Burgundy women’s trousers — sophistication and richness of color

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Many girls underestimate the burgundy shade, preferring traditional colors. Although burgundy is the color of juicy cherries, expensive wine, it is associated with femininity and luxury. Therefore, women’s burgundy trousers are an excellent solution for creating a fashionable look!

Psychologists say that the burgundy shade is chosen by self-confident and respectable people. It emphasizes conservatism and assertiveness. But the same experts advise to wear burgundy in a dosed way, because with an excessive combination, it can put pressure on the psyche of people nearby.

Interestingly, burgundy is not included in the main palette of shades. It was obtained from the merger of red and brown. That is why he is characterized by such features as passion, courage, energy, but at the same time stability and confidence.

Once Evelina Khromtchenko said that red is a challenge, and burgundy is a reasoned opinion. Bordeaux is less assertive and aggressive, but at the same time remains chic and restrained.

Fashionable combinations with burgundy trousers

Multi-colored pants are always an opportunity to become brighter and experiment with familiar looks. But girls do not always create accurate images with burgundy trousers and get into the top ten. You need talent for this! And you can just carefully study our advice.

Such a thing as burgundy trousers will suit almost any woman with any complexion. But burgundy women’s trousers are more preferable for slim and tall girls. They emphasize the style, accentuate the image and practically do not make them fat. Such clothes are combined with the following shades:

  • White. This is a classic, so feel free to wear a white sweater, brown boots and trousers. However, make sure that the jacket does not take up much space in the image, as the legs may seem a bit short.
  • Beige. In combination with this shade, burgundy will look more restrained, and your look will be sophisticated and calm.

  • Grey, silver. Together with burgundy, you can create an elegant and moderate composition.
  • Brown. The usual tandem for modest young ladies.
  • Green. Pick up all shades of green, except acid. From this combination you get a stylish and original outfit.

  • Yellow. If you are not afraid to draw attention to yourself, then feel free to choose yellow along with burgundy. The main thing is not to overdo it with other shades in the overall look.
  • Violet. We decided to wear a purple sweater under the burgundy trousers — the right decision.
  • Light pink. To give lightness, airiness and femininity to your image, peach, pink and other similar shades can do it. Together with this combination, you will look bright and restrained at the same time.

We create fashionable images

It is noticeable in the photo that the black shade that we choose so often does not always fit burgundy. It can be seen that the legs become short, black seems to absorb the whole image. Part of your logic is clear: if red goes well with black, then burgundy will do the best. But together with the black top, the figure will not look very proportional. To combine with black, there is not enough brightness and courage of burgundy.

To avoid unpleasant incidents, create a bow carefully, add shoes of other colors, bright accessories.

Feel free to combine burgundy pants with beige, white sweaters with a bright print. Nude shades will emphasize your defenselessness, highlight the ease of the image. A hat with a wide brim will add the right accents. Combine maroon trousers with sand, light gray, blue and other delicate shades.

A great solution is layering. Thanks to the layering, you can correct figure flaws and build a more harmonious silhouette. The combination of burgundy trousers with a light shirt or blouse with a jacket or jacket is the perfect choice. Wear high heels if your leg-to-body ratio still feels off.

Burgundy looks feminine and playful in combination with a leopard print. Pick one item from your animal print wardrobe. Dilute the image with neutral shades, and you will be in trend! Perhaps a combination with a jacket or ankle boots of the same color.

Another way to lengthen the legs, that is, to complete the vertical, is to choose the same shade of outerwear. Burgundy sweaters, jumpers, pullovers and cardigans, along with the same pants, create a luxurious and bright look! Shoes can be black, brown or the same monochrome style.

What to wear with burgundy? (a photo)

Don’t know what to wear burgundy with because you love black? Very slender girls are allowed more, you can even wear a black blouse if you so desire. It is better if the upper part of the image is made of light and airy fabrics — chiffon, silk, lace. This will lighten the top a bit.

If you prefer to wear leather trousers, you can safely add gray and light blue shades to your look. It really refreshes the style and makes you every man’s dream girl! Putting on a black jacket on top, disharmony is no longer created, on the contrary, the image is bright and seasoned.

A stripe or «houndstooth» is quite compatible with this thing. Burgundy trousers in such a combination will sparkle in a new way! It is preferable to wear high heels.

Wear such a thing with sweaters, sweaters, sweatshirts, cardigans, jackets. Choose light shoes if the top is dark, and dark shoes if the top is light. Variations are also acceptable here, it all depends on your taste and the success of the combination. You should not combine a white or beige top with nude ballet flats. Be wary of wearing flat shoes with these pants as your legs may look shorter.

Burgundy pants will effectively complement the following styles: glam rock, urban style and casual, grunge, hippie, boho, etc.

As you can see, with burgundy trousers it is possible to create stylish images and bright bows. Treat the choice of outfit with interest, and you can easily create a unique look. We wish you to look bright and feminine!


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