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To do something with your own hands — such a desire comes sooner or later to every woman who has at least a little free time. Clothing, jewellery, toys, knitting, embroidery… Or creating one of the world’s most beloved accessories — bags.

I will buy a bagBuying a bag is pretty easy these days. But to sew a bag yourself, you do not need to be a certified designer or complete a sewing course. You need diligence, a little perseverance, and most importantly — desire. The latter often appears if you have a rather pleasant thought: “I will buy a bag”, but after spending a remarkable amount of time shopping, you suddenly realize that you want something that is not available in any store …

There are quite a lot of bag patterns both on the Web and in specialized literature, and with at least a little experience, you can make a pattern yourself. We will give just a few practical tips that will come in handy in any case.

What will be needed?
Fabric, threads (nylon or silk — they are stronger), chalk or a bar of soap (for cutting), ruler and centimeter, scissors, safety pins. And, of course, a sewing machine.Genuine leather bags

What is the best fabric to use?
It depends, first of all, on what kind of bag you decide to sew. Dense fabrics are preferable (after all, a bag is for carrying something in it, so loads, even minimal ones, are inevitable): cotton materials, corduroy, tweed, velor, etc. It is also important for what purposes you need a bag: for evening walks or shopping, or even as a new thing for a vacation. The time of the year, the application, the intended shoes and clothes with which the handbag is planned to be combined are all quite important factors for choosing a fabric. If you are taking on such work for the first time, it is better not to sew from leather — it is difficult for the first time, especially since not every sewing machine can handle it.

Auxiliary materials
Bag handles can be sewn from the same material as the bag itself, or you can pick up beautiful chains, rings, etc. As fasteners — zippers, laces, magnets. If you want the zipper for the bag to last for a long time, then it’s better not to save on it — high-quality zippers (for example, the Swiss brand Riri) cost from 200 to 400 rubles. For jewelry, depending on your creative idea, you may need rhinestones, lace, ribbons, appliqués, beads, stripes, laces, buttons — in general, give free rein to your imagination. You can’t do without a lining — buy a special lining fabric, and if you need a hard bottom, then in specialized sewing stores you will find plates made of polymer materials that are designed just for this.

If a bag bought in a store is not always able to reflect your own imagination, then a handmade bag is not only an exclusive thing, but also the embodiment of your creative idea.

Buying a leather bag is a desire for all time, order a bag through an online store.

Fashion for clothing and accessories changes almost as fast as the seasons change. But bags made of genuine leather are always loved and popular, regardless of fashion trends. And there is no doubt that in many, many years, people will still want to buy a leather bag, as they do today. Is it possible to think of a worthy replacement for her? I can just hear the chorus of female voices confidently answering: “No!”.

There are so many bags in modern stores — different in style, style, color, size, that this abundance in itself makes you want to look, evaluate and select something to your taste. Any woman, girl, and, perhaps, even a girl who has reached at least ten years of age knows what a pleasant experience it is — shopping. Even if there is no goal to buy something specific … although often such a desire appears in the process of shopping. In addition, real leather not only looks great, but it is also very pleasant to touch it. After all, a leather bag from a well-known manufacturer is also fashionable.

How many expensive bags can one person have? The answer suggests itself: as much as your heart desires and as much as your wallet will “pull”. If a woman loves beautiful things and is not constrained by funds, she definitely has a good leather bag and, most likely, not one. And what can we say about the stars whose lives we follow on TV and on the Internet. Look: in each photo they are all with new and new models of bags, and this often becomes an extra reason to discuss what Christina Aguilera or Victoria Beckham is flaunting there now. It’s simple: a beautiful and expensive accessory attracts attention and hints that its owner has good taste and, what is there to hide, a good income. Therefore, although we are not celebrities, the reason to buy a leather bag is obvious — this thing creates a completely new image and a new status for us.

And where does the «life» of our favorite bags begin? Of course, with the processing and finishing of leather. Genuine leather is made from the skins of animals, which are first cleaned from wool, dressing and stretching. Skin tanning is the next step, for which special tools are used. It is from this stage that it depends what type of skin will be obtained at the output.

True connoisseurs seek not only to buy a leather bag, but also other leather products. Indeed, now it is quite possible (would there be only money) to purchase anything: from a wallet or a belt to full-fledged items of clothing. And, of course, many designers, seeing people’s undying interest in leather things, create entire collections — clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories. As a rule, these things are incredibly beautiful, and if they are chosen with taste, then it will not be difficult for their owner to make a stunning impression with their appearance. Even a strict briefcase made of genuine leather — discreet, but correctly matched to shoes and a belt — looks great. Although at first, when you see it on a store shelf next to brighter models, you may not pay attention to a leather bag

How durable are leather items and, in particular, bags? It is clear that they cost a lot, but when it comes to genuine leather, you get something that you will use for many years. Of course, buying a leather bag and stuffing it with heavy stones every day is not the best solution. But, treating it with care and properly caring for it, you can safely use it every day without blowing dust particles off it and without placing it under a glass cap.

If you take care of the bag properly (which is not so difficult), it can serve you all your life. Another thing is that you yourself will probably want to buy something new before it becomes unusable. Today, taking care of leather and suede bags is not so difficult — look how many special products are offered for this! It is only important to buy a product that is suitable for the care of the type of leather from which your bag is made. And, of course, carefully read the instructions. If this is your first time using a cream or spray, carefully «test» it on a small area of ​​the bag that is out of sight. When you are sure that everything is in order, you can process the entire bag. By the way, some leather care products have a strong smell, so it is better to apply them in advance, not ten minutes before leaving the house.

Suede, velor, nubuck require more care, but they are very beautiful, they make truly stylish things. Ordinary natural leather, whether it is smooth, matte, lacquered or textured, does not bring any trouble — at most, it must sometimes be wiped with a soft cloth and treated with a special cream. Therefore, leather bags are not only beautiful and fashionable, but also comfortable.

Buy a leather bag

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