression to the look, accentuate the high status and enhance the image of every woman.


Leggings, as a kind of leggings, appeared in the last century and made a splash in the fashion world. Stylish trousers, characterized by a variety of shapes and colors, appealed to young girls and older women. Convenience, comfort, practicality and ergonomics are the main advantages of fashionable products that have not lost their relevance to this day.

Burgundy leggings are especially appreciated, giving youthfulness and freshness to the image and allowing you to create fashionable and stylish ensembles for a wide range of purposes. Stylish designs are used for sports and long trips, business and friendly meetings, parties, walks, shopping and romantic dates.


Each woman can choose for herself the best model that fits perfectly into the style and emphasizes the best aspects of her appearance. Young people prefer extravagant trousers with holes at the knees and guipure inserts. Older women choose high-waisted designs that provide comfort to wear and allow you to hide figure errors. For a street look, torn models with leather applications, imitation of pockets and buttons are acceptable. It is convenient to go in for sports in tight-fitting trousers with relief seams and hairpins. For a country holiday, dense and elastic classic eco-leather samples are suitable, which retain heat, protect against moisture and provide maximum comfort during operation.

Young girls tend to stand out and draw attention to themselves, so they use things of an unusual cut and attractive design. Torn models with transparent mesh on the sides or knees are widely used. Pants with embroidery and rhinestones are in demand, adding festivity to the image. For urban «grunge» leggings under the skin with imitation of over the knee boots or stockings are acceptable, ideally fitting the silhouette and giving a presentable appearance. Street styles allow you to create original leggings with leather inserts and holes at the hips. It is most convenient to do yoga, Pilates, aerobics, dancing in leggings with an elastic band that take the shape of the body and do not hinder movement. Elastic and soft trousers allow you to perform exercises of any complexity and conduct training at a high level.


For sewing leggings, materials of natural and artificial origin are used, which have high elasticity, strength and wear resistance. Trousers made of cotton, jersey, jersey or denim with the addition of elastane and synthetic threads perfectly fit the figure and play an important role in shaping the style and modeling the silhouette. Denim leggings are the most practical and provide maximum comfort during operation. It is comfortable to do gymnastics, aerobics and Pilates in stretch trousers, as products with a tightening effect tightly fit the silhouette, tightening the muscles of the buttocks and thighs.

Burgundy leather leggings are very popular, with the help of which trendy spring ensembles are created. The glossy surface of the trousers gives a sexy look and adds nobility to the appearance. Winter woolen models on fleece, bike, interlock not only decorate, but also warm, reliably protecting from moisture and wind. In autumn, leggings made of jersey, knitwear with the addition of synthetic threads are used — these are attractive, comfortable and functional things that accentuate style. Summer models made of cotton, viscose, nylon and elastane are practical, elastic and widely used to create everyday, sports, street and business styles.

fashion images

How and with what to wear burgundy leggings? Tight-fitting trousers look like tights, so they are perfectly combined with tunics and dresses. You can safely wear a top and a cropped skirt, a T-shirt and a jumper, a T-shirt and a cardigan. Burgundy color is best combined with black and red, but looks no less harmonious in tandem with blue, green, brown, pink and beige shades.

What elements of clothing are harmoniously combined with burgundy trousers?

  • Beige, red blouse.
  • Checked shirt with burgundy stripes.
  • Brown jacket.
  • Tricolor cardigan in Lalo style.
  • Pink T-shirt + white jacket.
  • Black top + chocolate jacket.
  • Multicolored tunic.
  • Burgundy golf + black leather vest.
  • Blue light dress.
  • Multicolored sweatshirt.
  • Knitted sweater in a brick shade.

Burgundy pants pair perfectly with cream tank tops, neutral sleeveless blouses, bright tops and multicolored cardigans. Such things as a guipure T-shirt, a lace blouse, an openwork tunic, a chiffon dress add festivity to the image and add romance to the look. Reliably protect from wind and cold windbreaker, raincoat, parking, jacket on padding polyester, leather vest and fur poncho. Attractive everyday looks can be created with a cardigan with leather sleeves, a jacket with buttons or a brooch clasp. On long hikes, for walks, they wear leggings with zippers and real pockets and jackets with a hood or tight-knit sweaters with a leather vest.

Shoes and accessories

Do you want to look flawless and stylish? Use only high-quality, elegant shoes of the original design. This part of the ensemble radically changes the style and affects the perception of the image. Under burgundy leggings, you can safely wear black or brown ankle boots or beige high-heeled shoes. In autumn, ankle boots with edging will add charm and warm, and in winter, insulated boots with shock-absorbing soles will come in handy. Young fashionistas are happy to wear stiletto sandals or sandals with decorative elements. For sports, white sneakers, multi-colored slip-ons, high red lace-up sneakers will come in handy. Patent high-top boots, zippered shoes will help create a business image, and ballet flats, loafers or oxfords will come in handy for street walks.

When choosing accessories, pay attention to their design and purpose. If you are going to a festive or formal event, use an elegant bracelet, stole and clutch bag. To work, you will need a neckerchief, a diplomat or a watch with an exquisite dial. Urban «grunge» accepts a scarf, kid gloves, a leather strap and a stylish spherical bag. When going on a picnic, do not forget to take a backpack, a hat and a compass. A neckerchief, a handy bag, a fashionable hat and gloves will allow you to create a street style. Jewelry, bijouterie, brooch, hairpin, necklace or beads made of natural wood will add femininity to the image. Every detail is important and significant, so when compiling bows, consider everything to the smallest detail.


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